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  1. STAY TUNED -- BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING TOMORROW !!!!  Well tomorrow is now today, and its my BIRTHDAY (OCT. 2 - now "20 days" ago) !!!!  While that is important (at least to me), it is not the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, but a very appropriate day for the big announcement.  Saturday, DEC. 30, 2017 will complete 40 continuous years of turning the "Open - Close" sign over and YESTERYEAR/MIDDLE TENNESSEE RELICS being open regular shop hours to the public.  There are a lot of places I want to see and visit, and a life-time of friends that have invited me to come and visit.  My last day to turn the "OPEN - CLOSE" Shop Sign over will be SATURDAY, DEC. 30, 2017.  SO - You guys have a 3 month notice if you'd like to come down and visit, shop, and take pictures one last time while the shop is still open regular hours.  I plan to start SAT. - DEC. 30 with a full case of Blackberry Wine to share and toast with friends.  PLEASE DO NOT FORCE ME TO DRINK THAT ENTIRE CASE ALONE !!!!  After Dec. 30th, 2017 - we will be on-line, at shows, and by appointment only.  That is if I can stand not opening the shop every day --- because for me it has been living a lifetime passion and  dream and not work at all  !!!   A final huge "THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU" to my family who 40 years ago thought that I was insane to give up a really good industrial chemist job to sell Civil War Relics, but in spite of that supported me every step of the way !!!  My message to young folks - If you have a passion - Work tirelessly, and refuse to settle for anything less than your goals.  And As the old cowboy said "The only way to know if you can ride that horse is to climb your butt into the saddle".  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 40 YEARS "LIVING THE DREAM" !!!


  3. One of my favorite young history buff families, Bret, Kelly, and Castibelle Schweinfurth, have recently been on a "Civil War" touring vacation.  Can you believe how quickly Castibelle is becoming a young lady!!  Too bad they don't live closer so that I could properly "spoil" Castibelle!

  4. My lifetime friend and relic hunting good buddy from youth, Ashley Cook, came up to the cabin a couple of weeks ago to relic hunt - have lunch - and visit.  Ashley was hunting down very low among the ferns and near the spring itself, when he got a deep, but good sounding signal.  It turned out to be a discarded Confederate cartridge box containing about a dozen complete sets of .69 cal. Confederate buck and ball.  Over the past several years, we have found a total of five discarded cartridge boxes.  Two of the cartridge boxes contained .69 cal. buck and ball ammunition, two of the cartridge boxes contained .577 cal. Enfield ammunition, and one of the cartridge boxes contained .54 cal. Mississippi rifle ammunition.  This camp was occupied by the Confederate Army of Tennessee during the first week of August in 1863 while enroute to the Battle of Chickamauga, GA.  About 30,000 Confederates were camped here for a couple of days.  The site has yielded well over 500 artifacts, including one cast brass CSA rectangular waist belt plate, one cast brass CS round corner Army of Tennessee style waist belt plate, several Confederate spurs, including one that Nita eyeballed a few months back.  We have also recovered several buttons, including Confederate Droop Wing Eagles, floral buttons, plain face buttons, and Federal Eagle buttons.  In addition to these items, I found one Confederate Drum canteen, one disassembled Mississippi rifle, numerous gun parts, and several hundred bullets of many different types.  Many of the young Confederates who were encamped at this location would have only a few days to live before becoming casualties of the Battle of Chickamauga, GA.

  5. In the past few weeks, we have been spending a good bit of time at the cabin on the Cumberland Plateau.  Some of the wild life that you encounter there is nothing short of beautiful, while other examples of wild life are interesting and fascinating but deserving of your complete respect (if you know what's best for you)!!  The hornets nest is as big around as a basketball and almost two feet tall.  (Aren't Game Cams Cool !!)  We have captured a few other photos of night wildlife, including a red fox, an armadillo, and more deer.

  6. One of the most vicious little creatures that you can encounter relic hunting is a nest of "yellow jackets".  I once was digging a signal and accidently dug into a nest and was stung 16 times before I could get away.  This is an example of "yellow jackets worst nightmare" and that is a red fox digging the entire nest up and eating all the larvae.  Apparently, red foxes must have very few nerve endings in their face, nose, and tongue!!!  I can tell you that I hurt for a week and then itched like there was no tomorrow.

  7. Very nice condition, .69 cal., Confederate carbine constructed from a Model 1842, .69 cal., 3-band, infantry musket.  The barrel was shortened to carbine length as was the stock, and it was carried much like the short Austrian carbine.  This weapon originally surfaced here in Middle Tennessee about 20 years ago, and I just this afternoon purchased a portion of the collection that it went to.  This is an excellent example of how Confederate troops fabricated weapons to fight with from whatever they could obtain.  The metal has a smooth, dark, attic patina with lockplate markings of "Springfield - 1848 - US and the Eagle".  The action remains as strong and crisp as when it was used during the war.--$750.SOLD

  8. Very nice condition, blacksmith made, 19 inch, Confederate bowie of North Carolina styling.  This exceptional Confederate bowie knife is out of the collection of Mr. Bowie knife extraordinaire, Lee Hadaway, who is the author of "The Confederate Bowie Knife Guide".  The massive blade on this knife is made from a large "horseshoe rasp".  The remnants of the rasp teeth are very prominent and remain clearly visible on the blade.  Generally speaking, most blacksmith made knives are somewhat crude, but this one shows that its maker was an extremely skilled craftsman.  This knife comes with the original letter from Mr. Lee Hadaway and is guaranteed to be an excellent addition to any Confederate display or collection.--$1,450.SOLD

  9. Complete, early pattern, US beltrig with original leather belt, buckle, and maker marked US percussion capbox.  The belt remains pliable, and the buckle is the more scarce, early, "thick lettering" variety with puppy paw hooks.  The capbox remains pliable and is marked "R. White - US Ordinance Dept." and still has the original nipple pick and some original caps inside.--$650. complete-SOLD

  10. Absolutely beautiful, scalloped pattern, musket size, 8 inch powder flask with a beautiful, rich, aged, bronze patina and of the type carried by many young Confederates when they first left home for the Civil War.--$150.SOLD

  11. Beautiful condition, small, cased, Civil War bleeder.  The case remains in excellent condition with the military Eagle embossed on the outside cover.  The spring still remains strong on the bleeder, and it still works perfectly.  This will make an excellent addition to any Civil War medical display.--$150.SOLD

  12. Beautiful condition, 1840 land grant from President Martin Van Buren.  This grant contains 40 acres and is for land located near Edwardsville, Illinois.  This land grant retains the original Presidential Seal and is certificate number 19691 and is dated January 1, 1840.--$250.

  13. Very nice condition, excavated, cast iron ladle for melting lead and field molding bullets.  This was recovered from a Confederate camp here at Stones River, and I have included some original campsite lead for display.--$65.SOLD

  14. Nice condition, .69 cal., Model 1842, "Harpers Ferry", smooth bore, percussion musket.  The metal has a smooth, uncleaned, chocolate brown patina with lockplate markings of "Harpers Ferry - 1844 - US - and the American Eagle".  The stock remains in nice condition with "J. A. 3-R" carved into the lefthand side.  We believe the musket to have been carried by Joel Anderson, 3rd Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers.  The original ramrod remains intact, but the two sling swivels have been gone a very long time.  Harpers Ferry muskets of this type were extensively carried by Confederate Infantry, especially early in the war.  This musket will be a quality addition to any Civil War collection.--$1,850.SOLD

  15. Quite rare, massive, large, full cased, 1/2 plate,tintype of a young, seated, Federal, Infantry Corporal.  He is wearing a Federal Enlistedman's frock coat with Corporal stripes and a "Hardee" style hat with one side turned up and a visible Infantry bugle hatpin.  We have included a picture with a 1/9th plate for size comparison, but this listing is for the large 1/2 plate image only.--$450.SOLD

  16. Just brought in, .36 cal., Model 1851, Colt Navy revolver.  The revolver has an all matching serial number of 54737 (except for the wedge, an old replacement), which is very desirable, mid-1850's production.  The revolver has a smooth, gray/brown patina with a barrel marking of "Address Sam'l Colt - New York City".  The action still works perfectly, and a small percentage of original cylinder scene can be seen.  There is a good amount of original silver wash remaining on the brass trigger guard.  This revolver is out of the local area and just pre-dates the war, and the family from whom this revolver came had several ancestors that served in the Confederacy.--$1,850.

  17. Very nice condition, excavated, coat sized, Georgia State Seal uniform button.  The button has a smooth, chocolate/brown patina with crisp detail and a "Horstmann and Allien" backmark.  The shank is missing on the reverse which is, no doubt, why the button was lost.  It was recovered from the camp of the 3rd Georgia Cavalry located just south of Hoover's Gap, near Beechgrove, Tennessee.--$175.SOLD

  18. Relic condition, Colt Model 1860 Army revolver, serial number 117759 that was found during the 1960's in a cave on the side of Lookout Mountain near Noccalula Falls, Alabama.  The revolver is 1863 production, and some of the serial numbers remain legible while others are rusted away beyond being able to read.  This artifact is currently in Charlie Harris' personal collection in his "Cave Guns" display and comes with Charlie's personal tag that is on the gun.  The revolver displays nicely but is strictly a "relic condition" revolver now.--$750.SOLD

  19. Nice display containing three original, non-excavated, Civil War revolver cartridges.  One cartridge is an original brass cased derringer cartridge, and the other two cartridges are rare front-loading, .36 cal. teat-fired cartridges.  One of the cartridges is a flat type, and the other is a round teat type.--$75 for the entire display and glass case.

  20. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, lead-filled, circular, Federal, Eagle breastplate.  This plate has a very pretty, uncleaned, aged patina with full lead and both attaching loops intact on the reverse.  This plate was purchased a number of years ago out of an estate sale near Edwardsville, Illinois.--$250.

  21. Very rare, excavated, cast brass, "spun hook" variety, Army of Tennessee, round corner, CS waist belt plate.  This buckle was recovered a number of years ago from an N. B. Forrest Confederate cavalry camp located in Central Mississippi.  The buckle has a pleasing, brown patina with clear remains of black enamel paint in the background.  The reverse has one complete hook intact and partials of the other two.  There is an old scar on the reverse where the plate was struck by a disc or some other farm related implement many years ago.  You couldn't ask for a more pleasing face than this CS buckle has.--$2,950.SOLD

  22. Ultra-Rare 8 Foot Chickamauga War Log that was cut during the 1880s and has remained in the immediate Chickamauga/Chattanooga area since that time.  The tree is a Dogwood measuring about a foot in diameter at the base and 6 inches or so at the top.  It is peppered with artillery fire from top to bottom, and has about 9 or 10 strikes consisting of canister and shrapnel from numerous different type shells.  This fantastic "Museum Quality" artifact has been a part of Charlie Harris's Nationally known collection for many years.  Charlie has the piece mounted on a base that will turn to view all sides, and a custom made bracket for the top, and this all goes with the War Log.  This artifact is nothing short of incredible.   Priced at less than half what I have seen other War Logs half its size priced at.--$9,850.

