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Miscellaneous Dug Items


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  1. Small relic display consisting of a soldier's pocket knife with the bone handle remaining intact, a gilted, coat size, civilian pattern button (brought from home and worn by soldiers), and a small Cavalry rosette with a star type configuration.  These artifacts were recovered over 30 years ago from the camp of Wharton's 8th Texas Cavalry.  All three artifacts in glass case.--$45.

  2. Beautiful condition, massive cast brass, Federal artillery stirrup.  This stirrup was recovered by one of my relic hunting buddies about 30 years ago at the Battle of Vaught's Hill near Milton, Tennessee.  Confederate Cavalry General John Hunt Morgan attacked several Union Infantry Regiments along with their artillery on Vaught's Hill.  The Union Infantry Regiments repulsed several furious charges by General Morgan's Confederates and held firm until reinforcements arrived.  This stirrup has a beautiful, uncleaned, green patina and will enhance any Civil War display.--$150.

  3. Excavated, absolutely massive, hand-made spur rowel.  This rowel measures 2 1/2 inches across, and since it was recovered from the camp of the 8th Texas Cavalry, it is quite likely that this rowel was intended for a huge Mexican style spur.  I personally recovered a very similar one from the 8th Texas camp about 30 years ago.  This would be a fine addition to an excavated "Texas relics" display.  I can't imagine any other state but Texas interested in having a rowel this huge.--$75.

  4. Excavated iron lockplate from a Model 1816, .69 cal., smooth bore musket.  This was recovered many years ago from a Confederate camp near Chattanooga, Tennessee.--$45.

  5. Excavated, cast brass, Civil War "lice comb".  This was recovered from a Confederate camp near Tyner Station, Tennessee.  Can anybody tell me why the teeth are so fine in a lice comb?  Can anybody tell me where the origin of the term "quit nit-picking" came from?--$35.SOLD*

  6. Really pretty and extremely rare, excavated, "Eagle Head" Cavalry spur.  This spur was recovered over 30 years ago from Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's CS Cavalry camps located near Liberty, Tennessee, and occupied during the spring of 1863.  Eagle Head spurs have always been super rare to recover.--$695.SOLD*

  7. Extremely rare to recover, an excavated Model 1851, .36 cal., Colt Navy Model revolver.  The revolver is a London Iron Frame Colt and was recovered many years ago from the Confederate position on Missionary Ridge at Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It is a super rarity for any relic hunter to recover an entire Colt revolver.  We are including with the revolver a small display containing two original Colt Navy bullets and an original percussion cap.  This would be a fine addition to any Civil War artifact collection.--$795.

  8. Display of artifacts recovered from Army of Tennessee Confederate camps located near Shelbyville, Tennessee, and occupied during the spring of 1863.  This grouping consists of a complete brass flash pan from a Model 1816 Flintlock musket, a brass bayonet scabbard tip, and a dropped .69 cal., triangle base French Minie.--$75. for the entire display and case.

  9. Beautiful condition, COMPLETE, excavated Hardee hat pin.  This example has crisp detail, a smooth chocolate patina, and is complete even to having the olive branch and arrows in the Eagle's claw.  One of the brass wire attaching loops remains intact on the reverse.  This was recovered from Federal camps around Chattanooga, Tennessee.--$195.

  10. Extremely rare, excavated, blacksmith made, Civil War fish hook.  From the size of these fish hooks, I suspect that they were fishing for catfish.  The fish hook itself is half as big as some of the Blue Gill we catch.  The fish hook remains in excellent condition, and they are pictured in a number of different reference books.--$48.

  11. Excavated Model 1861 Springfield or contract musket lockplate that was recovered many years ago on private property here at Stones River.  They didn't throw a whole lot of these down !!--$45.SOLD*

  12. Excellent condition, excavated pair of cast brass US bridle rosettes.  These rosettes were recovered many years ago from the 1863 Union winter Cavalry camp here at Murfreesboro (Camp Stanley).  These rosettes are especially nice in that they represent the two different rosette patterns that we recover here at Murfreesboro.  One style has the dot between the U and the S, and the other one does not.  This set would be an excellent addition to any Cavalry display.--$85.SOLD

  13. One of the rarest and most sought after excavated Civil War artifacts reference books around.  This is Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Camp Sites of the Civil War 1861 -1865 - Supplement 1, by Stanley S. Phillips.  This is the March, 1980, first edition and remains in very nice condition with original dust jacket.  This one has been out of print for years.--$125.

