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  1. howitzerrear.jpg (1289193 bytes)howitzer.jpg (1227670 bytes)howitzerrev.jpg (1318867 bytes)howitzerside.jpg (1175111 bytes)howitzerdstnt.jpg (1309053 bytes)howitzermkr.jpg (740994 bytes)howitzernmbr.jpg (916256 bytes)howitzercstbl.jpg (774920 bytes)howitzerdte.jpg (826019 bytes)This is as rare as it gets in Civil War collecting !!  ORIGINAL 12 pound bronze Mountain Howitzer on a fine quality "Cannons Ltd." carriage with complete implements.  This is a "Cyrus Alger" 12 # bronze tube and is marked "C.A. & Co. - Boston" on the right trunnion, and is dated "1861" on the left trunnion.  The muzzle has "180" on the top face, and "T.J.R." on the bottom face.  "U.S." is nicely stamped on the top of the tube between the trunnions, and on the cascabel is the number "224".  The tube has a beautiful - uncleaned - aged pea green patina - no shiny brass here !!  The vent hole is open and we are supplying 20 friction primers with the cannon, SO look out neighbors !!!  A finer ORIGINAL and "1861" dated Civil War cannon you just will not see.  You can pick it up here, or we can help in arranging delivery.  A BARGAIN AT--$58,500.

  2. Beautiful matching set of interwined "USA" lead filled Federal Artillery rosettes with a small piece of the original leather harness.  You are just not going to find nicer.--$295. for the matching pair.SOLD

  3. Excavated, 1 1/2 inch, zinc time fuse for a rifled Parrott cannon projectile.  This was recovered recently on private property here at Stones River.--$45.

  4. Pretty green patina on this excavated, long pattern, "2-inch" Hotchkiss time fuse.  This was recovered many years ago on private property near Vicksburg, MS.--$45.

  5. Excellent condition, excavated pair of Confederate, brass, Borman fuse cannonball underplugs.  One of the underplugs is thinner and for a case shot ball, and one of the underplugs is thick and for a Confederate shell.--$65 for both.

  6. Coolest excavated desk paper weight ever!  This is a portion of a HUGE Naval ball recovered on private property at Vicksburg, MS; it has been cleaned and coated and filled with assorted bullets also from Vicksburg.  This is an exceptionally nice item for display.--$75.SOLD

  7. Excellent condition, excavated, 6-pound size, solid shot cannonball.  This was recovered over thirty years ago on private property near Shiloh.  It has been cleaned, coated, and is ready for display.--$175.SOLD

  8. Really nice set of excavated artillery balls consisting of  five pieces and ranging in size from case shot balls through cannister, and including larger grape shot - all recovered from private property near Shiloh.--$95. for the complete set-SOLD

  9. Very cool excavated 3 inch Hotchkiss nose section that just the very tip of the nose blew out, but the rest of the shell remained intact.  This was recovered just off Battery Lane at the Battle of Nashville, TN. and is a fantastic display item to show what the interior of the shell looked like.--$85.SOLD

  10. Excavated 12lb. solid shot cannon ball recovered about 30 years ago at the Battle of Nashville, TN.  This was recovered just across Battery Lane from Shy's Hill and is cleaned - coated - and ready to display.--$195.SOLD

  11. Exploded near 1/2 of a Bormann fuzed cannon ball recovered here at Stones River about 40 years ago.  I was part of the relic hunting group when this was found (and was all of a scrapping 25 years old at the time !!!)  This makes a very nice display item.--$85.SOLD

  12. Excavated pair of Confederate "Polygonal cavity" cannon ball fragments.  One is the pentagon and the other is the diamond.  They were recovered at the site of the 1864 "Battle of the Cedars" here at Murfreesboro -- A different battle entirely from the 1862/1863 Battle of Stones River.--$48. for both

  13. Beautiful condition excavated cast brass percussion fuze for the 3.67 Football shaped percussion Schenkl Shell.  This is an excellent example and tbe slider will still slide up and down inside.  This was recovered many years ago on private property here at Stones River.--$75.SOLD

  14. Very nice condition excavated short pattern cast copper Confederate time fuze.  This was recovered many years ago on private property at Chickamauga, GA.  by Dr. Rees Buttram.--$45.SOLD

  15. Out of Print forever, and a rarity to come by.  This is the red "Field Artillery of the Civil War" by "Dickey - George".  It is in virtually "New Condition".--$150.