  23. Very cool 1880s era Battlefield pick-up Confederate Enfield musket.  This musket was brought into the recent Fort Donelson event by a family that now lives in Henry County, Tennessee, but the family were originally from central North Carolina.  This artifact has character galore with all kinds of things carved into it.  It is a hand-me-down relic, but the family did not know exactly where it was picked up.  The Confederate soldier's initials were clearly "IWL" and are carved in two places.  In addition - "Kinston, N.C." is carved and the date "Nov. 7th, 1863".  Here is a very cool Confederate Battle Field pick-up weapon at the price of a common Yankee saber.  Lots of fun researching to unravel the mystery lies in store on this one.--$1,250.SOLD

  24. Absolutely beautiful set of non-excavated gilted cuff size Federal uniform buttons including some of the very rarest ones to find.  Included is the Dragoon - the Cavalry - the Artillery - the Navy - and General service.--All for $95.

  25. Small leather Civil War era Pistol cartridge box correct for .44 cal. revolver ammunition.  The box remains in nice condition with pliable leather, and is only missing the tip of the leather closure tab.  This would be a perfect compliment to display with your .44 cal. Colt or Remington Army revolver.--$175.

  26. Very nice little collection of 7 various tins and boxes of musket and revolver percussion caps.  Absolutely perfect to display with your percussion muskets and percussion revolvers.--$195. for all-SOLD

  27. Pair of mid-1800s era "eliptical blade" Militia Officer/Fraternal bone grip swords and original scabbards.  These were quite commonly carried during the Civil War era and continued to be carried during the 1870 and 1880s post war years.  These swords have the early style "eliptical" shaped blades rather than the later diamond cross section blades.--$275. each or the pair for $450.(One is SOLD and one remaining)

  28. Beautiful condition "Dann 1863 Patent" Camp Folding chair.  This will be an excellent addition to your Civil War Camp Scene Display.--$175.SOLD

  29. Very attractive, Model 1850, contract import, Federal Foot Officer's sword and scabbard.  The blade is just beginning to gray with age and has clearly legible US engraving from top to bottom, and is "Solingen" marked.  The brass guard is in very nice condition with a rich, uncleaned, aged, bronze patina and original sharkskin and wire on the grip.  The sword is in the original, brass mounted, metal scabbard that it came down through the family in.  It has a couple of small dents from field service and is missing the brass drag.  This is a nice, honest example of a typical, Federal Foot Officer's sword and scabbard that was carried in the American Civil War.--$850.

  30. This is considered by many to be the classic long arm of the American Civil War.  It is the .58 cal., Model 1861, Springfield, 3-band, rifled musket.  This musket is out of the local area and was just brought into the shop today.  The metal has a smooth, uncleaned, chocolate, attic patina tip to tip with lockplate markings of, "1862 - US - Springfield".  The action remains crisp and works perfectly, both sling swivels - original ramrod - and long range site all remain intact.  There is faint rifling remaining, but considerable wear from having seen the entire Civil War.  An 1862 date Springfield musket is one of the most sought after long arms of the American Civil War.--$1,450.

  31. Excellent condition, excavated, rare, medium size, Confederate "Fork Tongue" frame waist belt plate.  This is an odd Western Theater variant and was recovered from Army of Tennessee camps along Duck River following the Battle of Stones River.  It has a pretty, uncleaned, brown/green patina and would be a very nice addition to any Confederate display.--$850.

  32. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, set of four, gilted, cuff size, Federal, Eagle buttons, also correct to be used on a Union Cavalry or Artillery Shell jacket.  The set of four buttons are displayed in a glass Riker case.--$48.

  33. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, complete set of Cavalry hat insignia.  The crossed sabers has all four attaching loops intact, and the "F" and "1" also have the attaching loop intact.  The group comes displayed in a glass case.--$395.

  34. Beautiful condition, cast brass, excavated, Leech and Rigdon, enlistedman's Confederate Cavalry spur.  This spur was recovered from an 1863 N.B. Forrest camp located near Spring Hill, Tennessee.  The spur is complete with a nice, uncleaned, green patina and rusty remnants of where the iron rowel once was.  The wear pattern of the spur indicates it was worn on the right boot.--$295.

  35. Absolutely beautiful condition, excavated, coat size, "silvered", NC, sunburst button.  This button was recovered many years ago by Benny Anderson from Confederate camps near Dalton, GA.  Shell jackets had been purchased by the Confederate States government from the State of North Carolina and distributed during the winter of 1863-1864 to Army of Tennessee Confederate troops camped around Dalton, GA.  It is very rare to recover a North Carolina sunburst retaining this much original silver wash.--$150.

  36. Very nice condition, excavated, coat size, Confederate, solid cast, "I" (Infantry) uniform button.  This button was recovered from Confederate lines near Granny White Gap at the second day's fighting - Battle of Nashville, TN.--$150.SOLD

  37. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, lead filled, large oval, US waist belt plate.  This buckle is a perfect, beautiful example and is out of my old friend, Robert Heins's, collection.  I remember Robert purchasing this buckle at an estate sale in Nashville over 30 years ago.  It has a pretty, aged patina with full lead and all three hooks intact in the reverse.--$275.

  38. Perfect condition, excavated, green - blue, cathedral, applied top, pepper sauce bottle.  This bottle is nine inches in height and was recovered about 40 years ago from a campsite trash pit here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.--$125.SOLD

  39. Many years ago, during the 1970's and the 1980's, this was a very common find, but not so much anymore.  It is an excavated, sardine ration tin with the original fork sticking out from inside.  This would be a great little artifact for creating a camp scene display, in that this would have been a typical soldier's meal.--$25.

  40. Excavated, cast brass, Enfield musket buttplate.  This musket buttplate was recovered years ago in a crop field here at Stones River that is now the upscale "Avenues" mall.--$25.

  41. Beautiful condition excavated 3-inch Confederate Read Shell.  This projectile was recovered over 40 years ago and has smooth clean metal - a perfect green brass time fuze - a complete rifled brass sabot, and I just finished drilling it and preserved a small sample of the Confederate powder from inside it.  This is a beauty, and will be a very nice addition to any Confederate Artillery Display.--$650.SOLD

  42. Nice condition, Confederate carried, Model 1816, Springfield, smooth bore musket converted from flint to percussion for Civil War use.  The metal has a smooth, attic, gray/brown patina with lockplate markings of "Springfield - 1838 - US" and a barrel date of 1837.  The action remains virtually as crisp and strong as when issued, and both sling swivels as well as original ramrod remain intact.  The wood is in very nice condition, just showing the normal dings and marks of actual field service wear.  A clear inspector cartouche remains visible in the stock opposite the lockplate.  I am including with this musket a small display of correct ammunition which we have recovered here at Stones River.  This is a nice condition, classic example of one of the primary Infantry weapons that the Confederates were armed with the first two years of the Civil War.  It will make a fine addition to any collection - advanced or beginning.--$1,250.SOLD

  43. Extremely rare, excavated, "Sardine Lid" style, stamped brass, CS rounded corner, waist belt plate.  This was recovered many years ago on private property near the Wilderness Battlefield in Virginia, and has been in the personal collection of Civil War author, Charlie Harris, for many, many years.  The plate is very solid and has nice eye appeal with a chocolate brown patina, but does have a couple of light ripples across the plate likely from being somewhat bent in the past.  The reverse has solder marks where the hooks once were, but the hooks are no longer present.--$3,450.

  44. Just brought in today - VERY nice .36 cal. Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver.  The revolver has a smooth gently ageing grey patina with an all matching serial number of "149088" (except for the wedge which is an old replacement).  This is very desirable mid-war early 1863 production and still functions perfectly.  There are traces of original cylinder scene, and I can faintly see some initials cut into the brass buttplate.  It has lots of original bore remaining.--$1,650.

  45. Quite rare non-excavated intricatly detailed Civil War Officer cast brass "Eagle Head" spur.  This artifact is from the private collection of Civil War author - Charlie Harris's personal collection.--$595.SOLD

  46. Just brought into the shop out of the local area.  This is a .44 cal. Model 1860 Colt 6-shot Army revolver and is serial number "102306" which is good midwar 1863 production.  Apparently the original barrel on this revolver in some way got damaged, and has been replaced with a correct barrel from a different Colt revolver with a different serial number than the rest of the gun.  The action on the revolver works well, and two gov't inspector cartouches remain visible on the grips.  There is even some cylinder scene remaining visible.  This would be a quality collector Colt Army were it not for the mismatch barrel number.  It is historically still a nice Colt as it was no doubt carried just as it is, and at a bargain price due to the mismatched number.  If the barrel number were matching this revolver would be $1,850. to $2,250. - but with mismatch barrel is only.--$950.(Real Bargain)SOLD

  47. Exceptional quality, excavated, large size, lead filled, State of New York (SNY) waist belt plate.  This beautiful buckle was recovered from a Federal camp site located near Falmouth, Virginia, and was dug (get this) 55 years ago in 1962.  This is a first class plate that anyone would be proud to have in their collection.--$950.

  48. Very attractive, excavated, Model 1851, cast brass, Federal Eagle sword belt plate.  The plate retains nice body curve and has a smooth, chocolate brown patina with traces where the applied wreaths once were.  This plate was recovered many years ago from private property near Corinth, Mississippi.--$250.