  14. Very pretty Texas Cavalry display consisting of a rare, stamped brass, lead-filled shield with star Martingale and a super rare, excavated, pewter Texas produced Cavalry saddle corner device.  Both artifacts remain in excellent condition.--$750. for the entire display.

  15. Very pretty "Cavalry display" recovered from various Federal Cavalry camps around Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The display consists of a partial saber scabbard, two cast brass spurs, one beautiful coat size gilted Federal Cavalry button, three silvered rosettes, a cast brass saber hanger, one brass powder flask, and several Cavalry projectiles.  The entire display is presented in a well-made wooden case.--$350. for the entire display including display case.

  16. Excavated, silvered, die stamped brass, lead-filled Cavalry rosette.  This rosette has very ornate eye appeal and was recovered over 30 years ago from the camp of Wharton's 8th Texas Rangers.--$75.

  17. Excavated matched pair of soldier hand-made lead dice.  This set of dice was recovered about 40 years ago on private property along the Confederate battle line here at Stones River.  They come with an interesting story.  Many years ago, I had a soldier's letter that he wrote to his folks back home stating that many of the soldiers that had the vice of playing dice would discard their dice for fear of being killed and being sent home to their mother.  The thought, of course was, if you survived the battle, tomorrow you could make new dice.--$95. for the pair.SOLD*

  18. Beautiful condition, excavated, Confederate "stud" type, cast brass "raking spur".  This spur was recovered about 40 years ago from the camp of Wharton's 8th Texas Rangers.  The spur hasn't even been washed off and has remnants of the iron rowel in place.--$195.

  19. Very rare, excavated, large size, solid cast brass, Confederate Company hat letter "H".  This excellent artifact was recovered from the 1863 winter camp of the 1st Tennessee Infantry.  This was the very regiment that Sam Watkins was a member of and wrote the book, (Co. Aytch).  This is a book in which Sam Watkins humorously describes the plight of a common private in the Army of Tennessee.  This is actually my favorite Civil War book of all time.--$150.SOLD

  20. Beautiful condition excavated creme colored 8 inch "Ginger Beer" crock bottle.  This was recovered from a Confederate "Army Of Tennessee" trash pit located on Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  Excavated glassware adds class and color to any collection.--$45.SOLD*

  21. Excavated remnants of a Civil War Era brass folding lancet bleeder.  This was recovered at the Jenkins house Civil War Hospital here at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, before the house was destroyed.  Medical artifacts are quite rare to recover.--$69.SOLD*

  22. Very pretty condition, excavated, "French Horn", Federal Infantry insignia.  It is very rare to recover one of these complete with even the small mouthpiece intact.  This example was recovered by Doug Drake on private property here at Stones River about 40 years ago.  It will be a quality addition to any excavated artifact collection.--$150.SOLD*

  23. Quite rare and in very nice condition, complete Federal Cavalry cross-sabers hatpin.  This hatpin was recovered from an 1863 Federal Cavalry camp located just south of Triune, Tennessee.  When recovered, one leg of the scabbard was folded backwards.  It has been straightened and reinforced and displays beautifully.--$295.

  24. Beautiful condition, excavated, silvered "Star" Cavalry rosette.  These are generally recovered from Texas or Mississippi camp sites.  This example was recovered near Manassas.--$275.

