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  1. 1/6th plate tintype of Private Wilbur F. Lott who was from Medina, New York, who enlisted in the Co. I, 90th New York Volunteer Infantry and served with the unit until the war's end.  After the war, Wilbur Lott relocated to Manistee, Michigan, where he married Endrenna C. Larson and lived until his death on 6-27-1926.  In this image, Wilbur is seated wearing an enlistedman's frock coat and a hand tinted 36-star American flag visible behind him.  With this image is also a CDV of Wilbur taken by photographer Manly Gaylord - Medina, NY.  This is a very nice New York grouping and in exceptional condition.--$195 for entire group.SOLD

  2. Fully cased, 1/6th plate tintype of a young Federal Officer.  This tintype is out of a Kentucky estate sale and is most likely an officer from one of the Kentucky Federal regiments.  The image is slightly darker than optimum but is still easy to see and a good image.--$125.SOLD

  3. Nice clear waist up CDV of William Boyer of Co. "E" - 9th Ill. Vol. Inf.  William Boyer was from Sunbeam, ILL. and enlisted on 8-9-1861 and served all the way through the Civil War and mustered out on 7-9-1865.  He would have likely seen almost every major Civil War Battle that the unit was involved in.  This is a very nice image.--$95.SOLD

  4. Large, fully cased, 1/4 plate tintype of a young Federal Infantryman wearing a 4-button sack coat and US belt and buckle rig.  The image has a patriotic backdrop with a red, white, and blue tinted American flag flying.  The original case remains in nice condition.--$195.

  5. Quite rare, "Brady" CDV of Confederate General John B. Floyd.  General Floyd had very little military experience and is credited for dumping the command at Ft. Donelson on General Buckner for surrender.  This is a Confederate CDV that you do not often see offered for sale.--$150.

  6. Nice, clear, fully cased, young Federal Private seated wearing his frock coat, vest, and kepi.  This young man has the look of your typical Federal Private in the American Civil War.--$135.

  7. Extremely rare display including the "Maid of Honor" ribbon for the 1924 UCV Reunion in Memphis, Tennessee, for the Eastern Division of the United Confederate Veterans.  This ribbon was purchased out of the Bradley/Forrest estate in Memphis, Tennessee, around 1970, and with the ribbon is an ambrotype of a Civil War Era lady holding what appears to be a Bible.  This display is going to be an exciting research project for someone.  We believe this young lady could possibly be Marguerite Toutant Beauregard of New Orleans, Louisiana, who was the Chief Maid of Honor at this reunion.  Who is up for this research challenge?--$395.

  8. 1/6th plate, fully cased tintype of a young, Federal Private.  This is a bust view, and he is wearing a 9-button Enlistedman's frock coat.  The image has good clarity and is not flaking at all.--$125.

  9. Absolutely beautiful 1/9th plate EAGLE PATRIOTIC hard rubber case complete with patriotic matting and glass intact.  If you have a killer image worthy of a SWEET case - Here it is !!!--$225.

  10. 1870's Indian War Era albumin of a young Federal Enlistedman identified on the reverse as Jack Copeland.  He is wearing the regulation Indian War beltrig with the cast brass buckle with the oval and the US in the center of the oval.  A "crossed muskets" hat insignia can be seen on his kepi.  The photograph was taken by Lyman & Wells - Photographer; 276 1/2 S. High St.; Columbus, Ohio.  This is a standing view with his musket at his side.  The Indian War Era is becoming more popular to collect these days.--$45.SOLD

  11. Quite rare, gem size ambrotype of a Confederate Captain (as seen by the three bars on his collar) in a full gutta percha hard case.  The image is unfortunately broken into multiple pieces that fit back together to be the entire image.  If this image were not broken, it would be a quite expensive ambrotype.  It is still a nice photograph, but due to being broken, is now a super reasonably priced Confederate Captain image.--$195.SOLD

  12. Quite rare tiny Civil War era Photo Album for tiny little "Gem Size" tintypes and CDVs.  The album contains 61 photos with a few being military including Gen. U. S. Grant.  There are also lots of ladies, gents, and children of the era.--$195.SOLD

  13. Very rare, original albumin photograph taken by famous Lookout Mountain photographer, J. B. Linn, clearly showing Union soldiers scaling the mountain cliff using a series of ladders on November 25, 1863.  The photograph remains very clear, and a number of Union soldiers can be clearly seen on the ladders climbing the mountain.  This is truly an excellent Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Lookout Mountain artifact.--$225.SOLD