  49. Original 1862 date $1,000. Confederate Civil War Bond.  The bond is #1710 and was actually issued - not a surplus bond - and has 30 original interest coupons remaining.  It was authorized by Confederate Congress on August 19, 1861 and was actually issued on Nov. 4, 1862.  It is an excellent piece of Confederate history and will frame beautifully.--$125.SOLD

  50. SUPER - SUPER RARE MODEL 1841 NAVAL OFFICER'S SWORD AND LEATHER SCABBARD BY AMES.  The blade remains sparkling bright with engraved Ames Naval Motif from top to bottom.  This is a beautifuuly gilted "Eagle Head" Sword with blade markings of "N. P. AMES - CUTLER - SPRINGFIELD" and the scabbard has the "N. P. Ames on the ribbon" on the top mount.  The leather scabbard is complete and original, but needs restoration work to an old break just above the brass drag.  In 40 years I have had many, many swords U.S. and C.S., but this is THE FIRST ONE OF THESE in scabbard that I have ever had.  A real bargain at --$1,250.SOLD

  51. Fresh into the shop, out of the local area, .577 cal., Enfield, 3-band, rifled musket with lockplate markings of, "Tower - 1862 - the British Crown."  The metal overall has a thick, brown, never cleaned, attic patina with the normal "25 - 25" barrel marks.  The wood remains in nice, complete condition with just the normal small usage dings and marks from field service.  The soldier's initials, E.G., are nicely cut into the bottom side of the stock, and there are 14 distinct kill notches cut into the stock.  The musket has its original ramrod as well as its original, triangular, socket bayonet.  It will make a fine addition to someone's Confederate display.--$2,150.SOLD

  52. Massive, .69 cal., percussion "Horse Pistol".  This is a Belgium import and was almost certainly Confederate carried.  The South traded cotton for these antiquated "Old Hand Cannons".  Over the years, I have had several Confederate images where the subject had a massive horse pistol of this style stuck behind their belt.  I have no doubt that, if you loaded this thing with buck, you would surely be able to take out everything in a 20-foot area.  This is guaranteed to be a great conversation piece in your collection.--$650.

  53. Absolutely "drop dead beautiful" .577 cal. Enfield "field pour" cast brass bullet mold.  This Enfield mold is complete with original cutter, and the original cone cavity insert.  I am including a Confederate Enfield bullet that EXACTLY fits the mold that I recovered on the Confederate Battle Line here at Stones River.  Super Nice to display with your C.S. carried .577 cal. Enfield Rifled Musket.  It has been ages since I have seen an Enfield mold this complete and nice.--$975.SOLD

  54. Just brought in today out of the local area nice Confederate carried early 1859 production Colt .32 cal. Pocket Model 5-shot revolver.  The revolver has an all matching serial number of "170409", and it is likely that its Civil War Confederate  owner can be determined.  The revolver has good action, and about 60% original cylinder scene.  It, in addition, has original walnut grips and about 80% original lacquer.  It is very often the case that Confederate carried Colts often just slightly predate the Civil War.--$1,250.SOLD

  55. Quite interesting sword belt rig.  This rig has a beautiful condition Civil War era Officer's integrally cast wreath pattern cast brass officer's sword belt plate mounted on an Indian War era leather sword belt with classic Indian War era round adjuster hooks.  It is likely that this could be an Indian War era belt rig sporting an earlier era Civil War Officer's Eagle Cast Brass Sword Belt Plate.  The beautiful Civil War Officer Buckle is worth the price of the rig all by itself alone.--$425.

  56. Beautiful condition non-excavated "Military Mofif" brass pistol powder flask.  This flask is approximately 6 inches tall, and would be perfect to display with a Colt Pocket Model or Navy Model revolver.  The flask has never been cleaned, and has the prettiest rich, dark bronze aged patina that you could ever hope for.--$425.

  57. Truly beautiful complete 1832 Federal Artillery belt rig - leather scabbard - and 1838 date Ames marked Artillery short sword.  This is a nicer rig than those found in most museums.--$2,150.SOLD

  58. Battlefield excavated coat size Federal Artillery Officer's button.  This was recovered near a Federal battery position here at Stones River.  Exact position to buyer.--$32.SOLD

  59. Beautiful condition excavated complete Federal Cavalry Bit with both cast brass "U.S." bosses intact as well as the brass curb chain.  This was recovered from Camp Stanley here at Murfreesboro, TN. over 40 years ago, and is a first class relic.  Artifacts of this size and quality are vertually NEVER recovered today.--$250.SOLD

  60. Beautiful condition non-excavated coat size Federal Staff Officer's button.  It has near 100 % bright gold gilt - "Extra Quality" backmark - and shank intact.--$45.

  61. Nice attic grey .58 cal. Model 1855 Springfield triangular socket bayonet.  The perfect compliment to complete your .58 cal. Model 1855 or Model 1861 Springfield or contract or your .58 cal. Model 1863 Springfield.  Crisp "U.S. mark.--$195.

  62. Very pretty condition rare IDed complete Federal infantry soldier's rig consisting of the regulation Federal waist belt with beautiful "U.S." buckle and brass adjuster - Nice Federal percussion cap box - leather bayonet scabbard with the original .58 cal. Springfield  bayonet.  This rig was carried by Newton Gant of the 123 Indiana and was at Kennesaw Mtn. - Atlanta - and Jonesboro.  This is a very nice rig straight out of the family, and out of my good buddy - Robert Heins' personal collection.--$1,150.SOLD

  63. Drop-dead beautiful condition, excavated, super scarce "WISCONSIN" stamped brass state pin.  This pin was recovered on private property near Chickamauga, Georgia.  Wisconsin is one of the toughest of the state hat pins to acquire, and this is an absolute beauty.--$750.

  64. Nice condition excavated 3 in. Hotchkiss Nose Section recovered from Tyne Blvd. - Second Day fighting at the Battle of Nashville, TN.  This was recovered many years ago and has been disarmed and cleaned, and is ready for display.  The original brass time fuze remains perfectly intact.--$125.SOLD

  65. This item will probably take the prize for being the most "Politically Incorrect" child's Christmas gift OF THE YEAR !!!  It is a 1961 era miniature (about 1/2 scale) of a "Floating C.S." Leech and Rigdon child size Confederate Officer's Sword (complete with floating C.S. in the guard).  As a 10 year old already interested in the Civil War in 1961 - I would have SOOO LOVED to have had this on the wall of my room.  As a matter of fact - as a near 66 year old - I today have the grownup real version of this same sword on the wall of my room, and love looking at it !!!  A very cool Christmas gift for that 10 year old Civil War buff (and near the most politically incorrect Christmas Gift POSSIBLE !!!)--$79.SOLD

  66. Excellent condition original unissued red Federal Artillery Hat Cord.  A very nice - yet inexpensive, addition to your Civil War Artillery display.--$48.

  67. Original Feb. 20, 1863 $100. Confederate States of America Loan Bond.  Eight of the original interest coupons remain intact, and the bond will frame beautifully.  The vignette in the center pictures a Confederate soldier with sword in hand and leaning against a tree.--$125.

  68. Civil War era brass powder flask of the exact type carried off to the Civil War by many young Confederates in 1861.  This flask came out of a local estate, and has a beautiful, rich, never cleaned aged patina.--$95.SOLD

  69. Excellent condition non-excavated gilted coat and cuff set of Federal Staff Officer's buttons.  Each of the buttons has near 100% bright gold gilt, and both shanks intact.----$55. FOR BOTH

  70. Extremely rare, excavated, large size, lead filled, Georgia State Seal Oval.  This buckle was recovered many years ago from a Confederate winter camp near Winchester, VA.  The plate has nice detail on the face and a smooth, chocolate brown patina.  The reverse has full lead and all three attachment hooks intact.  This scarce plate has been in the Coy Kitchens Confederate buckle collection for a good many years.  It would be a fine addition to any Confederate artifact display.--$3,950.SOLD

  71. Really pretty Model 1850 Federal Foot Officer's Sword in its original brass mounted metal scabbard.  The blade is clean and bright with crisp engraving up and down both sides of the blade, and is clearly marked "EISENHAUER".  The brass guard has an attractive, and uncleaned aged bronze patina - and original wrap and wire intact on the grip.  This sword would look great in anyone's collection.--$975.

  72. Model 1860, Federal Light Cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean, just beginning to gray with age, and is extremely sharp from being sharpened many years ago.  The blade is marked "Mansfield & Lamb - US - 1862".  The grip remains in excellent condition with original wrap and wire.  The 3-branch brass guard has a pretty, never cleaned, aged, bronze/brown patina.  The scabbard has a smooth, chocolate brown patina and several small dings from actual field service.  This is a saber that, no doubt, saw actual field action in the Civil War.--$895.

  73. Excavated, large oval, lead filled, "VMM" (Volunteer Maine Militia) cartridge box plate.  This plate has a smooth, brown patina on the face and was recovered many years ago from a Maine camp located near Port Hudson, LA.  Most large VMM boxplates have very little, if any, lead in the reverse, but this one has about the same amount of lead as a US cartridge boxplate.  It has been in the Coy Kitchens collection for many years and will make an excellent addition to your collection.--$795.

  74. I am SO SORRY to announce the passing of lifelong friend and collecting buddy - ROBERT WAYNE HEINS.  We were virtually the same age and enjoyed sharing new collecting finds with each other throughout our lives.  Robert always had a keen eye for quality, and several of the following beautiful condition artifacts are from Robert's personal collection.  Rest in Peace Robert, and thank you for 40 plus years of collecting friendship.  I pledge to you to do my best to see that these artifacts go to homes where they will be treasured and cared for as you have for many, many years.

  75. Absolutely beautiful condition, non-excavated, lead filled, circular, Federal Eagle breast plate.  This plate Robert Heins purchased out of a Nashville estate sale over 50 years ago.  It has a pretty, smooth, aged, bronze patina on the face and full lead with both loops intact on the reverse.--$250.SOLD

  76. Beautiful condition, excavated, Confederate, coat size, solid cast "I" (Infantry) button.  This button was recovered about 40 years ago from Granny White Gap at the Battle of Nashville, TN.  It has been a part of Robert Heins' collection for many, many years.--$150.SOLD

  77. Drop dead beautiful "1852" dated HARPERS FERRY Model 1841 "Mississippi Rifle".  This was my friend - ROBERT HEINS - prized piece in his collection.  The markings are clear enough to read across the room, and the bore will still about cut your finger.  There are very few museums that can compete with this weapon.  The extra nipple and worm are still in the patchbox, and the action is as crisp as new.--$3,850.SOLD

  78. BIG 20 inch section of Heartwood Pine containing a 12 lber size cannister ball, and was recovered at Chickamauga around 1900.  This is a SUPER NICE MUSEUM QUALITY piece and could almost be described as a small "War Log".  This was one of Robert's favorite pieces.--$450.SOLD

  79. Very attractive never cleaned large oval lead filled "U.S." oval waist belt plate on the original leather waist belt.  This belt and plate displays beautifully, but the belt has a portion missing on the reverse side.  The belt rig was originally purchased out of a Nashville estate sale by Robert Heins many years ago.  The missing piece does not detract from how nicely the belt and buckle displays.--$395.SOLD

  80. Beautiful condition excavated cast brass Model 1851 Federal eagle sword belt plate with applied wreaths.  This beautiful plate was recovered over 40 years ago from the position of Wilson's Federal Cavalry along Granny White Pike at the 2nd Day's fighting at the Battle of Nashville.  This plate has the applied wreaths remaining intact which you hardly ever see.  (And I mean hardly ever !!)  It has been a treasured centerpiece in Robert Heins Battle of Nashville collection for many, many years.--$395.SOLD

  81. Quite rare to find - Beautiful condition non-excavated coat size "Excelsior - New Yok State National Guard".  I don't think that I have ever seen a nicer example.--$75.