  25. Excellent condition, excavated, "ginger beer" crock.  This was recovered from a Confederate trash pit along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.--$45.SOLD*

  26. Excavated matching pair of cast brass, Federal, rooster neck, Cavalry Enlistedman's spurs.  This set of spurs was recovered over 40 years ago from "Camp Stanley" here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  "Camp Stanley" was the 1863 Federal Cavalry Headquarters camp located along Lytle Creek here at Murfreesboro.  Both spurs have a smooth, brown/green patina, and one of the two has a complete rowel remaining intact.--$125. for the pair.SOLD

  27. This is quite possibly the most beautiful "Jeff Davis" Hardee hatpin ever recovered here at Stones River.  It was recovered over 30 years ago on private property near the well known "rock quarry" here.  It isn't often that with excavated artifacts you can use the term "mint" perfect, but in this case, it applies.--$195.SOLD

  28. Excellent condition, cast brass, Isaac - Campbell, Confederate knapsack hook.  This was recovered years ago on private property along the Confederate battle line here at Stones River.--$48.

  29. Excavated pair of Model 1861, Springfield or contract musket lockplates.  These were recovered many years ago along the Federal battle line on private property here at Stones River.  They will be a very nice addition to someone's Battle of Stones River artifact display.--$65. for both.-SOLD

  30. Excavated Enfield nipple protector with brass chain.  This was recovered over 30 years ago by Wade Buchanan from the Confederate battle line on private property here at Stones River.  Enfield nipple protectors with the brass chain intact are rarely recovered anymore.--$48.SOLD

  31. Excellent condition, excavated Confederate brass bayonet scabbard tip and also a brass saber bayonet throat.  These items were recovered many years ago from the 1862 - 1863 winter camp of Lucius Polk's Brigade of Army of Tennessee Confederates.  Both items remain in very nice condition.  Both Confederate items display in a glass Riker mount case.--$48. for both.SOLD

  32. Large size, excavated, 9 1/2 inch, blue/green elixir bottle.  This bottle was recovered from a Confederate trash pit along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  It has an applied lip at the top and lots of bubbles in the glass.--$65.SOLD*

  33. Really pretty display of twelve 1780 - 1820 era Colonial shoe buckles.  These were all recovered out of Confederate camps near Fredericksburg, Virginia, where apparently Colonial shoe buckles were being used as Confederate waist belt buckles.  Entire framed display -- $150.

  34. Excavated, cast brass, Enfield tompion.  This recovered along the Confederate battle line here at Murfreesboro, and still has the brass stem intact that held the cork.--$35.SOLD*

  35. Excavated .69 cal Model 1816 triangular socket bayonet recovered over 40 years ago from property here at the Battle Of Stones River where currently a huge Baptist Church now stands.  This bayonet would have been Confederate carried here, and was lost during the Confederate charge on Dec. 31, 1862.  Most iron artifacts recovered here now are seriously decayed - considerably more decayed than this artifact.  Whole entire bayonets have always been rare and exciting to find, but are almost never found here anymore.--$125.SOLD

  36. Seldom recovered completely intact "Enfield Musket Oiler Can".  This was recovered many years ago along the Confederate Battle line along the Stone Wall at the second day fighting at the Battle of Nashville.  I can't remember seeing another intact one found.--$45.SOLD

  37. Hand-crafted, Confederate lead nipple protector complete with iron chain (protector likely made from a musket ball) and purely CS lead capbox finial.  These were recovered many years ago from Lucius Polk's Army of Tennessee Confederate 1862/1863 winter camp located near Tullahoma, Tennessee.  You just don't get more Southern and Rebel than these items.--$95. for both.

  38. Excavated, cast brass, "US" Cavalry rosette.  This rosette was recovered from Camp Stanley here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which was the Army of the Cumberland's 1862 - 1863 main winter Cavalry camp.  The rosette has a rectangular shaped notch cut out for some purpose.  The notch is not haphazardly done but rather precision in cut.  Who knows its purpose.--$45.

  39. Excavated brass spoon from a patented folding spoon or spoon/fork combination.  This was recovered from an 1863 Federal camp here at Murfreesboro.  It remains in perfect condition.--$45.