  14. Really BIG, fully cased, 1/4th plate tintype of three young Federal artillery soldiers.  All three soldiers are wearing artillery shell jackets and have crossed canons on their kepis.  Multiple subject Civil War images in nice condition are scarce to come by.--$295.SOLD

  15. Fully cased, 1/9th plate ambrotype of a young man out of the local area with his fowling rifle at his side and his powder flask slung across his shoulder.  This is very typical of how many young Tennessee Confederates left home for the war.  We unfortunately do not have a firm I.D. on this young man but may be able to learn more about him.--$450.SOLD

  16. Extremely rare, carved burl neckerchief slide with a tiny albumen print of General Thomas L. Crittenden. The photo is under a crudely cut piece of glass with remnants of red sealing wax around the edges. Crittenden was at Shiloh, Stone's River, Chickamauga, Spotsylvania, and Cold Harbor. In the photograph he is a Major General; this along with the shield shape probably means this was made by a soldier in the 9th Corps after Crittenden was made a commander in that corps. It measures only 1" tall and is in superb condition.  As we sit tonight composing this listing, we are within 50 feet of General Crittenden's position here at Stones River.  I think I might feel his spirit while holding this image!!--$395.SOLD

  17. Fresh out of a Pennsylvania estate sale, crisp, clear CDV of a Federal Lieutenant in a Civil War Era, die stamped, black paper lacquered frame.--$175.

  18. Large, 1/4 plate, fully cased tintype of a standing Federal Infantryman.  He is wearing a 9-button Enlistedman's frock coat with a camp scene backdrop and a red, white, and blue American flag flying.--$195.SOLD

  19. Really pretty little lady's locket that is shaped like a bible and actually opens up and has 4 tiny little gem size tintypes on the pages inside.  There are tintypes of George Washington - Grant - Scott - and McClellan.  The back cover of the locket is not present.  I only get one of these little book lockets about every couple years.  This little locket displays beautifully opened up to the pictures inside.--$195.

  20. Fully cased little 1/9th plate "Ruby" ambrotype of Harry Smith of Co. "F" - 29th TN. VOL. INF.  This information is behind the image as well as the date that the image was taken (Feb. 24. 1862).  I have been able to confirm that Harry Smith of the 29th TN. did exist, but I have not been able to determine if he lived or died in the War.  The 29th TN. was in some of the hardest fighting experienced by the Army Of Tennessee.  This unit had 51% casulaties at the Battle of Stones River alone.  This is a nice little Southern image at a very fair price.--$195.SOLD

  21. Quite rare, 12 inch by 16 inch, Gilbert Gaul lithograph entitled, "Taking the Ramparts".  The litho was published by D. Appleton & Company, New York, during the early 1900's.--$75.SOLD

  22. Nice clear SIGNED CDV of LT. Henry H. Klock of the 9th ILL. VOL. INF.--$95.SOLD

  23. Quite rare to find these days, an original, Election of 1864, Union Presidential Ticket, from Miami County, Ohio.  It lists Abraham Lincoln as the Presidential candidate and Andrew Johnson as the candidate for Vice President.  The ticket is in very nice condition, matted, and ready to hang.--$195.SOLD

  24. Exceptional, fully cased, 1/6th plate, tintype of a well equipped Federal Cavalry trooper.  He has a Model 1860, .44 cal., Colt Army revolver across his chest and an 1840 Heavy Cavalry saber standing alongside.  He is also wearing a regulation Model 1851 Eagle sword belt rig and has a clearly visible crossed sabers hatpin on his cap.  The image is cased in a beautiful, patriotic, Gutta Percha, "UNION" case.  The case is marked, "Littlefield, Parsons & Co." patent union cases.  Only a few images per year this nice come along.--$750.SOLD

  25. Crisp - clear fully cased 1/6th plate tintype a young Federal enlistedman.  This is a seated pose wearing a shell jacket (likely artillery), and has nice clarity with no flaking at all.--$150.SOLD

  26. 1/6th plate, ambrotype of two seated Union soldiers that look to likely be brothers.  One is wearing a standard kepi, and the other is wearing an earlier Mexican War era hat.  The image is out of an Ohio estate and remains nice and clear.--$150.

  27. Nice crisp albumin photograph of Corp. John A. Gilmore and his 5 brothers along with an individual CDV of Corp. Gilmore.  Gilmore was a member of Co. "E" - 9th Ill. Vol. Inf. and was involved at both Battles of Fort Donelson and Shiloh.--$195. for BOTH IMAGES-SOLD

  28. Quite rare "From Life" CDV of Confederate Brigadier General Humphrey Marshall.  General Marshall was from Kentucky and was very active during the Civil War Era, both militarily and politically.--$125.