  82. Excellent condition original paper wrapped .58 cal. Min'ie ball cartridge.  Perfect to display with your nice original .58 cal. musket.--$125.SOLD

  83. Beautiful condition non-excavated lead filled circular Federal eagle breastplate.  This was purchased many years ago out of a Delaware, Ohio estate sale.  The face has a rich aged (never cleaned) patina and the reverse has full lead and both attachment loops intact, and in addition has the soldiers initials "DH" carved into the lead reverse.  This excellent artifact is out of the Robert Heins collection.--$250.

  84. Extremely rare, excavated, "Rope Border" style CS oval, Confederate waist belt plate.  This buckle was recovered a number of years ago from one of General Leonidas Polk's Army of Tennessee, 1863 winter camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  This style CS oval waist belt plate is made of thin, stamped brass and is very difficult to find in a condition this nice.  It is a rarity at this point in time to hear of one of these in any condition recovered.--$2,850.SOLD

  85. Excavated, "Forked Tongue" style, Confederate general issue, cast brass waist belt plate.  This buckle was recovered from an 1862 camp of the 16th Alabama Infantry.  It has a pleasing, smooth, pea-green patina.--$795.

  86. Nice condition, 1961 era, set of cast iron, President Lincoln bookends.--$45.SOLD

  87. Excellent condition, non-excavated, regulation, cast brass, Federal Cavalry spur.  The rowel will still spin and is ready to strap on a boot.--$85.

  88. Beautiful condition, excavated, solid cast brass, coat size, Confederate Block "I" (Infantry) button.  This nice Confederate button was recovered from a lawn behind the stone wall at the Battle of Nashville.--$150.SOLD

  89. Excavated, coat-size, Eagle "D" (Dragoon) button.  This was recovered from the 1862 - 1863 winter camp of Lucius Polk's Army of Tennessee Brigade winter quarters located near Tullahoma, TN.--$75.

  90. Nice little display containing two bullets that the soldier artistically carved.  One actually looks like a little space ship; I wonder if he saw a UFO!--$38.

  91. Very nice display containing nine "bone buttons" recovered from a Confederate trash pit near Wartrace, TN.  The entire display--$48.SOLD

  92. Very nice condition, Model 1851, .36 cal., Colt Navy Model revolver.  The revolver has an all matching serial number of 105731 (except for the wedge which is an old replacement).  This is most desirable 1861 era production.  The Colt barrel markings remain crisp and clear and about 60% of the cylinder scene remains intact.  The action is about as crisp as when issued and has deep, sharp rifling.  There was at one time a name carved into the brass butt strap with a pen knife, but due to wear, I can't quite make it out.  The original walnut grips remain intact with a perfect fit and sharp edges.--$1,850.

  93. Exceptional, fully cased, 1/6th plate, tintype of a well equipped Federal Cavalry trooper.  He has a Model 1860, .44 cal., Colt Army revolver across his chest and an 1840 Heavy Cavalry saber standing alongside.  He is also wearing a regulation Model 1851 Eagle sword belt rig and has a clearly visible crossed sabers hatpin on his cap.  The image is cased in a beautiful, patriotic, Gutta Percha, "UNION" case.  The case is marked, "Littlefield, Parsons & Co." patent union cases.  Only a few images per year this nice come along.--$750.

  94. Quite rare, mid 1800's era, dental forceps for extracting teeth.  I had to go to the dentist this morning for a crown, and I'm sure glad I didn't see this thing coming my way.  I have also, through the years, heard that in certain situations, this instrument was also used for recovering bullets.  I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that use either!!!--$79.

  95. Excavated, 12 lb. size, Confederate, Bormann fused cannonball.  This ball was recovered here at Stones River and has the distinctive, Confederate, brass underplug.  It has been cleaned - disarmed, - coated and is ready for display.--$250.

  96. .58 cal., Model 1864, Federal cartridge box.  The box has the embossed, oval US on the outside flap and has both belt loops intact as well as leather closure tab and both iron roller buckles.  Every Civil War collection should have an original cartridge box.--$275.

  97. Original, February 17, 1864, issue Confederate $50 note.  This note is serial# 37003 and pictures Confederate President, Jefferson Davis.  This is a good, honest, circulated Confederate $50 note.--$89.

  98. Excellent condition, Civil War, leather, cavalry carbine boot.  This device was used to keep the barrel of the cavalry carbine stable while riding.  Without this cavalry boot to keep the carbine restricted, it would have been flying all over the place when riding at a gallop.--$85.

  99. Nice condition gilt embroidered Federal 4th Regiment Cavalry insignia.  Literally is in nice enough condition to sew back on a kepi.--$250.

  100. RARE - RARE - RARE excavated "ROPE BORDER" style "C.S." oval waist belt plate.  This buckle was recovered over 40 years ago from a Confederate camp on private property near Corinth, MS.  It has a beautiful - never cleaned brown - green woods patina and has all three attachment hooks intact.  The buckle does have a couple hairline stress cracks that are normal with "Rope Border" style C.S. oval belt plates.  It has been a while since I had a "Rope Border" C.S. oval this nice to offer for sale.--$2,850.SOLD

  101. .69 cal. Model 1816 smoothbore musket originally produced in flint and altered to percussion for Civil War use.  It has a smooth, aged grey-brown patina and lockplate markings of "U.S. - Springfield - 1834".  The stock is in nice condition with just good honest wear from being carried, and has an easily visible inspector cartouche opposite the lockplate.  The soldier's initials "T.M.S." are nicely carved into the stock which most likely is for "Thomas M. Sanders" of Co. "E" - 45th TN. Inf.  (I have hunted their Spring of 1863 camp here many times).  This is a classic example of what many Army of Tennessee Confederates were carrying here in Middle Tennessee during the years 1862 and 1863.--$1,250.SOLD

  102. Nice condition, .32 cal., Model 1849, Colt Pocket Revolver.  This revolver has an all matching serial number of 200850, which is most desirable 1861 (first year of the war) production.  The metal has a smooth, gently graying, aged patina with a barrel marking of "Address Saml Colt - Hartford CT".  The cylinder retains about 30% original cylinder scene.  The action remains strong, advancing and locking as well as it did when new.  The revolver has original walnut grips with about 80% original varnish.  This little Colt would be a very nice addition to any Civil War collection.--$1,250.

  103. Excavated, coat size, die struck, North Carolina Sunburst uniform button.  This button was recovered from an 1863 - 1864 Army of Tennessee winter campsite located near Dalton, GA.  It has a beautiful, brown/green woods patina that has never even been rinsed off.--$110.

  104. Excavated group of artifacts recovered from the Camp of the 16th Alabama Infantry - CSA - located along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  The group consists of (1) excavated cast brass Enfield buttplate in excellent condition, (2) cast brass keeper to a sword belt buckle, (3) two-piece brass sword hanger, (4) pewter canteen spout with soldier initials faintly engraved with a pen knife.  A great buy on the entire grouping.--$85.SOLD

  105. Very nice condition, English import, pattern 1853, Cavalry trooper's saber and scabbard.  This pattern saber was imported into the Confederacy and quite often encountered.  They are noted with several different retailers' marks, including "Mole" and "Isaac & Co."   They are also often encountered unmarked, and that is exactly the case with this example.  The blade is in excellent condition with no pitting at all, and the pressed leather grips remain in perfect condition.  The saber retains its original scabbard and is also in very nice condition.  The vast majority of the pattern 1853 English Cavalry sabers that I have encountered over the years have had Confederate association.  This example is in very nice condition and would make a great addition to someone's Confederate Cavalry display.--$750.

  106. Nice condition, Model 1840, "AMES PRODUCTION" Heavy Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.  The blade is clean, just beginning to gray with age and is marked, "US - A.D.K. - Ames Mfg Co - Cabotville - 1851".  The three branch, cast brass guard has an attractive, uncleaned, bronze, aged patina, and the grip is complete with original wrap and wire.  The scabbard has a smooth, aged, brown patina, and it is without a single dent.--$1,150.

  107. Absolutely beautiful condition, New Jersey State Seal, Staff Officer, coat size button.  The face is flawless with a "Schuyler H. & G. - New York" backmark.  It retains near 100% original gilt with shank remaining intact and straight.  This is a relatively rare Civil War State Seal button to come by.--$350.

  108. Absolutely beautiful condition, private purchase, cast brass, Confederate used cavalry spur.  Over the years, we have recovered several spurs of this type, and every one has come from Confederate Cavalry sites.  This example has a rich, aged patina and a large, handcrafted, copper rowel that was made from a coin.  A small portion of the original leather boot attachment strap remains with the spur.--$295.

  109. Excavated, solid shot, 6 pound cannonball.  This ball was recovered from private property near Shiloh by early relic hunter, Tedford Cohn, many years ago.  It has a visible mold seam around the ball and has been cleaned and coated and is ready for display.--$175.SOLD

  110. Excavated, regulation, cast brass, Federal Cavalry spur.  This spur was recovered from private property near Chickamauga and has a smooth, brown/green patina with remnants of the iron rowel still intact.--$75.

  111. One of the most popular muskets of the American Civil War era! This is the .58 cal. Model 1861 three band Springfield rifled musket. The metal has a smooth gray-brown patina with lockplate markings of "U.S. - SPRINGFIELD - 1862". The stock is very attractive and shows clear evidence of lots of field service with small dings, marks, and rounded edges from wear. Both sling swivels - original ram rod - and long range sight remains intact. This is a solid middle grade musket that clearly "Saw The Elephant".--$1,650.

  112. Excavated interwined brass cavalry curb chain that was recovered many years ago by Steve Mullinax from private property at the Battle of Atlanta, GA.  This artifact was in Steve's private collection for over 30 years. Here is your chance to own an artifact from the collection of one of the pioneers in our collecting field.-- $125.