  40. Excavated, solid silver cuff link with what appears to be a "rail car" engraved, and beneath it "Red Line".  This was recovered from an 1863 Federal camp site, and we suspect it is from a train or trolley line.  We do believe it to be from the Civil War Era considering where it was recovered.--$38.

  41. Very nice condition, excavated clay pipe bowl.  This pipe bowl was recovered from a Confederate trash pit located along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  It remains complete without even a chip broken.--$45.

  42. Really pretty, excavated, matching set of cast brass US Cavalry rosettes.  Both these rosettes were recovered from "Camp Stanley" here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Camp Stanley was named after the Federal Cavalry commander here at Murfreesboro, General David Stanley.  Maybe not super rare, but just plain pretty.--$125. for the pair.SOLD*

  43. Excavated, Model 1854, Austrian Lorenz, 3-band musket nose cap.  This was recovered many years ago along Confederate lines on private property here at Stones River.--$25.

  44. Excavated hand blacksmith crafted wrought iron hook for hanging pots over the camp fire.  A very nice campsite item not often recovered.--$25.

  45. Excellent condition, excavated, solid cast brass mount to a "Dog River" Confederate Cavalry saber scabbard.  This would be an excellent addition to your Confederate Cavalry display.--$75.

  46. Quite rare, excavated, blacksmith forged tool for working leather.  This tool was recovered in 1989 from a Civil War trash pit located on private property near Camp Butler, Illinois.  Most of the original wooden handle remains intact.  This tool would be a very nice addition to any camp scene artifact display.--$45.

  47. Excellent condition, excavated pair of Federal, brass epaulet keys.  These were sewn onto the uniform, and the brass button came up through the epaulets and twisted to lock them in place.  These would be an excellent compliment for your set of either excavated or non-excavated brass shoulder epaulets.--$45. for the pair.

  48. Quite unique, excavated, 10 inch, blue/green, French manufactured medicine bottle.  This bottle is marked, "Marque Deposee" which roughly translated means "mark registered or trademark".  The bottle has what appears to be a medical symbol embossed on the side, and has an applied lip at the top.  This bottle was recovered many years ago from a trash pit near to the Confederate camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  We are not 100% sure of the time frame on this one but believe it to be of the Civil War Era.--$65.SOLD*

  49. Very attractive, excavated group of Enfield related items recovered from Confederate Army of Tennessee camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  The display includes two Enfield nipple protectors with chain, one complete brass Enfield tompion, one drop Confederate mold, .577 cal. Enfield bullet, and one excellent condition and quite rare Isaac Campbell Confederate knapsack hook.  Entire display in a glass display case.--$150.

  50. Excavated group of Confederate artifacts recovered from General Manigault's South Carolina Brigade camps located near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  The display includes an excavated, coat size, South Carolina State Seal button, a Confederate cap box lead finial, a Confederate manufactured brass scabbard tip, and a brass back from a Confederate local button.  All in a glass display case.--$125. for all

  51. Very attractive, heavy solid cast brass, Confederate Cavalry spur that was recovered many years ago from a Confederate Cavalry camp located in Orange County, VA.  This style Confederate spur is believed to have originated from a small foundry located at Richmond Virginia.  Interestingly, we recovered an exact matching spur from an August 1863 Confederate Cavalry camp here in Middle Tennessee.  This particular spur was discarded, because one of the legs broke.  Both pieces were present when found, and the broken leg has been epoxied back into place.  This will make a very nice addition to any Confederate Cavalry display.--$150.

  52. Unusual dug glazed brown clay pipe bowl recovered from a Confederate camp trash pit along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  The figure appears to possibly be Middle Eastern.  It will make a neat addition to someone's excavated artifact display case.--$45.

