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  1. Extremely rare, excavated, 6.25 inch stand of Naval grape.  This stand of grape was recovered over 30 years ago on private property near Vicksburg, Mississippi.  For many years, it was on display in the Lotz House Museum in Franklin, Tennessee.  It can be shipped, but life would be tremendously better if someone picked it up here at the shop.--$695.SOLD

  2. Excavated, complete 3 inch, Confederate Read projectile.  This projectile was recovered many years ago near Richmond, Virginia.  It has been disarmed, cleaned, and coated and has both the CS copper time fuse and a very nice, complete, rifled, copper Confederate sabot.  This shell is ready for display.--$595.SOLD

  3. Extremely scarce, Confederate, 6 pound, solid shot cannonball with complete straps and complete wooden sabot.  This projectile was recovered over 30 years ago out of the Savannah River near the Confederate Augusta Arsenal site.  It has been cleaned, coated, and preserved and is ready for display.--$650.SOLD

  4. Extremely rare, Confederate, copper, time fused, Reed - Parrott projectile with the super scarce lead side loading plug.  This projectile was recovered near High Bridge, Virginia, and has been disarmed, cleaned, and coated.  In over 40 years, this is only the fourth one of these that I have ever had.  The projectile's overall condition is very nice, but it did throw the sabot as is often the case with this type shell.  It has been over five years since I have had one of these to offer for sale.--$795.SOLD

  5. Extremely rare, fired, 30-lb. size, Confederate Read cannon projectile.  This projectile was recovered many years ago on private property at Vicksburg, Mississippi.  I have disarmed it, cleaned it, and coated it, and it is ready for display.  This "Big Ass Shell" had enough powder in it to blow up half of Murfreesboro!!!  It is all safe now and ready to go in someone's collection.--$475.

  6. Excellent artillery display consisting of six excavated iron balls ranging in size from 5/8" in diameter case shot balls all the way up to 2" in diameter Naval grape shot balls.  These projectiles were all recovered on private property at Vicksburg, Mississippi.  This is a very attractive and educational Civil War artillery display.--$95. for all.-SOLD

  7. Excavated, 3 inch size, Confederate Reed - Parrott artillery projectile.  This projectile was recovered from private property at Chickamauga, Georgia, and I have disarmed it, cleaned, and coated it.  The Confederate copper time fuse remains perfectly intact, and the Confederate "dimple" in the base remains very clear and obvious.  This is a type Confederate projectile that is not recovered very often.  (The vial contains a sample of the powder that I removed from the shell.)--$395.

  8. Original, quite rare, partially filled, blue wrapped packet of Federal cannon friction primers.  This packet still contains three original cannon friction primers as well as most of the original blue wrapper.  Some of the markings remain faintly visible if you have bright light and a good imagination.  This will display fantastic with your artillery shells or fuses.--$95.

  9. Quite rare now to recover, full copper plate base for a 3 inch Confederate Mulane shell (aka Tennessee sabot projectile).  This type Confederate Artillery projectile quite often throws the sabot.  If you have a 3 inch Mulane projectile and need a base plate, here is your opportunity.--$125.

  10. Very nice condition, excavated, 3 inch, Confederate Reed artillery projectile.  This projectile was recovered over 40 years ago from private property near Chickamauga, Georgia.  The copper sabot remains 100% intact, and the iron remains almost nice enough to fire today.  The projectile has an open fuse hole and took a wood drive-in fuse adapter.  This is a really nice Confederate projectile.--$650.

  11. Beautifully half-sectioned, Federal, 30 pound size Parrott projectile.  This is an excellent educational display piece clearly showing the powder cavity and the fusing system.  It has been sectioned, cleaned, coated and is ready for permanent display.--$225.

  12. Pair of excavated, brass Hotchkiss time fuse adaptors.  These were recovered a number of years ago by Kent Wall along Leland Lane at the 2nd days fighting - Battle of Nashville, Tennessee.--$48. for both.SOLD

  13. Quite rare and in very nice condition, excavated, 3 inch size, Confederate, Reed Parrott projectile.  This shell has the lathe dimple in the base and iron sabot, lathed turned sides, and took a wooden drive-in fuse adaptor.  This projectile was recovered over 30 years ago from private property near Chickamauga, Georgia.  It has been disarmed, cleaned, coated, and is ready for display.--$450.