  113. Civil War era gaming piece that is near an exact duplicate of a large cent. I have seen a number of similar pieces recovered from Civil War campsites over the years. This is a neat item for a Civil War "camp scene" display.--$38.SOLD

  114. Recently brought into the shop - A COOL - COOL "Upside Down" U.S. belt rig with an excellent CONFEDERATE MANUFACTURE cap box.  It was a common practice among Confederate soldiers due to lack of actual Southern made supplies to wear a captured "U.S." belt rig upside down turning it into a "SN" (Southern Nation).  This is a beautiful example of just such a Southern adapted belt rig and the C.S. manufactured cap box is a very nice example.  I will pass along family name to the buyer.  Over the years I have run into several cartridge boxes with the upside down plate as well.--$950. (With the value about equally divided between the U.S. belt rig and the C.S. made cap box)SOLD

  115. Excellent display of a 1/2 sectioned 6 pound size Bormann case shot ball.  This ball was recovered on private property at Shiloh and clearly shows the Bormann fuse, the underplug, the case shot balls and tar matrix, and the chamber for the black powder.  It has been cleaned and coated and is ready for permanent display.--$195.SOLD

  116. Very nice condition percussion 12 GA. double barrel shotgun.  This is the exact type weapon that many young Confederates left home carrying.  It is a well made and nicely engraved weapon, and is one of the heaviest weapons of its type that I have held in a long time.  Several years ago I recovered a nearly identical 12 GA. double barrel in the camp of the 51st Alabama Cavalry - C.S.A.  This weapon will make a fine addition to someone's Confederate display.--$595.

  117. Rare - Rare item to recover.  Complete Model 1833 pre-Civil War "Dragoon" Sword.  This rare recovery was made from a Confederate camp on private property near Chickamauga, GA.  The blade is rusty, but strong and stable and complete to the very end.  This will be a fantastic center piece to any dug Confederate  artifact display.--$650.SOLD

  118. Very attractive excavated coat size MISSISSIPPI "I" Confederate uniform button.  This was recovered from Gen. Walthall's 1862 Mississippi camp located near Estill Springs, TN.  It is solid as can be with a smooth chocolate brown patina - no dents - shank intact - and "Hyde and Goodrich - N.O." backmark.--$295.

  119. Very pretty condition non-excavated 1840 - 1850 era "Puppy Paw" Hook style large size lead filled "U.S." oval waist belt plate.  This was purchased several years ago out of a central Ohio estate sale.  You couldn't ask for a prettier example with a rich, aged - never cleaned - patina with full lead and all three attachment hooks intact.--$295.SOLD

  120. Model 1864 Federal .58 cal. cartridge box with the original "over the shoulder" leather sling.  The cartridge box remains pliable with the original .58 cal. cartridge tins still intact.  The leather sling is slotted for an eagle breastplate, but there is no evidence that there was ever one there.  The entire rig is in overall solid, pliable condition.--$895.

  121. Very nice condition, Model 1860, Mansfield and Lamb, Federal, light cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade remains bright and clean with markings of "US - 1864 - Mansfield & Lamb".  The three branch brass guard remains i perfect condition with a nice, uncleaned, aged patina.  The grip has original wrap and wire and is almost as nice as when issued.  The scabbard remains in excellent condition with only one or two small dings from actual field service.  This is a first class Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard.--$895.

  122. RARE - RARE - RARE excavated coat size Confederate Local TENNESSEE STATE SEAL C.S. button.  This super rare Confederate button was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram from the lawn of one of his patients that lived along the Confederate Battle Line on the crest of Missionary Ridge - Chattanooga, TN.  The button is very solid with a pleasing brown - green patina, and about as nice detail as you are going to see on a TN. Local button.  There are two small dimples on the crown of the button which we believe is from the prongs of the shank.  The loop on the reverse was intact when found, but had fallen out.  I had a professional put it back in place, and looks great.  Of the many thousands of artifacts that Dr. Buttram recovered - This Tennessee button was one of his absolute favorites.--$1,250.SOLD

  123. Exceptionally nice condition excavated coat size Confederate "A" (Artillery) button.  This beautiful Confederate button was recovered from the 1863 Army of Tennessee Confederate Artillery Park Camp located a few miles outside Shelbyville along Lewisburg Pike.  The face has a smooth chocolate patina with loop and iron back nicely intact on the reverse.--$175.

  124. Beautiful condition, excavated, larger size, Leech and Rigdon, oak leaf pattern wreath.  This plate has a smooth, uncleaned, green/brown patina and has a belt loop 2 inches in width.  This wreath was recovered during the 1970's from a Confederate Cavalry camp located near Tupelo, Mississippi.  If you happen to have the correct tongue, this will complete a beautiful Confederate 2-piece CS sword belt plate.--$895.

  125. Drop dead beautiful condition large size lead filled "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate recovered over 40 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram from Private property located near The Battle of Chickamauga, GA..  This is a classic example of the wonderful condition of artifacts recovered during the 1960s - 1970s "Golden Age" of relic hunting.--$250.

  126. Beautiful condition, Model 1840, Ames Non-Commissioned Officer, Federal sword and scabbard.  The blade remains clean and bright with Ames on the scroll marking on one side and dated 1864 and marked "US" on the other.  The leather scabbard remains complete and in very nice condition tip to tip.--$695.

  127. Drop dead beautiful example of a non-excavated heavy cast brass cavalry spur of a style that we often recover in Confederate 1863 Cavalry camps here.  This style spur is sometimes called a "Richmond Arsenal Variant" and sometimes referred to as a "Private Purchase".  I actually recovered a twin to this one a while back in the camp of Starnes Confederate Cavalry located near Altamont, TN.  You will not see a finer example.--$375.

  128. Very nice condition, excavated, iron Cavalry spur recovered from the 1863 camp of Wharton's 8th Texas Cavalry.  This camp was located near Unionville, Tennessee, and occupied during the spring of 1863.  The spur has the classic, large, Mexican/Spanish type rowel that we found on several spurs recovered from this camp.--$195.

  129. Extremely rare, Virginia manufactured Cavalry saber manufactured at the Virginia Armory located in Richmond.  As originally designed, these Cavalry saber blades were massively long, measuring a full 40 1/2 inches.  These sabers were designed to be carried by a cross-shoulder sling and frog; therefore, the all iron scabbards were fitted at the throat only with a stud to engage the frog.  Many of the massively long Virginia manufactured sabers had the blades slenderized and shortened to the more 1860 era conventional 32 to 36 inch length.  The sabers were also re-scabbarded to conform with the standard 1860 method of carrying.  These scabbards were of iron with brass ring mounts and rings.  The throat and drag were of iron.  This example has a very nice condition, slenderized blade, measuring 35 1/2 inches long.  The brass mounted iron scabbard is in excellent condition, but does show clear wear from time in the saddle.  The grip is worn to polished wood with a small piece missing just at the rear base.  The saber has typical VA regimental markings on the top of the blade.  It has a beautiful, untouched, attic patina throughout with no evidence at all of cleaning.--$4,250.

  130. Very attractive original Model 1850 Federal Foot Officer's sword (without scabbard).  This was purchased long ago out of a central Ohio estate sale.  The blade has a gently aging grey-brown patina with visible engraving top to bottom with "U.S. - E. Pluribus Unum - etc.".  The ornate cast brass guard has a rich never cleaned aged patina, and the grip has original shark skin and wire.  The sword shows clear signs of having actually been carried.  This would be a wonderful sword to begin your Civil War collection.--$550.

  131. Nice condition, original Model 1841 "Mississippi Rifle."  It has smooth, clean metal just beginning to gray with age.  The lockplate is marked "E. Whitney - N. Haven - US - 1851."  The original walnut stock remains in nice condition with two visible inspector cartouches.  The rifle has crisp action at both half cock and full cock, and remains in original .54 cal. with deep, crisp rifling.  I expect this rifle would remain an accurate shooter today and would be an excellent addition to any Civil War weapons collection.  This rifle originally came out of the local area and was quite likely Confederate carried.--$2,150.SOLD

  132. During the opening years of the Civil War many young Confederates left home for the War carrying the family fowling rifle or double barrel percussion shotgun just like the young fellows in the pictures above.  This percussion 12 Ga. double barrel is an 1800s era W. Richards from London, England and was purchased many years ago out of a Northern Mississippi estate.  The shotgun remains in nice condition and the action on both barrels works perfectly.  This is going to be an excellent and reasonably priced addition to someone's Civil War display.--$650.SOLD

  133. Extremely rare, excavated, large size, lead-filled, oval Maryland State Seal.  This plate was recovered about 30 years ago from a Confederate winter camp trash pit in Northern Virginia.  The plate had fire damage along about 1 1/2 inches of the top edge.  This area has been professionally restored, and the plate displays quite well.  It has a pleasing, brown/green patina and all three attachment hooks present on the reverse.  If this plate had been perfect when recovered, it would sell for $5,000 - $6,000.  This is a very nice plate for less than half what it would sell for if there were no restoration.--$2,450.SOLD

  134. Just brought in out of the local area, an untouched, Model 1840 import "Old Wristbreaker" Heavy Cavalry saber and scabbard.  Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry sabers were extensively used by both Union and Confederate Cavalry during the American Civil War.  The famous Southern Cavalry Commander, General Nathan Bedford Forrest carried one as did many in his command.  This saber has a clean blade, just beginning to gray with age.  About 1/2 of the original grip remains intact and the other half is worn to wood.  The cast brass, 3-branch guard has a dark, aged patina and has a small piece at the very top severed.  The scabbard has a thick, brown, never cleaned, aged patina with clear evidence of wear and several dings and marks from lots of field service.  This is a Cavalry saber that clearly "saw the elephant".--$695.

  135. Excellent condition, non-excavated, Model 1851, cast brass, officer's grade, Eagle sword belt plate.  This plate has a medium size keeper on the reverse and integrally cast wreaths surrounding the Eagle, and has excellent, sharp detail.--$325.