  16. Excavated, complete, 3 inch, Confederate Read projectile.  It is complete with the rifled brass sabot completely intact.  I have disarmed it and rinsed the dirt off, but you get to finish cleaning it and coat it to your taste.  It was recovered on private property near Chickamauga, Georgia, and appears to still have quite good iron.--$475.SOLD

  17. Mint condition, excavated, long pattern, Confederate copper time fuse.  This fuse was recovered at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, and was part of Mr. Herbert Harper's massive Franklin collection.--$65.SOLD

  18. Excavated, 3" Confederate Read projectile.  This projectile was recovered years ago near a railroad stockade south of Nashville, Tennessee, that was attacked and destroyed by Forrest's Cavalry.  The projectile has been disarmed, cleaned, and coated and is ready to display.--$450.SOLD

  19. Ten pound size Federal Parrott projectile picked up years ago by a farmer here at Stones River.  It is complete with the full rifled iron sabot intact and has been drilled, but remains rusty and uncleaned just as picked up.--$250.SOLD

  20. Excavated, 12 pound size, Confederate polygonal cavity canon ball.  This ball was recovered near Vicksburg, Mississippi, and has been cleaned, coated, and is ready for display.  There are a couple areas that have some pitting.  It has one very attractive display side.--$250.SOLD

  21. Excavated 3 inch size Confederate Read shell.  This was recovered from private property near Richmond, VA.  It has the copper time fuze remaining intact as well as 100% of the copper sabot.  The iron has been through electrolysis - disarmed - cleaned and coated.  It has about average amount of pitting/ground action, and is ready for display.--$325.

  22. Excavated, 12 pound Confederate, copper time fused, CS "side loader" cannonball.  This ball was recovered on private property near Petersburg, Virginia, and is the pattern with the lead side loading plug.  The ball has been cleaned, coated, disarmed, and is ready for display.--$425.SOLD

  23. Excavated 12 pound solid shot cannonball recovered by Kent Wall in a lawn on private property near Tyne Blvd.  This is second day fighting at the Battle of Nashville.  The ball has been lightly cleaned, coated, and is ready for display.--$195.SOLD

  24. Excavated lower portions of 2 artillery shells.  One is a Federal 3 inch Hotchkiss projectile, and the other is a C.S. used 3 inch Dyer [what we used to call a 3 inch Burton}.  These were both recovered on private property near Chickamauga by Dr. Rees Buttram.--$48. for both shells

  25. Beautiful condition, original, non-excavated, Civil War cannon friction primer.  It is totally possible that we might be able to still fire a cannon with this jewel.--$55.

  26. Excavated, 12 pound Confederate cannonball with an open fuse hole for a copper Confederate time fuse.  This ball was recovered from somewhat low ground on private property near Petersburg, VA.  It does have some ground action, but is preserved, coated, and is very stable at this point.--$175.SOLD

  27. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.

  28. Nice condition excavated 3 - inch Confederate Read shell recovered in central Virginia and clearly demonstrating the "base chipping" flaw that the C.S. Read shells were famous for.  The shell has a perfect C.S. copper time fuse.  It has already been disarmed - cleaned - and coated and is ready to go on display.$350.
  29. Fresh dug 3 inch Percussion fuzed Hotchkiss projectile recovered by my buddy - Kent Wall - along Franklin Rd. near Columbia, TN. which is Fighting prior to the 1864 Battle of Franklin, TN.  The cup wasn't with the shell when found - just an extra one I had and am including for better display of the projectile.  I have drilled it, but you get the "fun" to clean it to your own taste.--$250.SOLD

  30. Beautiful condition, excavated, Confederate cannon friction primer.  This was recovered along the 2nd day Battle of Nashville Confederate line.  It remains complete with the twisted brass wire intact.--$48.


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