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  1. Really cool artillery display from here at the Battle of Stones River consisting of small case shot balls all the way up through 1.5 inch canister balls.  There are seven balls total with each a different size.--$95.

  2. Very nice condition, excavated, 12 pound size (4.5 inch) Confederate wood drive-in fuse cannonball recovered in rear of the Federal position held by Mendenhall's battery at the site of Breckinridge's charge at the Battle of Stones River.  This ball has a crisp, clear, Confederate mold seam, wood fuse adapter, and paper time fuse both remain intact.  It has already been disarmed, cleaned, coated and is ready for display.--$295.SOLD*

  3. Complete unopened packet of five "1864" date "Frankfort Arsenal" Federal Artillery time fuzes.  Every Civil War collection needs a nice packet of artillery time fuzes.  These are 10 second fuzes, which were often used.--$95.SOLD

  4. Excavated, single layer of 6 pound smooth bore, Confederate cannon canister balls.  This is a single layer of canister balls measuring 3.67 inches outside to outside of the layer of canister (a 6-pound smooth bore cannon ball measures 3.67 inches in diameter).  These were recovered on private property here at Stones River and were Confederate fired.--$95.SOLD

  5. Excavated, single layer of canister for a 3 inch bore size cannon.  These were recovered on private property here at Stones River and could be either Union or Confederate, because both Union and Confederate projectiles were found in the area.--$95.SOLD

  6. Quite rare excavated "3-piece single layer" of a 4.5 inch (12 pounder) "Stand Of Grape" (three 2-inch "Grapeshot" balls in a triangular configuration).  This was recovered in the early 1980s from an exploded artillery magazine at Vicksburg, Miss.  The balls have all been cleaned and coated, and are ready for display.  The above picture shows tens of thousands of rounds of Confederate Artillery shot, shells, grape, and canister captured at Vicksburg.--$89. (I have three sets)SOLD

  7. Very nice condition, Confederate 12 pound size, wood drive-in fuse type cannonball that was recovered over 30 years ago from the King farm located just in rear of where Mendenhall had all the Union cannons masked for the Confederate charge by Breckenridge on January 2, 1863, here at Stones River.  In this charge, the Confederates ran into 58 cannons that were hidden just out of view, and in this charge over 1800 Confederates were killed in just one hour.  This is known to history as Breckenridge's Charge at Stones River, and according to folklore, caused Stones River to run red for an hour.  The cannonball is disarmed, cleaned, coated, and ready for display.--$295.

  8. Nice condition original Civil War artillery "Lanyard".  It has signs of being somewhat cruder than most that I'm used to seeing, and think that it very well could be Confederate.  It shows clear signs of actual field use.--$375.

  9. Nice condition, excavated, 3 inch Read Confederate artillery shell.  This shell was recovered many years ago at Sulphur Branch Trestle, Alabama.  It would have been fired by Morton's Battery of Forrest's Artillery at the railroad stockade there.  It has been disarmed, cleaned, and coated and is ready for display.  It appears to have impacted "rear-end first" and sheared off a little piece of brass sabot.  The remainder of the brass sabot is intact.--$495.SOLD*

  10. Artillery "gimlet" out of a local estate and is very crude with a wooden handle.  It shows handling and use and could very well be Confederate.--$95.

  11. A bit rare to come by - "LONG RANGE" 30 second Civil War Artillery Time fuze.  In 30 seconds you could almost send a Civil War Projectile into the next time zone !!--$38.

  12. Excavated, six pound size, top canister plate that was fired here at Stones River and is divoted where the balls made an impression on it.  The canister plate is displayed holding eleven six-pounder size canister balls found near the plate.  This makes a beautiful display forming a pyramid held by the base plate.  This was recovered about 40 years ago near Highway 96 where the Battle of Stones River first started.  This would be 100% Confederate and makes a killer display.--$195.SOLD

  13. Top "caps" off of 2 cast brass Schenkl percussion fuzes.  These were recovered years ago here at Stones River, and both are nicely "J. P. SCHENKL" marked, and are "1861" dated.--$45. for both.SOLD

  14. Excellent condition cast brass Federal J. P. Schenkl percussion fuze.  This fuze was recovered on private property here at Stones River, and has deep, clear J. P. Schenkl markings.  The center plug is in the active, live fire position--$95.

  15. Excellent condition unopened packet of Frankford Arsenal 20 Sec. Artillery Time Fuzes.  This is an original blue-green packet clearly marked "Frankford Arsenal - 1864 - 20 Second Fuzes".  This packet was in a museum at one time, and would be an excellent addition to any Civil War Artillery Collection.--$115.

  16. Original non-excavated Civil War Artillery Flame Concentrator.  These were used to channel the flame and hot gases from being fired toward the paper time fuzes that were filled with fulminate.  These were intended to reduce the number of time fuze shells that the paper time fuze didn't light and were duds.--$48.