  136. Just brought in out of a local estate - .69 cal. Harpers Ferry 3 band musket originally produced in flint and converted to percussion for Civil War use.  The musket is clean with lockplate markings of " 1834 - Harpers Ferry - U.S." and the barrel has a matching "1834" date.  The stock remains in nice condition, but does show rounding of corners from lots of service.  There appears to be an old repair to an old crack at the wrist, but is very nicely done.  This weapon was no doubt carried by a local Tennessee Confederate, and is going to be a very nice and reasonably priced addition to someone's Confederate display.--$1,295.SOLD

  137. Pair of excavated cast brass spurs recovered many years ago in a Confederate Cavalry camp located near Brandy Station, VA.  Each of the two spurs is broken, but could be easily restored because 95% of the spurs are intact, or they display perfectly fine just as they are.--$225. for the PAIR

  138. Excavated smooth face large size Confederate style Martingale Heart.  This was recovered on private property near Manassas over 30 years ago.  The Heart had two bends when found. and has been unfolded.  Here is a rare Confederate type lead filled Cavalry Martingale Heart at the price of a common "U.S." oval.--$250.

  139. Crisp - clear fully cased 1/6th plate tintype a young Federal enlistedman.  This is a seated pose wearing a shell jacket (likely artillery), and has nice clarity with no flaking at all.--$150.

  140. Excellent condition, excavated, brass sabot from a 30 lb., Federal Parrott projectile.  This was recovered on private property at Vicksburg, MS.-$45.

  141. Excavated bail from a camp cookpot.  This was recovered from an Army of Tennessee, 1863, Confederate winter campsite located along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  Not super rare, but a camp item that you do not recover every day.--$35.

  142. Excellent display of excavated round balls recovered from Confederate camps following the Battle of Stones River.  The balls include .28 cal., .32 cal., .36 cal., .44 cal., .54 cal., .58 cal., .69 cal., and the big .72 cal.--$48.

  143. Beautiful condition, excavated, cast brass, Confederate style Cavalry spur.  This was recovered many years ago from an Alabama Cavalry camp.  The iron rowel is not only still intact, but will turn.--$325.

  144. Quite rare, non-excavated, two-piece, flat "Ancient and Honorable Artillery - 1638" button.  This is a Massachusetts Artillery unit and is among the oldest military organizations in the nation.  The button has the inscription, "A & H A " above and "1638" below.  It has near 100% bright gold gilt with shank intact on the reverse.  This is an MS47A in Albert and is a virtually perfect example.--$175.

  145. Quite rare, .58 cal., type III, Richmond Armory, 3-band, rifled musket.  This musket has lockplate markings of "CS - Richmond VA - 1863".  This is the type III Richmond Armory musket with the "lower" humpback lock.  The barrel is Richmond Production as well with the distinctive crescent shaped slot.  The musket has the distinctive brass buttplate of Richmond Production after leftover Harpers Ferry parts had been exhausted.  The stock appears to be Confederate produced rather than a leftover Harper's Ferry stock, in that it is not milled for the Maynard primer system.  The musket shows rounding of corners with numerous dings and marks in the wood from many campaigns.  This musket is a good, solid example of a Confederate Arsenal weapon that has survived many a campaign.--$5,850.SOLD

  146. Non-excavated, large size, lead-filled, US Oval Cartridge Box Plate.  This plate has a very attractive, never cleaned, dark aged patina on the face and full lead and both attachment loops intact on the reverse.  The wire loops are 2 5/8" apart.  If you have a nice, .58 cal., Federal cartridge box missing the plate, here is an excellent example to finish out your cartridge box.--$250.

  147. Excavated, enlistedman's, Memphis Novelty Works, cast brass, Confederate Cavalry spur.  This spur was recovered from an 1862 N. B. Forrest Cavalry camp located near Spring Hill, TN.  The spur is complete except for one side of the small rowel holder. CS Arsenal manufactured spurs are very rare now to recover.--$250.

  148. Very rare EARLY DATE Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard.  This came out of a local Middle Tennessee estate years ago and was very likely Confederate carried.  The blade has a smooth gently aging grey-brown patina with maker markings of "Ames Mfg. Co. - 1861 - and U.S."  The scabbard has a pleasing aged brown patina with tons of drag wear, and the ring is worn 1/4th way through the ring mount.  This saber saw many campaigns in the saddle, and could no doubt tell some great battle stories.--$1,295.

  149. Very rare, and beautiful condition non-excavated cuff size "Goodyear's Patent" HARD RUBBER Federal Eagle Button.  These are believed to have been used by Federal Sharp Shooters to prevent the sparkle of gilted brass buttons to give the Sharp Shooter's position away.--$295.

  150. Very unusual recovery - Excavated leather remains of a Federal soldier's "Bootee".  This was recovered from a Federal trash pit located in Nashville, TN.  Not everyone has an original EXCAVATED Civil War shoe in their collection !!--$65.

  151. Nice condition original Civil War leather cavalry saber/sword knot.  These were used just like the ones used today on snow skis so that if your saber is knocked from your hand - You are NOT S.O.of L.  If you have a nice Civil War cavalry saber - here is a compliment to make it  museum level.--$425.

  152. Very rare to recover, nice drop, .69 cal., two-ring musketoon projectile.  This rare bullet was recovered years ago from a Confederate camp near Triune, Tennessee.  Interestingly, this is one of the very few sites in our area where this projectile has been recovered.--$79.

  153. Beautiful condition, excavated, coat size, solid cast brass, Confederate Block "I" (Infantry) button.  This button was recovered from 1863 Army of Tennessee winter camps around Dalton, Georgia.--$150.

  154. Non-excavated, private purchase style spur that we often excavated from Confederate Cavalry campsites.  The spur remains in nice, stable condition with the original rowel still intact and will spin.--$150.

  155. Quite rare, non-excavated, Civil War Era, pewter medical syringe.  We have excavated several identical syringes from the Union and Confederate 1862-1863 winter camps here.  They were used for irrigation and for spraying powders.  This example is identical to the one pictured in Medical Instruments and Equipment of the Civil War, by Dr. Gordon Dammann.  This will make an excellent addition to someone's Civil War medical display.--$275.

  156. 1/6th plate, ambrotype of two seated Union soldiers that look to likely be brothers.  One is wearing a standard kepi, and the other is wearing an earlier Mexican War era hat.  The image is out of an Ohio estate and remains nice and clear.--$150

  157. Very attractive "Special Model 1861" .58 cal., "S. Norris & W.T. Clements for Massachusetts", 1863 date, 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The metal has a smooth, gently aging, gray/brown patina with an 1863 date on the lockplate and an 1864 date on the barrel.  The main spring remains strong and the musket locks in both half-cock and full-cock positions.   Both sling swivels , long range site, and original ramrod remain intact, and a good, crisp bore remains.  The wood remains in nice condition with a faintly visible inspector cartouche, and the normal dings and marks from actual field service.  There is a small sliver of wood missing from just beneath the lockplate.  This is a quality condition musket and shows evidence of just good, honest, actual Civil War field service.--$1,450.

  158. Absolutely beautiful condition, excavated, large coat size, Confederate block "A" button.  This is a rare 25mm, CS-101A in Albert and is backmarked, "HT & B /Manchester".  This button has a glossy, dark green/black patina and has the shank perfectly intact on the reverse.  It was recovered near Savannah, Georgia, and has that slick, glossy, beautiful patina common to that sandy area.  You are not going to find a more beautiful example.--$395.

  159. Nice , clean, early war date, Model 1840, Ames Musician sword.  This is the sword only without scabbard.  The blade is marked, "US - 1862 - Ames Mfg Co."  The cast brass guard has a pleasing, uncleaned, aged patina.--$295.

  160. Very attractive, .58 cal., Model 1863, type 2, Springfield, 3-band, percussion, rifled musket.  The .58  cal. Springfield is often considered the classic representative musket of the American Civil War.  This musket has crisp lockplate markings of “Springfield – 1864 – US” and has metal that is just beginning to gray with age.  The wood is in nice condition with the normal small dings and marks of field service and a visible inspector cartouche opposite the lockplate.  The action remains crisp and locks firmly into both half-cock and full-cock.  Both sling swivels, long range site, and original ramrod remain intact.  The musket has a very pleasing “used but not abused” type appearance and will be a very nice addition to any Civil War collection.--$1,450.

  161. This is one of the most sought after of all Confederate notes.  It is the February 17, 1864, Confederate $500 note picturing and honoring General Stonewall Jackson.  The note is lightly circulated and retains strong, sharp edges all the way around with good color and serial number 16447.  This is a note that is becoming increasingly more difficult to acquire.--$395.

  162. Beautiful condition 9-mm French Pinfire revolver.  The revolver still has pretty case colors and the ejector rod intact - the loading door intact - folding trigger intact - and I am including two original cartridges to display with the revolver.  The South purchased many of these, and we recover the pinfire cartridges from almost every 1863 Confederate camp here.--$695.

  163. Nice crisp albumin photograph of Corp. John A. Gilmore and his 5 brothers along with an individual CDV of Corp. Gilmore.  Gilmore was a member of Co. "E" - 9th Ill. Vol. Inf. and was involved at both Battles of Fort Donelson and Shiloh.--$195. for BOTH IMAGES

  164. Excellent condition, non-excavated, large size, lead-filled, US Oval, Federal cartridge box plate.  This is an early "fat letter" style plate.  The wire loops on the reverse are perfectly intact, straight, and 2 3/4" apart.  If you have a leather US cartridge box needing a box plate, this is a beauty.--$250.

  165. 58 cal., triangular socket bayonet, correct for .58 cal. Springfield or contract 3-band rifled muskets.  The metal is smooth, just beginning to darken with age.  It was apparently a private purchase, because there are no US marks.--$195.

  166. Beautiful condition, cast brass with applied silver wreaths, Model 1851, Federal Eagle sword belt plate.  The face has a nice, aged, bronze patina, and the reverse shows lots of wear around the hook indicating significant field service.--$375.

  167. Very nice condition, original die stamped, brass crossed cannons, Federal Artillery hatpin.  All four attachment loops remain intact on the reverse, and the pin has a pleasing, uncleaned, aged, bronze/brown patina.--$195.

  168. Excellent condition, non-excavated, coat size, Pennsylvania National Guard.  It is in perfect condition with near 100% bright gold gilt.  This button has a late war backmark of "Horstmann NY & Philada."  A quite rare and beautiful button at a great price.--$125.

  169. CDV of a Rhode Island Cavalry Trooper displayed in a Civil War Era, military motif frame.  With this photo, came a perfect condition, Federal cross sabers cavalry hatpin with all four attachment loops intact on the reverse.  It is very possible that this is the actual cross sabers hatpin being worn in the photograph.--$450 for the grouping.