  53. Beautiful condition excavated lead filled concentric ring "Artillery" rosette recovered about 20years ago from here at the Battle of Stones River.  I don't think that you could recover a nicer example than this one.--$75.SOLD

  54. Beautiful cased artifact display purchased out of a local private museum.  This display consists of an excavated Model 1851, cast brass, sword belt plate recovered from an 1863 camp Stanley trash pit, an 1863 Patriotic token, an excavated soldier's pocket knife with bone handle intact, an excavated 12mm pinfire cartridge, an excavated .69 cal. Confederate buck and ball, an excavated tin containing percussion caps, an excavated bayonet scabbard tip with leather still inside, one CS used excavated floral button, 4 Federal Eagle buttons, two excavated knapsack hooks, and several other smaller artifacts.  These artifacts are all displayed in a very nice 12 x 18 glass face walnut display case.--$395. for the entire display.

  55. Very pretty, excavated, slick emerald green, Confederate Cavalry spur.  This spur was recovered over 30 years ago from a Confederate Cavalry camp located near Kennesaw, Georgia.  It is a style spur that had a long, extended neck much like a Mississippi spur.  The spur broke at the narrow, weak point on the neck.--$95.

  56. Excellent condition, excavated, "1861" dated, Federal Cavalry Officer's spur.  This spur was recovered from Federal Cavalry camps near Triune, Tennessee, that were occupied during the spring of 1863.  It has the 1861 date on the inside of the spur.  Remnants of the rusty iron rowel remain intact.--$275.

  57. Excavated soldier's pocket mirror that was hand crafted by folding a brass back around a portion of a broken pocket mirror.  The brass back has initials carved on the reverse.  This artifact was recovered from a Confederate camp located near Tunnel Hill, Georgia, by Dr. Rees Buttram about 40 years ago.  The brass back is about the weight of a stamped brass Confederate buckle, and it is possible that the Confederate soldier might have used a stamped brass Confederate buckle to form the back of his mirror.  This is a very cool excavated soldier's personal item that was very meaningful to the Confederate soldier in the field.--$75.SOLD

  58. Hand crafted Confederate side knife blade formed from a file.  This was recovered about 30 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram from a Confederate winter camp located near Dalton, GA.--$75.

  59. Super Rare to recover.  This is a REALLY NICE condition excavated high copper content -"single hole" Confederate Richmond Musket nosecap.  This is the first one of these that I have seen recovered in ages.--$95.

  60. Hand carved brass device recovered from an 1863, Army of Tennessee winter camp near Tullahoma, Tennessee, by Kenny Banks.  Some relic collectors who have seen this feel it to be a soldier, hand-carved, "snake" -- while others feel that it is a hand made brass tool for pulling leather stitching through leather, making repairs in the field.  I can't say for sure which it is, but I can say it is --$35.

  61. Here is an incredibly RARE item to excavate.  This is a complete recovered cast brass "EAGLEHEAD" Civil War Officer's spur.  This very rare spur was recovered from one of Gen. N. B. Forrest's 1863 C. S. Cavalry winter camps located near Spring Hill, TN.  The spur clearly appears to have been worn on the left boot.  When was the last time that you saw one of these dug !!!--$595.

  62. Excavated "general service" brass waist belt buckle, coat size Confederate "Block I" Infantry button, and coat size Confederate used floral button.  These three artifacts were all recovered together in General Lucius Polk's, winter of 1863, Army of Tennessee Brigade camp located near Tullahoma, Tennessee.  Two of these three items were non-military and privately acquired mostly from the soldier's homes.  The two-piece Confederate "I" (Infantry) button is standard CS military issue and was issued in quantity in Tullahoma, Tennessee, during this time.  This display is perfectly representative of the typical buttons and buckle being worn by a large percentage of the Army of Tennessee - CSA - in 1863.--$125.

  63. Excellent condition pair of excavated, cased artifacts.  One of the two items is a Springfield combination musket tool.  The second item is a two-piece, brass sword hanger from a Model 1851, Federal Cavalryman's sword belt rig.  Both these artifacts were recovered over 40 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property near Chickamauga, Georgia.--$45.

  64. Excavated, regulation, Federal Cavalry bit.  This bit remains complete with both cast brass US rosettes remaining intact.  It was recently found in a old log barn near the battlefield here at Stones River.  It was no doubt picked up on the field after the battle and ended up out in the barn.  It is a rarity to find a Civil War Era Cavalry bit surviving intact.  The bit has a smooth, brown patina but is not pitted nearly as severely as it would have been if recovered from under the ground.  Every Civil War collection should have a nice Cavalry bit.--$175.