  29. 1/6th plate, tintype of a double-armed, young Union Infantry soldier.  He is wearing his US beltrig with a sideknife stuck behind his belt and his Springfield musket at his side.  This image is in a 1/2 hard case and has very good content, but is unfortunately darker than we would like for it to be.  Even though somewhat dark, it is still a very nice image.--$195.

  30. 1/6th plate tintype of a fully equipped, Federal Infantry Enlistedman.  This is a standing view wearing a 9-button frock coat with US beltrig and cartridge box at his side.  His musket with bayonet stands in front of him.  The photograph is taken in front of a patriotic backdrop with tents, canons, and flags.  The photograph is housed in a 1/2 hard case and remains in good stable condition with no flaking at all.  The only negative is the image is unfortunately darker than what would be ideal.  Even though dark, the image has great content and would be a nice addition to a collection.--$175.

  31. Quite rare "From Life" Anthony CDV of Confederate General Sterling Price.  The image is a bit faded and has been trimmed to fit a 1/6th plate hard case.  It may not be in perfect condition, but it is definitely one that is hard to come by.--$150.

  32. Very scarce "From Life" C.D.V. of Confederate General John C. Breckinridge.  General Breckinridge was a past Vice President of the United States from the State of Kentucky.  During the Civil War, General Breckinridge was assigned to the Army of Tennessee under Confederate General Braxton Bragg.  General Bragg accused General Breckinridge of being in a drunken state at the Battles of Stones River and Missionary Ridge and thereby contributing to Confederate defeats at these sites.  This is a Brady-New York image.--$195. 

  33. Quite rare to find "from life" C.D.V. of Confederate General Gideon Johnson Pillow.  Well known for surrendering Fort Donelson to General Grant.--$150.

  34. 1/6th plate, fully cased ambrotype of a young Union Private.  The image has some fading, but in good light, is all completely visible.  In the back of the case is written "August 10, 1862, age 23".  This is a seated pose, and he is wearing an enlisted man's 9 - button frock coat and also his kepi.--$150.

  35. Small size 1/9th plate tintype of a young Federal soldier. He is seated and wearing a Regulation Federal Enlistedman's Frock coat.  The image is housed in a 1/2 hard case.--$95.

  36. Fully cased, 1/9th plate, tintype of a young Federal Soldier.  This is a bust view, and he is wearing an early war style military jacket.--$125.

  37. Full standing view of a Federal Cavalry officer wearing his nine button officer's frock coat with Lieutenant shoulder straps, a Model 1851 cast brass Eagle sword belt rig, and his maroon officer's sash is visible at his side.  In addition, he has a Model 1860 Light Cavalry saber cradled in his arm.  This is a quite large 1/4 plate image in a 1/2 hard case.  There are a couple small scuff marks on the image, but it is in overall good condition.  It is really hard to find a big 1/4 plate armed Cavalry image.--$250.

  38. Beautiful condition original "Carbon Studio" albumin of Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard.  The image measures 4" by 6" and was published by "M. Miley and Son - Lexington, VA (Michael Miley)."  It remains in absolutely perfect condition.--$295.

  39. bgratzbrown.JPG (38860 bytes)Civil War Era CDV of Benjamin Gratz Brown.  B. Gratz Brown was a well known Civil War Era legislator from Missouri.  Brown is most well known for his extreme - near radical anti-slavery position.  A rather scarce CDV to find.--$48.

  40. brigshields.JPG (29799 bytes)brigsheildsrev.JPG (37807 bytes)CDV of Federal General Jas. Shields.--$48.

  41. soldierbook.JPG (78192 bytes)soldierbookclsd.JPG (78886 bytes)soldierbookclsd2.JPG (82384 bytes)Nice clear BIG 1/4th plate fully cased tintype of a Federal Chaplin.  This is a full standing pose with his bible in his hand.--$295.SOLD
  42. grantfamily.JPG (51895 bytes)Unusual horizontal shot C.D.V. of Gen. Grant with his entire family.--$65.