  170. Very nice condition, Confederate Manufacture "Dog River" CS Cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade has a smooth, attic brown patina, and the grip has original wrap and wire and a beautiful aged bronze patina on the Confederate cast red brass guard.  The scabbard is soldered lap seam Confederate construction with heavy brass ring mounts.  This saber shows clear evidence of saddle wear and has several small dings and marks from actual field service.  Any Confederate collector would be proud to have this Confederate produced Cavalry saber in their collection.--$4,250.

  171. Quite scarce, percussion, .31 cal., five - shot, mushroom shaped cylinder, 3" octagonal barrel with a large oval shaped brass trigger guard.  This example has excellent condition, original checkered, hard rubber grips.  This revolver has early, early production serial number "865".  For many years, this revolver was on display at the Lotz House Civil War Museum in Franklin, Tennessee, and still has their ID number on the butt.  The revolver's markings remain as crisp as when issued.  This is one of the nicest condition, .31 cal., percussion Remington - Rider revolvers that has come into the shop in years.--$895.

  172. Beautiful condition, Civil War Federal Infantry Officer's gilt embroidered bugle hat insignia.  You won't find a more perfect, nice example.--$295.

  173. Nice condition, Model 1855, .58 cal., Federal, leather cartridge box.  The box remains quite pliable with the original lead-filled US cartridge box plate (with a rich, aged, bronze patina), and the two original cartridge tins remaining intact inside.  The brass finial, leather closure tab, and both belt loops all remain completely intact as well.  This is going to make a very nice addition to someone's Civil War collection.--$650.

  174. Very nice condition, Confederate "Dog River" CS Cavalry saber in original, brass-mounted, metal scabbard.  The blade has a smooth, gently aging, gray/brown patina with classic Confederate unstopped fuller.  The blade was sharpened during the Civil War Era, and to this day, has an edge that will nearly shave you.  (General Nathan Bedford Forrest's Cavalry is quite well known for this practice.)  The guard has an aged, bronze patina with classic Confederate high copper content.  The grip has original, single-strand, iron wire, and a portion of the original leather wrap with the remaining area worn to polished wood.  The scabbard remains in beautiful condition with heavy brass mounts and a lead-filled lap seam running from top to bottom.  It has a deep, uncleaned, chocolate brown, attic patina.   This is a Confederate saber that anyone would be proud to have on their wall.--$4,250.

  175. Nice condition, .32 caliber, rimfire, Smith and Wesson, Model #2, old Model Army revolver.  The revolver remains in very nice condition with crisp action and some original case colors in recessed areas.  This is the more desirable 6-inch, octagonal, long barrel model.  Many Civil War officers, who were able to afford one, carried the Model #2 Smith and Wesson as their personal sidearm.  There were a total of 77,155 of these revolvers produced.  The serial number of this revolver falls at the end of the Civil War period and the beginning of the Wild West Era.  The notorious western gunslinger, "Wild Bill" Hickok, while Marshall of Deadwood, was carrying a Model #2 Army the night he was shot.  This is a very nice example of quite an historic weapon.--$895.

  176. Absolutely beautiful condition, excavated, coat size, Confederate Officer's droop wing button.  This button was recovered over 40 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property near Chickamauga, Georgia.  It has a smooth, chocolate brown patina - nice crisp detail - and even has the brass shank intact on the reverse.--$275.

  177. Quite rare "From Life" CDV of Confederate Brigadier General Humphrey Marshall.  General Marshall was from Kentucky and was very active during the Civil War Era, both militarily and politically.--$125.

  178. Very nice condition, original, February 20, 1863, $100 Confederate loan bond.  The bond pictures a Confederate soldier leaning against a tree and has eight original coupons remaining intact.  It will frame up beautifully.--$150.

  179. Very - very nice condition Model 1852 Federal Naval Officer's Sword and Scabbard.  The blade is beautiful with deep - crisp engraving from top to bottom.  The guard has a rich never cleaned thick bronze - brown patina, and the grip has the original sharkskin weap and wire.  The blade is bright with sparkling bright engraving and is marked "Philadelphia" and would have been also marked "Horstmann" -  but that mark has been intentionally removed.  The leather scabbard is exceptionally nice with "coiled rope" ring mounts and a Dolphin drag.  What a fantastic gift this would be for that Naval person in your family.--$1,250.

  180. Dug matching pair of excavated Confederate Private Purchase cast brass Cavalry spurs.  These were recovered from the camp of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry - C.S.A. on private property near the Hatchie River in North Mississippi.--$595.

  181. Absolutely screamingly beautiful 24 mm Confederate staff officer - "H. T. & B. - Manchester" with not less than 99.95 % BRIGHT gold gilt.  In 40 years, this could be the nicest one that I have ever had.--$650.

  182. Absolutely beautiful condition, non-excavated, coat size, Confederate Officer "CSA" button.  This is a CS81-B in Albert, the reverse is backmarked "Superior Quality," and the shank remains perfectly intact.--$225.

  183. Complete, excavated, cast brass, Confederate, Cavalry spur.  This was recovered many years ago, and has a smooth olive green patina with remnants of the iron rowel.  The spur has traits leading one to think that it is likely a product of Leech and Rigdon of Memphis, Tennessee.--$295.

  184. Seldom seen, .36 cal., Navy Model revolver manufactured by Mass. Arms Co., Chicopee Falls, under "Adams Patent".  It is estimated that only about 1,000 of these weapons were produced and were all produced between 1856 and 1860.  They have checkered walnut grips much like their European counterpart.  Most of these that I have seen surface have turned up in the South.  This example is in relatively good condition, but the revolver does show considerable "field wear" and is missing the loading lever.  Its well known English counterpart made by Adams and Kerr was quite extensively carried by Confederates.  As far as I can remember, this is one of only about the third or fourth example of this revolver that I have in 40 years ever had.--$895.

  185. Excavated, medium size, lead-filled, Martingale Heart.  This was recovered during the early 1970's on private property near the Antietam Battlefield.  It was recovered from a Confederate Cavalry position.  There is a small amount of lead flaking from the bottom tip on the reverse side of the Martingale.--$295.

  186. Absolutely beautiful condition, non-excavated, coat size, Confederate Officer "CSA" button.  This is a CS81-B in Albert, the reverse is backmarked "Superior Quality," and the shank remains perfectly intact.--$225

  187. Beautiful condition, early battlefield pick-up, Confederate, cast-brass, private purchase spur.  The spur has a rich, never cleaned, aged, bronze patina with a large iron rowel remaining completely intact.  This is a really nice spur.--$295.

  188. Quite ornate non-regulation Model 1850 Federal Field and Staff Officer's sword and scabbard.  The blade is clean, just beginning to gray with age, and easily visible engraving remains. The guard is iron and quite ornate with the "cut-out eagle and U.S. and E. Pluribus Unum".  The original sharkskin and wire remains perfectly intact on the grip.  The scabbard has a slick brown aged patina with only a couple of small dings from use.  A nice honest example that has clearly seen field service.--$895.

  189. Good solid .54 cal. "Standard Model" Burnside carbine.  This is serial number "9586" and is matching between the barrel and the breech block.  The wood has two clearly visible inspector cartouches and has the normal dings and marks of actual field service.  The action works correctly, and decent rifling remains.  The metal is clean with just light graying with age.  There is one guide screw missing from the breech area of the carbine that would not be difficult to replace.   All in all - I would grade this a solid "upper mid-grade" example.--$1,295.

  190. 1/6th plate tintype of a fully equipped, Federal Infantry Enlistedman.  This is a standing view wearing a 9-button frock coat with US beltrig and cartridge box at his side.  His musket with bayonet stands in front of him.  The photograph is taken in front of a patriotic backdrop with tents, canons, and flags.  The photograph is housed in a 1/2 hard case and remains in good stable condition with no flaking at all.  The only negative is the image is unfortunately darker than what would be ideal.  Even though dark, the image has great content and would be a nice addition to a collection.--$175.

  191. Excavated, medium size, lead-filled, Martingale Heart.  This Martingale was recovered many years ago from a Confederate Cavalry camp in Central Virginia.  The perimeter of the heart was eroded away and frayed in some areas when recovered.  It has been professionally restored and stabilized.  Confederate used Martingale Hearts are very seldom recovered anymore.  Although this one does have a little restoration work, it is very sound and displays beautifully.--$195.

  192. Excavated, coat size, "CS 5" Confederate Droop Wing Eagle Staff Officer's button.  The button remains solid as a rock with the rare "Rivet'd & Solderd" backmark.  The face has crisp detail, nicely outlined with gold gilt, but does unfortunately have a light press at the eagle's chest.  This is a backmark that you rarely see recovered.--$250.

  193. Quite rare, mint unissued, 1840 era "Puppy Paw Hook" pattern, large oval, US waist belt plate.  The belt is as nice and pliable as when issued, and the early style US buckle is a beauty.--$695.SOLD

  194. Original, 1862 date, $1000 Confederate Loan Bond.  The bond remains in very nice condition with 30 original coupons remaining and was issued November 4, 1862.  This is a quite rare issue Confederate bond that is going to frame beautifully.--$125.

  195. Very attractive excavated large oval lead filled "SNY" waist belt plate.  This plate was recovered on private property near Cold Harbor over 20 years ago.  The face is complete , and has a pretty brown-green patina with good crisp detail.  The reverse is lead filled, and all three attachment hooks remaining intact.  At the time this plate was recovered the lead on the reverse was flaking a bit along one edge.  This has been professionally stabilized, and this is now a very nice plate that most any collector would be very proud to have in his collection.--$650.

  196. ornateswdcls2.JPG (49777 bytes)ornateswdeng.JPG (60419 bytes)ornateswdgrd.JPG (63202 bytes)ornatesedeagl.JPG (58129 bytes)ornateswdopn.JPG (17871 bytes)ornateswd.JPG (12115 bytes)ornateswdgrp.JPG (61235 bytes)ornateswdeng2.JPG (95821 bytes)Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful high grade 1840 era Militia Officer's sword and scabbard.  The pommel cap is an intricate, finely detailed gilted cast brass eagle, as is the sword's cast brass cross guard.  BOTH the brass scabbard and the blade have finely detailed engraving, and the grip is very old ivory.  Only a high ranking officer would have carried a sword of this fine grade.  Anyone that comes to look at your collection will stop in their tracks when they get to this one.  Swords of this type were carried by both Union and Confederate High Ranking Officers.--$1,850.

  197. Pristine, non-excavated, pair of brass, Federal, enlistedman's shoulder epaulets.  The epaulets are completely intact with both attaching tabs underneath as well as the brass, sew-on clips to attach the epaulets to the uniform.  If you have a nice Federal shell jacket or enlistedman's frock coat, these will be perfect to complete your display.--$375. for the pair.