  17. Very nice condition excavated 12 lb. Bormann cannon ball recovered years ago from the battlefield here at Stones River.  It was recovered from what was known for years as the Homer Gannon farm.  I, personally, recovered many shells from this farm, and found 8 in one hole one time.  I'm sure that it was battlefield clean-up as there were 4 different kinds of shells in the one hole, and all were fired.  I disarmed about 30 shells for this family that they had picked up farming over the years.  Happily, members of the Gannon family still come by to visit me (Faye and Ray) from time to time now.  A mega-church sits on the site now.--$250.SOLD

  18. Excavated Hotchkiss brass percussion fuse plug from the Second Day fightlng - Battle of Nashville, TN.  It appears that upon impact the top of the fuze plug sheared off when the internal fuze slider hit it.  Neat artillery relic !!--$38.

  19. Excavated pair of 12 pounder size (1 1/2 inch) LEAD canister balls.  These were both found on private property near Shiloh.--$35 for both.

  20. Three excavated, partial, pewter Bormann time fuses.  These were recovered many years ago here at Stones River.  One is a standard Federal Bormann fuse, and two are rare "tall lip" Confederate Bormann fuses.  All three for--$45.

  21. Beautiful condition, excavated, 12 lb. size, Confederate wood drive-in fuse cannonball.  This was recovered about 40 years ago on private property here at Stones River.  It is disarmed, cleaned, coated, and ready for display.--$295.SOLD

  22. Excavated, 12 pound size, Bormann fused, Civil War cannon ball.  This ball was recovered near Spring Hill, Tennessee, on the way to the Battle of Franklin.  When recovered, this cannon ball had an open fuse hole, and we have included a correct Bormann fuse to display with the cannon ball.  Very nice relic, uncleaned, just as dug.--$275.SOLD

  23. Excavated Confederate copper Bormann fuse under plug.  This CS under plug was recovered on private property at the Battle of Nashville, Tennessee.--$65.

  24. Early battlefield pick-up, "raised rib", 3.67 inch Shenkl fragment.  This was picked up long ago here at Stones River and almost appears non-dug.--$25.

  25. Pretty, green, excavated top portion of a J. P. Schenkl percussion fuse.  The markings, including the October 16, 1861, patent date remain clear as can be.  This was recovered many years ago along the stone wall at the Battle of Nashville, Tennessee, 2nd day fighting.--$45.SOLD

  26. Really nice reproduction US Model 1840 short Mountain Howitzer on a very nicely crafted white oak carriage.  The barrel is 33 inches in length with a bore of 2.5 inches.  The carriage is 80 inches tip to tip in length, 49 inches wide, and 43 inches high.  The owner has fired the cannon with powder and wadding only numerous times.  This will be a beautiful piece to display under a gazebo in front of an Antebellum home.--$7,500.  You pick it up here or we can likely arrange delivery for a fee.

  27. Set of four excavated iron balls ranging in size from canister ball size and on up to a Naval grape.  Quite nice little artillery display.--$75.

  28. Beautiful condition, virtually non-excavated, quite rare, Confederate "side-loader" brass time fused, case shot, 12 pound cannon ball.  This rare Confederate ball was found being used as a barn door counter-weight in a log barn located near Petersburg, Virginia.  You couldn't ask for a nicer condition, rare, Confederate side-loader cannon ball.--$450.SOLD

  29. Large fragment of a Confederate mortar ball recovered near Vicksburg, Mississippi, with several different size canister balls displayed within it.  This would make a fantastic Civil War desk display.--$95.

  30. Very nice condition, one complete excavated layer of 7 canister balls correct for the 12-pound Napoleon.  The circle of canister balls would measure 4.5 inches in diameter across.  These were extensively used here at Stones River as well as most other battles of the Civil War.--$95. for the entire layer.SOLD

  31. Excavated, exploded, copper, Confederate time fuse probably from a 12-pound size Confederate canon ball.  This was recovered years ago on private property near the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia.--$38.SOLD

  32. Excellent condition, 6 lb. gun size, CS fired canister ball and one 12 lb., Napoleon gun size, Federal canister ball.  Both these balls were recovered on private property here at the Battle of Stones River, have been cleaned, coated, and are ready for display.--$45. for both.

  33. Beautifully done cast exact replica of a 2.9 inch Confederate used Burton (or Dyer) projectile.  The original projectile that this was cast from was recovered at 2nd Manassas.  This display is nice enough to be in either a den or relic room.--$75.

  34. Excavated set of 3 Naval Grape - The larger balls are roughly 2 inches in diameter.  These were recovered on private property at Vicksburg, MS. many years ago.-- $65. for all three

  35. Very nice artillery display containing five iron balls ranging from case shot to 6-pound size canister and 12 pound size canister ball, and finally a large Naval grape.--$75. for the entire display.

  36.  Nice condition, original, Civil War Artillery lanyard.  No artillery display is complete without a lanyard.--$425.SOLD*

  37. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.SOLD*

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