  43. corporal1.JPG (80029 bytes)corporalclsd.JPG (94675 bytes)corporalrev.JPG (86173 bytes)Fully cased 1/6th plate tintype of a young Federal Corporal.  This is a seated outside camp view with his Corporal stripes clearly visible.  The case is a very cool Union Patriotic with the eagle and shield on both sides.--$275.
  44. unioncase.JPG (52121 bytes)unioncasecls.JPG (50374 bytes)unioncaseclsd.JPG (80897 bytes)unioncaserev.JPG (83045 bytes)Nothing less than "Drop Dead" mint beautiful 1/9th plate gutta percha "S. Peck & Co. - Improved Union Case".  If you have a killer 1/9th plate image - Here is a case worthy of it.--$150.
  45. bugler.JPG (70709 bytes)If this image weren't so dark - It would be a BIG DOLLAR image.  It is a 1/9th plate tintype of a Federal BUGLER with his Bugle in his hand.  He is wearing a 9-button Federal enlistedman's frock coat, and is holding his bugle in his hand.  You can easily see the bugle, but the image is, unfortunately, quite dark.  Great content, but because it is so dark - priced to virtually give away.--$195.
  46.  unioncase.JPG (66572 bytes)unioncasecls.JPG (76244 bytes)unioncasebk.JPG (55756 bytes)Quite rare hanging style ornate gutta-percha case for a 1/6th plate tintype or ambrotype.  It is an "Improved UNION CASE" with an "1859" patent date.  When this case came out of the estate sale some of the corners were chipped, and I have had them professionally restored.  Perfect for your "extra nice image.--$150.
  47. Very nice condition "E. & H. T. Anthony" backmark C.D.V. of "Maj. Gen. J. Bankhead Magruder".--$65.
  48. Nice clear Civil War era C.D.V. of "Little Mac" and his wife.--$85.
  49. Fully cased 1/6th plate tintype of a standing Federal Cavalry Trooper.  He is wearing his kepi,  his Model 1851 sword belt rig,  and has his cavalry saber standing right in front of him.  Nothing really fancy about this guy - Just your typical Federal Cavalry Trooper ready to mount up.--$275.
  50. Nice clear "from life" full standing pose of a young Massachusetts cavalryman.  Crisp backmark of "AB'M Fisher - Photographer - 89 Washington St. - Boston"--$69.
  51. Collection of 5 CDVs and one tintype.  This grouping includes two Civil War soldiers - two Civil War era clergy - and two Span-Am. War soldiers.  There are a variety of different backmarks including a rare San Francisco, Cal. one.--$175. for the entire collection - That's less than $30. per image.
  52. forrestprint.JPG (71374 bytes)Beautiful and tough to come by 1973 print of General Nathan Bedford Forrest that was done by the Sons of Confederate Veterans over 30 years ago.  The print is BIG measuring 24 inches by 30 inches before framing and is absolutely breathtaking once it's matted and framed.  I seldom get these in anymore.--$89.
  53. 1/6th plate ambrotype of a young Union soldier seated with who I would guess to be his younger brother from his look and his age.  Both are seated, and the soldier is wearing a frock coat and his kepi.  The photo has nice clarity but is not in a case.--$115.

  54. CDV engraving of Commodore Nutt and Minnie Warren.--$45.

  55. 1/6th plate tintype of a seated Union infantry sergeant mounted in a one half hard case.   He is wearing a 9-button blue trimmed enlistedman's infantry frock coat with his sergeant stripes clearly visible.  He is also wearing his regulation  U. S. belt rig, but his U.S. buckle has been gilted.  The photo has nice clarity with only a few tiny ageing lines.--$250.

  56. Large 1/4th plate fully cased tintype of a Union Infantryman.  He is standing at attention with his musket with bayonet standing at his side.  He is wearing a U.S. belt rig with buckle, cap box, cartridge box, cross belt, and eagle breastplate.  The photo is just a little dark but has very good content.--$295.SOLD

  57. 1/6th plate tintype of a young Union private.  This photo is in a half case, and the young soldier is seated wearing a 9-button enlistedman's frock coat and also has on his kepi.  The photograph is clear and not flaking at all but is just a little dark.  This photo is out of central Ohio, and there is a 34 on his hat.  I would guess this young fellow is a member of the 34th Ohio Vol. Inf.  This is a neat little picture at a very affordable price.--$150.

  58. Bust view CDV of a salty old Union veteran.  This old fellow looks serious enough to have seen it all.--$50.
  59.  1usinfantryman.jpg (27856 bytes)1/6th Plate tintype of seated Union Infantryman.  He is wearing a 9-button Federal enlistedman's frock coat...coat is open showing his military vest beneath ...this photo is in nice condition and quite clear -it is a little bit dark however. $125.
  60. 1860s-1870s vintage CDV of a young Union musician.  The musician's lyre is clearly visible on his cap.  There is a light crease from an old bend across the top of the photo.--$50.


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