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  1. From life Anthony C.D.V. of General William "Extra Billy"Smith.  It I remember correctly, Gen. Smith was the oldest Confederate General to command in the field.  His nickname of "Extra Billy" came from his time with the railroad charging "Extra" for some side line pickups.  The image has been trimmed to fit a photo album or a 1/6th plate frame.  Quite a rare Confederate image with reduced price for being trimmed.--$125.

  2. Quite rare, "From Life" CDV of Confederate Secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin.  Also included is a very nice condition, February 17, 1864, issue CS $2 note which pictures Secretary Benjamin on the right hand side.  This is quite a rarity to see these two artifacts offered together.--$275 for both.SOLD

  3. 1/6th plate, tintype of a double-armed, young Union Infantry soldier.  He is wearing his US beltrig with a sideknife stuck behind his belt and his Springfield musket at his side.  This image is in a 1/2 hard case and has very good content, but is unfortunately darker than we would like for it to be.  Even though somewhat dark, it is still a very nice image.--$195.

  4. Extremely rare CDV of Sgt. Newton Cannon of Williamson County, Tennessee, who was a member of the 11th Tennessee Cavalry and author of the regimental history entitled The Reminiscences of Newton Cannon.  Sgt. Newton Cannon was the son of a well known previous Governor of the State of Tennessee.  This photo was taken at Giers Gallery in Nashville, TN.  In 40 years, this is only the second image of Sgt. Newton Cannon that I have ever had.  This image is out of the massive 50-year collection of Mr. Herbert Harper of Franklin, TN.  It will likely be many years before you get another chance at a CDV of Sgt. Newton Cannon.--$295.SOLD

  5. 1/6th plate tintype of a fully equipped, Federal Infantry Enlistedman.  This is a standing view wearing a 9-button frock coat with US beltrig and cartridge box at his side.  His musket with bayonet stands in front of him.  The photograph is taken in front of a patriotic backdrop with tents, canons, and flags.  The photograph is housed in a 1/2 hard case and remains in good stable condition with no flaking at all.  The only negative is the image is unfortunately darker than what would be ideal.  Even though dark, the image has great content and would be a nice addition to a collection.--$175.

  6. Excellent condition, fully cased, 1/9th plate, early war, ruby ambrotype of a seated Federal enlistedman with his .44 cal. Remington revolver across his chest.  This is an exceptionally nice quality, clear, early Civil War cased image.--$350.SOLD

  7. Exceptional, fully cased, 1/6th plate, tintype of a well equipped Federal Cavalry trooper.  He has a Model 1860, .44 cal., Colt Army revolver across his chest and an 1840 Heavy Cavalry saber standing alongside.  He is also wearing a regulation Model 1851 Eagle sword belt rig and has a clearly visible crossed sabers hatpin on his cap.  The image is cased in a beautiful, patriotic, Gutta Percha, "UNION" case.  The case is marked, "Littlefield, Parsons & Co." patent union cases.  Only a few images per year this nice come along.--$750.SOLD

  8. This is a leatherette cased 1/6th plate ambrotype image of Pvt Lindsey Williams, Co. M, 22nd NC Vol Inf-(Randolph Hornets). This image is published in the book "A Nation Divided: Storms Gather" by Robert Marcum and also published in one of the "Confederate Faces" by Turner or Albaugh.  Lindsey Williams was a resident of Moore County, North Carolina.  He enlisted on March 13, 1863, as a private.  He mustered into "M" Co. NC 22nd Infantry.  He died of disease on May 21, 1864.  There is no written ID on the image, but this image has been around the Civil War collecting field for several years, so its provenance is solid.  It is very rare to get an opportunity to own an ID'd and armed and published Confederate image.--$985.SOLD

  9. Nice little cased 1/6th plate ambrotype of a young Alabama soldier - likely Cavalry - wearing a rare 2-Piece Saber Belt Plate.  One time that I look through the loop I think that I see a Leech and Rigdon "C.S." and the next time that I look through the loop I think that I see a PreWar Eagle Militia 2-piece.  Very cool little REB image either way - This was a Blunt County, Alabama estate find.  Very Rare to come upon Now !! --$595.SOLD

  10. Extremely rare, BIG, 1/4th plate, fully cased, Ruby Albumin of an early war Confederate Militia officer wearing a rare "round belt loop" Confederate tongue and wreath sword belt plate.  These style buckles are believed to have been manufactured in New Orleans and possibly by Bellenot and Ulrich.  He is wearing a flamboyant private purchase hat with plume.  This is a great image and in a large 1/4th plate size that you rarely see offered for sale and is in a full "book cased" type case.--$975.SOLD

  11. Quite rare "From Life" Anthony CDV of Confederate General Sterling Price.  The image is a bit faded and has been trimmed to fit a 1/6th plate hard case.  It may not be in perfect condition, but it is definitely one that is hard to come by.--$150.