  65. Excavated iron Confederate cartridge box roller buckle with a good size root growing right through it.  This was recovered by Wayne Tucker from a Confederate camp near Mobile, AL.--$38.

  66. Excellent condition excavated small brass "Acorn".  This was recovered many years ago from the camp of the Federal 14th Army Corp. -Army Of The Cumberland - here in the Western Theater.  The acorn was the Corp Badge for this unit.  Many years ago Nita dug almost a twin to this one in one of their camps.--$195.

  67. Small display containing an excavated Enfield musket tompion with part of the cork still intact, together with a hand-made soldier's lead poker chip marked with an "X" (meaning 10).  These items were both recovered by Kenny Banks from 1863 winter camps of Hardee's Corp. Army of Tennessee located near Tullahoma, Tennessee.--$65 for the entire display.SOLD*

  68. Excavated, Federal Cavalry bit recovered from an Alabama Cavalry camp located here in Middle Tennessee and occupied during the Spring of 1863.  The Confederate soldier pried both cast brass US rosettes off the bit and used it plain.  The bit when recovered still had the original cast brass curb chain attached.  This is an excellent example of Southern Cavalry making do with whatever they could obtain.  This artifact will be a fine addition to any excavated, Confederate Cavalry artifact display.--$150.

  69. Quite rare to recover - excavated set of keepers for the four-piece, Model 1841, Mississippi Rifleman buckle.  These were recovered by Kenny Banks from 1862 - 1863 Army of Tennessee Confederate Infantry camps located around Tullahoma, Tennessee.--$48. for the pair.SOLD

  70. Excavated, very ornate, cast brass buttplate from an 1800's era flintlock musket.  This very attractive artifact was recovered from Hardee's Corp 1863 Army of Tennessee winter camps around Tullahoma, Tennessee.--$48.

  71. Massive, excavated, brass signal.  This complete, Model 1840, Federal non-commissioned officer's brass sword guard was recovered many years ago by Kenny Banks from Union camps here in Middle Tennessee.  The guard has never even been washed off and has a beautiful, pea-green patina tip to tip.--$95.

  72. Talk about a HUGE SIGNAL - Complete excavated Federal cast brass Model 1840 N.C.O. (Non-Comissioned Officer) sword guard.  This was recovered by Kenny Banks from Federal camps following the Battle of Stones River.  It is broken, but both pieces were present.--$85.

  73. This is an absolute soldier work of art.  It is the Eagle carefully and perfectly carved out of a Jeff Davis hat pin.  You won't see over one of these this nice recovered in a 10 year period.--$250.

  74. Quite rare to recover, excavated, die-struck, brass Eagle centerpiece to a Civil War Officer's two-piece Eagle sash buckle.  The Eagle center disc has a smooth chocolate patina with super crisp detail.  This would be an excellent addition to any excavated relic collection.--$95.

  75. A display containing two excavated artifacts from the 1862 - 1863 Confederate winter camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  The first artifact is a cast lead finial to a Confederate cartridge box.  The second piece is the brass insert for a Model 1816 musket that has been converted from flint to percussion.  This brass piece filled the spot where the flint flash pan originally was.  Both artifacts are Rebel as can be.--$48.

  76. Excavated, cast brass, patchbox door from a Model 1841 Mississippi rifle.  This was recovered from Confederate camps following Stones River and was somehow broken into three pieces.  This is quite a feat considering how thick and strong a patchbox door is.--$45.

  77. Complete, excavated, regulation Federal Cavalry bit with both cast-brass US rosettes remaining intact.  This Cavalry bit was recovered about 30 years ago from a trash pit in "Camp Stanley" which was the 1862 - 1863 Federal winter Cavalry camp here in Murfreesboro following the Battle of Stones River.  The bit remains exactly as it was recovered and can be cleaned to a collector's personal taste.  This is an excellent artifact rarely recovered complete.--$195.