  198. Nice condition, .32 cal., Model 1849, Colt 5-shot pocket revolver.  The metal remains clean with very little pitting whatsoever.  The barrel is marked "Address Sam'l. Colt - New York City".  It has an all matching serial number of 130138 which is good early 1855 - 1856 production.  It retains good action and about 60% - 70% original cylinder scene intact.  The revolver has original walnut grips with 90% original lacquer.--$1,150.

  199. Regulation, Federal, Model 1858, smooth type canteen with original butternut colored wool cover and original stopper with chain.  The cover on this canteen is considerably nicer than most with only one or two small moth holes.  Every Civil War collection should have a nice original canteen.--$295.

  200. Absolutely mint condition deck of Civil War "Great Mogul" playing cards.  This set is the rarer blue in color.  The wrap remains perfect, and the original seal has never been broken.--$395.SOLD

  201. Beautiful, near mint condition, complete deck of "Great Mogul" Civil War playing cards.  This is the red deck.  This deck remains in the original wrapper, and the tape seal has never even been broken.  This will be a museum quality addition to someone's Civil War collection.--$395.SOLD

  202. Beautiful excavated large size oval "VMM" (Volunteer Maine Militia) cartridge boxplate.  This plate was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near Port Hudson, LA.  The face has a slick chocolate brown patina and sharp, crisp letters and the plate has literally never even been rinsed off.  The plate is the pattern ""VMM" with very little lead in the back - Actually just barely enough to keep the wire loops in place.  Rusty residue of the wire loops still remains.  This is one of the prettiest "VMM"s from that area that I have seen.--$1,150.

  203. Just in out of the local area - .69 cal. Model 1842 Springfield percussion musket.  The metal has a dark chocolate brown attic patina with lockplate markings of "1855 - Springfield - and U.S.".  There is some pitting around the nipple area from having seen lots of field service.  The wood is a very dark red-brown color and has the expected numerous small dings and marks from lots of actual field service.  The mainspring is still strong as can be and the hammer sets solidly at both half cock and full cock.  This one is a smoothbore and would have fired both musket balls and "buck and ball".  This is a very typical antequated weapon that the Southern Infantry was armed with through much of the Civil War, and considering the area here where the musket came from - was almost certainly Southern carried and is going to look great on someone's wall.--$1,295.

  204. Really pretty, cast brass, Model 1851, saber belt plate with the applied silver wreaths.  It is mounted on an excellent condition, "Rock Island Arsenal", Indian War, leather sword belt.  I suspect that this was a Civil War buckle carried over and used in a slightly later military campaign.--$495.

  205. Beautiful condition, excavated, coat size, Confederate, Lined "A" button.  It has a "Superior Quality" backmark and has the shank intact.  It was recovered on private property at the site of the Confederate 1863 Artillery Park a few miles out Lewisburg Pike from Shelbyville.  This is a first class example of a quite rare button to recover.--$350.

  206. Absolutely beautiful condition, SUPER RARE, Confederate manufactured wooden scabbard Confederate Cavalry saber.  Most collectors now believe this to be a product of Kraft, Goldschmidt, and Kraft of Columbia, SC.  This extremely rare Confederate saber was for many years believed a product of H. Marshall of Atlanta, GA.  This example has a bright, clean blade and an excellent grip with original wrap and wire.  The original wooden scabbard is one of the nicest that I have seen in years.  This fine Confederate Cavalry saber was for many years on display in a GAR Post in Boston.  You couldn't ask for a nicer example of this extremely scarce Confederate manufactured Cavalry saber and scabbard.--$8,500.

  207. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, coat size, 3-piece, Virginia Staff Officer button.  This button has virtually 100% bright gold gilt and is perfect with no dents or cracks.  The reverse is backmarked "Canfield Bro. & Co. Baltimore," and the shank remains perfectly intact.  This button is nice enough quality for even the most discriminating collector.--$275.

  208. Nice condition, Model 1840, Federal Light Artillery saber and scabbard.  This example was manufactured by Emerson and Silver which is a seldom seen maker of Artillery sabers.  The blade is clean, just beginning to lightly darken with age.  It is marked "Emerson & Silver - Trenton, NJ - 1863".  The scabbard has a smooth, brown, aged patina with several service dings on the lower half.--$895.

  209. Absolutely beautiful non-excavated coat size Georgia State Seal Confederate Officer's button.  It has a super nice face with virtually 100 % bright gold gilt intact.  The reverse is prewar backmarked "Horstmann and Allien - NY" and is perfect as well with shank intact.--$225.

  210. Confederate manufactured, Roman style, Artillery Short Sword.  The blade has an overall dark patina with some pitting in areas.  The massive cast brass guard has a rich, aged, bronze patina and shows typical Confederate crudity and flaws.  Every Confederate collection needs a CS manufactured Artillery Short Sword.--$1,150.

  211. Very attractive, excavated, large size, lead-filled, Georgia State Seal oval waist belt plate.  This extremely rare Confederate buckle is out of the nationally known Charlie Harris collection and was originally recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram off private property near Chickamauga.  The face has a nice brown/green patina with crisp detail.  This rare buckle has the distinction of having been in two of the finest nationally known excavated artifact collections in existence.--$3,950.SOLD

  212. scriptibutton.JPG (98130 bytes)scriptibuttonrev.JPG (90628 bytes)Nice crisp excavated coat size Confederate "Script "I" uniform button.  It has a smooth chocolate patina, with no dents and shank intact.  This button was recovered on private property located near Richmond, VA.--$165.

  213. pairofbullets.JPG (79945 bytes)pairofbulletsinside.JPG (51109 bytes)Pair of excavated .577 cal. Confederate Enfield bullets with rare base markings.  One is base marked "L" {for London} and the second is base marked "L-2" {for London 2nd pattern}.  The "L-2" still has the original boxwood plug intact in the base and can be taken in and out.  They come in a nice glass display case.--$45. with case-SOLD

  214. canteenstnd.JPG (59429 bytes)canteenstndcls.JPG (59303 bytes)canteenstndstns.JPG (95254 bytes)canteenrev.JPG (63506 bytes)Very cool Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" canteen that is complete with cover - stopper - sling - and has the sling shortened indicating Cavalry service.  There are some "red-brown" splatters on it - Wonder if DNA works after 150 years ??--$495.SOLD

  215. bayonetwed.JPG (35332 bytes)Early Battlefield Pick-up .577 cal. Enfield triangular socket bayonet picked up on private property near Chickamauga, GA, many, many years ago.--$150.

  216. A few days ago - April 10th, 2017 - was one of life's very best days.  My 3rd granddaughter (Isabella Rose) was born to my younger daughter Savannah Cynthia and her husband Luke.  Isabella Rose was born at 1:10 p.m. weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was 19 1/4" long.  She appears very healthy and has a head full of dark brown hair.  To me, she looks like a near exact duplicate of her older sister, Lila Magnolia.  The birth went perfectly, and we hope to have both coming home soon.  Lila is very proud of her new baby sister, and we hope that sentiment lasts.

  217. lilapic1.JPG (83855 bytes)lila2poppy.JPG (18033 bytes)lila3asleep.JPG (20264 bytes)lila5profpic.png (771077 bytes)lila5wrapped.jpeg (262144 bytes)lila4andmomhosp.JPG (141046 bytes)lila6reaction.JPG (23590 bytes)lila7goodmorning.jpg (65573 bytes)lila8happytues.jpg (59827 bytes)lili10pinksocks.JPG (26317 bytes)lila11withana.JPG (27622 bytes)lili12cheerldr.JPG (93658 bytes)savannahcheer.JPG (36520 bytes)lila13easterbunny.JPG (118941 bytes)lilasheep.JPG (27660 bytes)lilasthrnbell.JPG (28647 bytes)lilakitchen.jpg (37664 bytes)lilainstrawberries.JPG (702058 bytes) volcheerleader.JPG (647692 bytes)Meet "Lila Magnolia Blackwelder" !!!  She is my younger daughter - Savannah Cynthia and her husband - Luke Blackwelder's first child.  She was born December 4, 2013 at 3:25 pm weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long.  She was born with a head full of dark brown hair and a fine set of lungs.  She has a wonderful disposition, and loves to smile and giggle.  I plan to do my best to spoil her beyond belief !!!!

  218. annasoccer.JPG (39064 bytes)poppyana&rachJPG.JPG (253237 bytes)anastasiaschool.JPG (25834 bytes)larrya.jpg (610641 bytes)NEW PICTURE !!!  Guess who is celebrating 1 year old today ??  Yep -- "Lady A - Anastasia" .  I  just got back from Houston, TX. visiting my first "Grandchild - Lady-A" {Anastasia}.  She is an absolute little doll and has everyone wrapped around her tiny, little finger.  She has arrived at the conclusion - "If I'm awake, somebody best be holding me if you know what's good for you" -- {otherwise I'll give you the business} !!!  She and I have a lot in common -- Two of our favorite things on earth to do is "Eat and Sleep" !!!!  Jonathan {the pup} is a wonderful "Big Brother" -- As a matter of fact - He has a little sweater that has "Only Child" crossed out and "Big Brother" written beneath it.  She is something like 11 months old and already weighs 23 lbs. -- Texas thing I'm told !!!   {Make that "5 YEARS" old now !!!!}  WOW --- Time sure gets away !!!!  And now ANOTHER year !!!!   I'm getting SOOO old, but beats the alternative !!!

  219. Last Thursday was absolutely beautiful and 67 degrees.  My daughter - Savannah - and I decided that it was a perfect day to play "Hooky" and go relic digging instead of opening the shop.  I had found a small Union camp a few weeks earlier and we decided to see what was there.  We got several bullets - a coat size eagle "I" button - and then I got this nice clear "80" reading on the scale.  At 14 inches deep and under several big roots was a beautiful early style - lead filled - "U.S." oval.  Notice the oval "ghost" where it has been laying for the last 150 years.  Savannah now has it in her display case to remember the experience !!!!!  {If a guy could bottle the rush that you get from digging a Civil War belt plate - It would put Cocaine right out of business !!!}

  220. .forrestprint.JPG (71374 bytes)Beautiful and tough to come by 1973 print of General Nathan Bedford Forrest that was done by the Sons of Confederate Veterans over 30 years ago.  The print is BIG measuring 24 inches by 30 inches before framing and is absolutely breathtaking once it's matted and framed.  I seldom get these in anymore.--$89.


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