  14. Extremely rare to recover, DROP 3.8 inch Birdcage James Bolt with complete lead and tin remaining intact.  This projectile was recovered over 40 years ago on private property near Shiloh.  It has been cleaned, coated, and is ready for display.--$950.

  15. Excellent condition, original linen powder bag for a 12 pound cannonball.  Every Civil War artillery collection should have an original powder bag.--$95.

  16. Excavated base section of an iron sabotted 10 pound Federal Parrott projectile.  This was recovered years ago from the part of the battlefield here at Stones River that is now "The Avenue" shopping mall.--$25.

  17. Very attractive, sky-blue, 1863 date, Frankfort Arsenal, 12-second, artillery time fuses.  The packet itself remains almost completely intact, but only one fuse remains inside.  It is still, however, an excellent piece for a Civil War artillery display.--$65.SOLD

  18. Excellent condition, original Civil War powder bag for a 9 inch size Naval cannon ball.  It remains in excellent condition and is big enough to carry a good size baby.--$95.

  19. Excavated, pewter, Bormann time fuse recovered here at Stones River having the rare "U-backwards S" mark.--$55.

  20. Original, unopened, blue colored packet of Frankford Arsenal, 1863 date, 10-second artillery time fuses.  This is going to be a very nice and colorful addition to someone's Civil War Artillery display.--$95.

  21. Nice condition, original, Civil War Artillery lanyard.  No artillery display is complete without a lanyard.--$425.

  22. Extremely rare, 6 pounder size, Confederate, wood drive-in fuse cannonball.  This projectile was recovered many years ago from private property near Shiloh and is one of less than half a dozen of this type ball ever recovered there.  It is disarmed, cleaned, coated, and ready for display.--$595.

  23. Quite rare to come by, original 1975, First Edition, Civil War Projectiles II Small Arms & Field Artillery, by W. Reid McKee and M.E. Mason, Jr.  This book remains in nice condition with just normal, slight yellowing of pages with age.--$150.

  24. Nicely sectioned, 12 pound, Confederate Bormann fused case shot cannonball.  This projectile nicely shows the Confederate copper underplug as well as the Confederate Bormann fuse and case shot balls.  It is clean, coated, and ready for display.--$225.

  25. Early 1900's battlefield pick-up, 3.8 inch Hotchkiss Bolt projectile.  This projectile was picked up near Vicksburg, Mississippi, many years ago and has been a door stop ever since.  The family now lives in this area, and there was recently a death in the family.  The surviving widow is "tired of tripping over that damn thing."--$350.

  26. Rare, 12 pound size, Confederate, polygonal cavity ball with four side diamond shaped pattern shrapnel inside.  The ball has been cut in half, nicely showing the diamond shaped pieces inside, the wooden drive-in fuse plug, and a large casting flaw typical of Confederate artillery shells.  This will make an excellent addition to someone's Confederate artillery display.  It has been cleaned, coated, and is mounted on a walnut display base.--$295.

  27. Excavated, 20 pound size, time fused, Parrott projectile.  This shell was recovered about 30 years ago on private property at Vicksburg.  The iron remains very sound and stable with typical amount of pitting on the iron surface.  The pewter Parrott time fuse remains intact and in very nice condition.  It has been disarmed, cleaned, coated, and is ready for display.--$295.SOLD

  28. Very nice condition excavated 3 inch size fired Read - Parrott Confederate projectile.  This pretty Confederate projectile was recovered many years ago from private property near Chickamauga, GA.  The projectile has been dis-armed - cleaned - and coated and is ready for display.  The copper time fuze adapter remains perfectly intact, and all of the rifled copper sabot, but one small piece remains intact as well.  The iron is nice enough that we could fire it today.--$475.

  29. Excavated, top section of an 1863 dated Naval watercap fuse.  This was recovered near the Cumberland River associated with the Battle of Nashville.--$45.

  30. Group of 6 excavated cannon friction primers.  These were recovered many years ago by Mark Swann from a cannon position behind the Stone Wall at the Battle of Nashville, TN.--$175. for all 6

  31. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.

  32. Beautiful condition, excavated, Confederate cannon friction primer.  This was recovered along the 2nd day Battle of Nashville Confederate line.  It remains complete with the twisted brass wire intact.--$48.


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