  78. Really pretty, 12 inch x 18 inch, matted display containing 23 artifacts including a Confederate style Martingale Heart, 20 excavated US and CS cap and cartridge box finials, and two Richmond Arsenal Gardner bullets.  This entire display of artifacts was recovered from Confederate Camps around Brandy Station, Virginia.--$295 for the entire display.

  79. Very rare, excavated, cast brass, Confederate Richmond musket nose cap together with the brass rowel holder of a Richmond Arsenal spur.  Both artifacts are presented in a matted glass case.--$85.

  80. Excavated portion of a VERY rare "IOWA" lead hat pin.  This was recovered on private property near Shiloh by Brant Arnold and is the "OWA" portion of the hat pin.  I have absolutely NO DOUBT that Robert McDaniel could restore this rare piece to display complete and would look like a million bucks.  In complete condition these guys run something like $500. to $600.  This can be a WONDERFUL display piece and at a price that a young collector "cutting grass" could afford !!--$125.

  81. Excavated, cast brass, Patriotic Eagle tension device usually found around the perimeter of Civil War Era banjos and drums.--$65.

  82. Beautiful condition, excavated, Civil War combination musket wrench.  This musket tool was excavated over 30 years ago from private property near the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, by Dr. Rees Buttram.  The tool remains in such nice condition that the folding screwdriver blade will still rotate.  This tool could easily still break a Springfield musket down today.--$65.

  83. Beautiful condition, excavated set of brass cufflinks and a rare "Eagle motif" portion of a private purchase military watch fob.  The Eagle is finely detailed and can be seen clear as can be.These two artifacts were recovered from the 1863 winter camp of the 16th Alabama Infantry located along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  These two artifacts were recovered from the 1863 winter camp of the 16th Alabama Infantry located along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.--$95 for both artifacts.

  84. Very nice display containing brass Cavalry sword rig hardware.  Included is, (1) a sword belt plate keeper, (2) a brass sword belt adjuster buckle, (3) a two-piece brass sword hanger hook.  All three pieces were recovered at "Camp Stanley" which was General Rosecran's winter Federal Cavalry camp during the spring of 1863 after Stones River.--$55 for all.SOLD

  85. Excavated, brass powder flask that was recovered from an 1863 Confederate Infantry camp near Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Both sides of the flask are present, but are separated at the seam.  With some TLC, this could be a very nice artifact to display.--$45.

  86. Excavated pair of "Rooster Neck" regulation, cast brass, Federal Cavalry spurs.  These spurs were recovered from Camp Stanley which was the 1863 Federal Cavalry main winter campsite here at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  One of the spurs remains in near perfect condition, and the second spur got too close to the fire and nearly completely melted away.--$89. for both.

  87. Quite rare to recover (and super hard to find when you need one) pair of excavated waist belt plate "brass hooks".  One of the hooks is a Confederate strip brass hook of the style found on "Roper Border -Regulation - and Breckenridge" style, stamped brass, Confederate waist belt plates.  The second hook is an excavated "stud" style that is found on 1840 - 1850 era State Seal and early US Oval waist belt plates.  Both hooks were recovered from an Alabama Infantry camp along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.--$65 for both.

  88. Very nice condition, excavated, Confederate used, private purchase, heavy cast brass spur.  The spur has an uncleaned brown/green patina and is a recent recovery from a Confederate Cavalry camp here in Middle Tennessee.  I personally recovered a near identical spur a few years back from the camp of Starnes 1863 Confederate Cavalry camp.--$275.

  89. Excavated folding "box-end" Springfield combination gun tool.  This was recovered on private property along the battle line here at Stones River many years ago.  It is nicely cleaned and coated, and ready for display.--$45.SOLD*

  90. Excavated interwined brass cavalry curb chain that was recovered many years ago by Steve Mullinax from private property at the Battle of Atlanta, GA.  This artifact was in Steve's private collection for over 30 years. Here is your chance to own an artifact from the collection of one of the pioneers in our collecting field.-- $125.

