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  1. Very cool, excavated fragment of a large Naval cannon ball.  This fragment burst in such a way that exactly one-half of the threaded fuse hole where the Naval water cap fuse is clearly visible.  This would be a fantastic way to display your Naval water cap fuse.  This projectile fragment was recovered near Charleston, South Carolina.--$45.

  2. Excavated, base portion of a 3 inch Confederate Read projectile with rifled brass sabot intact.  This was recovered near Sulphur Branch Trestle, Alabama, where General N. B. Forrest and his command attacked and captured the garrison there.--$45.SOLD*

  3. Very nice cased display of exploded artillery fuses of different sorts recovered on private property from here at Stones River.  There are several Bormann fuses, a couple Shenkl fuses, a CS dyer fuse, and a couple of iron under-plugs for a total of 14 pieces.  The fuses are displayed in a quality made oak display case.--$150. for fuses with case.

  4. Beautiful condition, virtually non-excavated, quite rare, Confederate "side-loader" brass time fused, case shot, 12 pound cannon ball.  This rare Confederate ball was found being used as a barn door counter-weight in a log barn located near Petersburg, Virginia.  You couldn't ask for a nicer condition, rare, Confederate side-loader cannon ball.--$450.SOLD

  5. Very pretty condition, excavated, 3 inch, Confederate Read projectile.  This projectile was recovered from private property near the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia.  It has been disarmed, cleaned, coated, and the beautifully rifled brass sabot remains completely intact as well as the brass time fuse.  Confederate artillery shells this nice are seldom being recovered any more.--$695.

  6. Large fragment of a Confederate mortar ball recovered near Vicksburg, Mississippi, with several different size canister balls displayed within it.  This would make a fantastic Civil War desk display.--$95.

  7. Very nice condition, one complete excavated layer of 7 canister balls correct for the 12-pound Napoleon.  The circle of canister balls would measure 4.5 inches in diameter across.  These were extensively used here at Stones River as well as most other battles of the Civil War.--$95. for the entire layer.

  8. Complete excavated layer of canister balls for a 3 inch bore rifled gun.  This complete set of canister balls makes a very nice display.--$75. for the entire set.

  9. Very pretty Battle of Vicksburg, MISS. recovered artillery desk display consisting of a large section of a 24 lb. size cannon ball filled with assorted size grape and cannister balls.--$95.

  10. Excavated, exploded, copper, Confederate time fuse probably from a 12-pound size Confederate canon ball.  This was recovered years ago on private property near the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia.--$38.

  11. Excellent condition, 6 lb. gun size, CS fired canister ball and one 12 lb., Napoleon gun size, Federal canister ball.  Both these balls were recovered on private property here at the Battle of Stones River, have been cleaned, coated, and are ready for display.--$45. for both.

  12. Beautifully done cast exact replica of a 2.9 inch Confederate used Burton (or Dyer) projectile.  The original projectile that this was cast from was recovered at 2nd Manassas.  This display is nice enough to be in either a den or relic room.--$75.

  13. Beautifully done cast exact replica of a 30 lb. Federal Parrott Projectile.  The master original that this was cast from was recovered "The Seige Of Vicksburg, MS."  This is a very nice display piece.--$75.SOLD

  14. Excavated set of 3 Naval Grape - The larger balls are roughly 2 inches in diameter.  These were recovered on private property at Vicksburg, MS. many years ago.-- $65. for all three

  15. Very nice artillery display containing five iron balls ranging from case shot to 6-pound size canister and 12 pound size canister ball, and finally a large Naval grape.--$75. for the entire display.

  16.  Nice condition, original, Civil War Artillery lanyard.  No artillery display is complete without a lanyard.--$425.

  17. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.

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