  12. Very scarce "From Life" C.D.V. of Confederate General John C. Breckinridge.  General Breckinridge was a past Vice President of the United States from the State of Kentucky.  During the Civil War, General Breckinridge was assigned to the Army of Tennessee under Confederate General Braxton Bragg.  General Bragg accused General Breckinridge of being in a drunken state at the Battles of Stones River and Missionary Ridge and thereby contributing to Confederate defeats at these sites.  This is a Brady-New York image.--$195. 

  13. Quite rare to find "from life" C.D.V. of Confederate General Gideon Johnson Pillow.  Well known for surrendering Fort Donelson to General Grant.--$150.

  14. 1/6th plate, fully cased ambrotype of a young Union Private.  The image has some fading, but in good light, is all completely visible.  In the back of the case is written "August 10, 1862, age 23".  This is a seated pose, and he is wearing an enlisted man's 9 - button frock coat and also his kepi.--$150.

  15. Fully cased, large 1/4th plate, tintype of a seated Union artilleryman.  The subject is seated with his kepi on his knee with a clearly visible set of crossed cannons on his kepi.  His Model 1840 artillery saber is out of the scabbard and standing directly in front of him.  The image has nice clarity but is just a little bit darker than optimum.--$295.

  16. Very rare "Anthony" backmark CDV of Confederate General Thomas Hart Taylor.  This CDV is incorrectly ID'd on the back of the card as being General Dick (Richard) Taylor when in reality we have found that he is actually General Thomas Hart Taylor.  General T. H. Taylor came up through the ranks originally being a Colonel commanding the 1st KY Volunteer Infantry.  He served in Virginia - East Tennessee - and ended his career at Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Mobile, Alabama.  Following the Civil War, General Taylor had a long civilian career at Louisville, Kentucky.  As far as I can remember, this is the first image I have ever had of CS General Thomas Hart Taylor.--$195.

  17. Small size 1/9th plate tintype of a young Federal soldier. He is seated and wearing a Regulation Federal Enlistedman's Frock coat.  The image is housed in a 1/2 hard case.--$95.

  18. Fully cased, 1/9th plate, tintype of a young Federal Soldier.  This is a bust view, and he is wearing an early war style military jacket.--$125.

  19. Full standing view of a Federal Cavalry officer wearing his nine button officer's frock coat with Lieutenant shoulder straps, a Model 1851 cast brass Eagle sword belt rig, and his maroon officer's sash is visible at his side.  In addition, he has a Model 1860 Light Cavalry saber cradled in his arm.  This is a quite large 1/4 plate image in a 1/2 hard case.  There are a couple small scuff marks on the image, but it is in overall good condition.  It is really hard to find a big 1/4 plate armed Cavalry image.--$250.

  20. Extremely rare, 1/9th plate, crisp, clear, ruby ambrotype of an early war Federal Infantryman wearing his sky blue great coat with cape, Model 1858 Union canteen with linen sling over his shoulder, and tar cloth haversack hanging under the canteen with tar cloth strap over his shoulder and under the linen canteen sling.  I could count on my fingers how many images I have had over the last 40 years with canteen and haversack.  If you remove the image from the case and matting, you can see much more of the canteen and haversack.--$395.

  21. Beautiful condition original "Carbon Studio" albumin of Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard.  The image measures 4" by 6" and was published by "M. Miley and Son - Lexington, VA (Michael Miley)."  It remains in absolutely perfect condition.--$295.

  22. bgratzbrown.JPG (38860 bytes)Civil War Era CDV of Benjamin Gratz Brown.  B. Gratz Brown was a well known Civil War Era legislator from Missouri.  Brown is most well known for his extreme - near radical anti-slavery position.  A rather scarce CDV to find.--$48.

  23. brigshields.JPG (29799 bytes)brigsheildsrev.JPG (37807 bytes)CDV of Federal General Jas. Shields.--$48.

  24. soldierbook.JPG (78192 bytes)soldierbookclsd.JPG (78886 bytes)soldierbookclsd2.JPG (82384 bytes)Nice clear BIG 1/4th plate fully cased tintype of a Federal Chaplin.  This is a full standing pose with his bible in his hand.--$295.
  25. grantfamily.JPG (51895 bytes)Unusual horizontal shot C.D.V. of Gen. Grant with his entire family.--$65.