  91. Excavated bail from a camp cookpot.  This was recovered from an Army of Tennessee, 1863, Confederate winter campsite located along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  Not super rare, but a camp item that you do not recover every day.--$35.

  92. Complete, excavated, cast brass, Confederate, Cavalry spur.  This was recovered many years ago, and has a smooth olive green patina with remnants of the iron rowel.  The spur has traits leading one to think that it is likely a product of Leech and Rigdon of Memphis, Tennessee.--$295.

  93. Very nice condition, excavated, lead-filled, Federal artillery rosette.  The face has a very nice, never cleaned, brown/green patina, and the reverse has full lead and one attachment hook remaining intact.  This rosette was recovered from a Federal camp near Brandy Station, Virginia, a number of years ago.--$65.

  94. Group of three unique, excavated artifacts recovered from the Battle of Franklin and out of Mr. Herbert Harper's collection.  The first item is the "hooking device" out of the back of an early pattern "puppy paw hook" US Oval waist belt plate.  The second item is a portion of a brass, Confederate Cavalry spur.  The third item is a brass bayonet scabbard tip with leather still protruding from the top of the brass tip.  All three items are displayed in a glass riker case.--$95 for all three.

  95. Excavated, heavy cast brass, Confederate Cavalry spur.  This spur was recovered from the 1863 camp of Starnes Confederate Cavalry.  The spur is quite heavy and is worn in such a way that it is clear that it was worn on the left boot.--$195.

  96. 4relics.jpg (40397 bytes)4relicsrev.JPG (51730 bytes)Display of 4 excavated purely Confederate artifacts recovered from the 1863 winter camp of the 2nd Tennessee Infantry - C.S.A. -  located on private property near Tullahoma, TN.  The display consists of a coat size Confederate floral button - a purely Confederate lead Cartridge Box finial - a blob top Confederate nose pour Minie - and a .58 cal. "Richmond Lab." Gardner - all displayed in a glass display case.--$75. for all

  97. Perfect condition excavated heavy cast brass private purchase {but Confederate used} cavalry spur.  This one was recovered from Starnes 1863 C.S. Cavalry camp located near Altamont, TN.  It has the rowel perfectly intact and a nice green/brown uncleaned woods patina.  A very nice piece.--$275.
  98. .69 cal musket barrel that appears to have been severed by an artillery shell.  This unusual artifact was recovered on private property at Shiloh by Dr. Rees Buttram in the late 1960s.  This barrel is a Model 1816 converted from flint.--$95.SOLD
  99. Quite rare beautiful excavated gilted brass 1884 "James G. Blaine" Presidential token.  In the Presidential token world - this is one that you don't see every day.  "Republican Candidate for President - 1884"--$95.
  100. d1.15.1126.jpg (38773 bytes)Large size cannon shell fragments from various battlefields perfect form making a desk paperweight or great for any display. These large fragments are becoming very difficult to dig. $15 each
  101. mortontag.JPG (57735 bytes)mortontagclose.JPG (66830 bytes)Excavated Nathan Bedford Forrest "related" brass tag -- {kind of - sorta}.  Here's the deal  -- During the Civil War John Morton was the Chief of "Forrest's Artillery" and following the War wrote the definitive book on the subject "Forrest's Artillery".  West Morton was John Morton's son and was County Register of Nashville during the early 1900s.  This tag belonged to West Morton.--$45.
  102. We have picked up several arrowheads in Middle TN, while looking for Civil War Relics. They of course are hundreds of years older but what made a good camping ground a hundred years ago also made a good camping ground a thousand years ago. We offer these arrowheads in groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 – complete with a display case. The prices are:
  103. 2andcase.jpg (11809 bytes)2 and case --$25.
  104. 3andcase.jpg (16522 bytes)3 and case --$30.
  105. 4andcase.jpg (18480 bytes)4 and case --$38.
  106. 5andcase.jpg (11877 bytes)5 and case --$48.
  107. 8andcase.jpg (16952 bytes)8 and case --$70.

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