  26. corporal1.JPG (80029 bytes)corporalclsd.JPG (94675 bytes)corporalrev.JPG (86173 bytes)Fully cased 1/6th plate tintype of a young Federal Corporal.  This is a seated outside camp view with his Corporal stripes clearly visible.  The case is a very cool Union Patriotic with the eagle and shield on both sides.--$275.
  27. unioncase.JPG (52121 bytes)unioncasecls.JPG (50374 bytes)unioncaseclsd.JPG (80897 bytes)unioncaserev.JPG (83045 bytes)Nothing less than "Drop Dead" mint beautiful 1/9th plate gutta percha "S. Peck & Co. - Improved Union Case".  If you have a killer 1/9th plate image - Here is a case worthy of it.--$150.
  28. bugler.JPG (70709 bytes)If this image weren't so dark - It would be a BIG DOLLAR image.  It is a 1/9th plate tintype of a Federal BUGLER with his Bugle in his hand.  He is wearing a 9-button Federal enlistedman's frock coat, and is holding his bugle in his hand.  You can easily see the bugle, but the image is, unfortunately, quite dark.  Great content, but because it is so dark - priced to virtually give away.--$195.
  29.  unioncase.JPG (66572 bytes)unioncasecls.JPG (76244 bytes)unioncasebk.JPG (55756 bytes)Quite rare hanging style ornate gutta-percha case for a 1/6th plate tintype or ambrotype.  It is an "Improved UNION CASE" with an "1859" patent date.  When this case came out of the estate sale some of the corners were chipped, and I have had them professionally restored.  Perfect for your "extra nice image.--$150.
  30. 2imageguttamkr.JPG (47132 bytes)2imageguttasldr.JPG (85446 bytes)2imageguttafthr.JPG (78850 bytes)2imageguttapin.JPG (49338 bytes)Excellent condition double cased images of a father and son in a fine "Holmes, Booth, & Hayden" Guttapercha case.  The image of the son is a nice, clear military with a Colt revolver across his chest.  The image of the father is clear as well with a gilted masonic pin clearly visible.  Just a fine condition case and set of images.--$425.
  31. Crisp, clear, fully cased "Really Big" 1/4th plate tintype of a full length standing Federal soldier holding his musket with sling and bayonet.  This is - without a doubt - an early war image in that he is carrying a .69 cal. musket converted from flint. A first class image.--$395.SOLD
  32. Very nice condition "E. & H. T. Anthony" backmark C.D.V. of "Maj. Gen. J. Bankhead Magruder".--$65.
  33. Civil War outdoor albumin photograph showing a camp scene with a number of visible soldiers, tents, weapons, and even uncleaned fish no-doubt for supper that night.  It remains in a very old frame.  The image has faded and is somewhat light, but everything is still visible - even the fish !!!--$350.
  34. Nice clear Civil War era C.D.V. of "Little Mac" and his wife.--$85.
  35. Fully cased 1/6th plate tintype of a standing Federal Cavalry Trooper.  He is wearing his kepi,  his Model 1851 sword belt rig,  and has his cavalry saber standing right in front of him.  Nothing really fancy about this guy - Just your typical Federal Cavalry Trooper ready to mount up.--$275.
  36. Nice clear "from life" full standing pose of a young Massachusetts cavalryman.  Crisp backmark of "AB'M Fisher - Photographer - 89 Washington St. - Boston"--$69.
  37. Collection of 5 CDVs and one tintype.  This grouping includes two Civil War soldiers - two Civil War era clergy - and two Span-Am. War soldiers.  There are a variety of different backmarks including a rare San Francisco, Cal. one.--$175. for the entire collection - That's less than $30. per image.
  38. forrestprint.JPG (71374 bytes)Beautiful and tough to come by 1973 print of General Nathan Bedford Forrest that was done by the Sons of Confederate Veterans over 30 years ago.  The print is BIG measuring 24 inches by 30 inches before framing and is absolutely breathtaking once it's matted and framed.  I seldom get these in anymore.--$89.
  39. 1/6th plate ambrotype of a young Union soldier seated with who I would guess to be his younger brother from his look and his age.  Both are seated, and the soldier is wearing a frock coat and his kepi.  The photo has nice clarity but is not in a case.--$115.

  40. CDV engraving of Commodore Nutt and Minnie Warren.--$45.

  41. 1/6th plate tintype of a seated Union infantry sergeant mounted in a one half hard case.   He is wearing a 9-button blue trimmed enlistedman's infantry frock coat with his sergeant stripes clearly visible.  He is also wearing his regulation  U. S. belt rig, but his U.S. buckle has been gilted.  The photo has nice clarity with only a few tiny ageing lines.--$250.

  42. Large 1/4th plate fully cased tintype of a Union Infantryman.  He is standing at attention with his musket with bayonet standing at his side.  He is wearing a U.S. belt rig with buckle, cap box, cartridge box, cross belt, and eagle breastplate.  The photo is just a little dark but has very good content.--$295.

  43. 1/6th plate tintype of a young Union private.  This photo is in a half case, and the young soldier is seated wearing a 9-button enlistedman's frock coat and also has on his kepi.  The photograph is clear and not flaking at all but is just a little dark.  This photo is out of central Ohio, and there is a 34 on his hat.  I would guess this young fellow is a member of the 34th Ohio Vol. Inf.  This is a neat little picture at a very affordable price.--$150.

  44. CDV of a seated Union private.  He is wearing an open frock coat exposing his vest beneath.  The photo has an unusual "Jas. Hart  Muscatine, Iowa" backmark.--$65.
  45. Bust view CDV of a salty old Union veteran.  This old fellow looks serious enough to have seen it all.--$50.
  46.  1usinfantryman.jpg (27856 bytes)1/6th Plate tintype of seated Union Infantryman.  He is wearing a 9-button Federal enlistedman's frock coat...coat is open showing his military vest beneath ...this photo is in nice condition and quite clear -it is a little bit dark however. $125.
  47. 1860s-1870s vintage CDV of a young Union musician.  The musician's lyre is clearly visible on his cap.  There is a light crease from an old bend across the top of the photo.--$50.


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