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Coins And Currency

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  1. Nice three-piece set grouping of the February 17, 1864 Confederate currency printing, consisting of a Confederate $20 note, a Confederate $50 note, and a Lucy Pickens Confederate $100 note.  All three notes are circulated examples and retain good color, and each displays nicely.  This set of notes was printed in Richmond, Virginia.--$250 for the set of three.

  2. Very rare and in nice condition, October 10, 1861, Civil War date, State of Florida, $50 note issued from Tallassee.  Florida notes as a whole are rare to come by, but a Tallassee $50 is especially rare.--$225.

  3. October 17, 1861 issue of a one dollar State of North Carolina note.  The note is circulated but remains in complete, sound condition.--$48.

  4. Nice condition, January 1, 1863 issue of a "State of Georgia" twenty five cent fractional note.  This note was printed at Milledgeville, Georgia.  The note is circulated, but remains complete and sound.--$48.

  5. Quite circulated, April 1861, Corporation of Richmond VA, fifty cent fractional note.  The note remains complete but is quite worn from circulation.--$45.

  6. 1862 date, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 5 cent fractional note.  Excellent uncirculated condition.--$45.

  7. Very seldom seen March 10, 1863 Wardate State of Louisiana $5 note.  The note is definitely "near" uncirculated, and may actually be totally "Uncirculated".  This is one that doesn't come along every day.--$150.

  8. Mint UNCIRCULATED State of North Carolina "Jan. 4, 1863" Wardate $2. note.  This note is in just flawless condition.--$85.

  9. Confederate issued, 5 dollar note, dated September 2, 1861.  This is a "T36" in Criswell and is commonly known as the"Ceres Seated on Bail of Cotton" note.  It is a very early numbered note - 851, and is in sound, complete, but circulated condition.--$85.

  10. Very ornate, 5 dollar note from the "Farmers & Exchange Bank of Charleston, SC".  The note has intricate graphics of oxen pulling a load of cotton.  The note is circulated, but sound.--$65.

  11. Very rare and in exceptionally nice condition, April 11, 1862, ten dollar Arkansas Treasury note.  Like all Arkansas artifacts, whether it is an Arkansas button or an Arkansas buckle, Arkansas currency is also very rare to come by.  A GREAT note.--$175.SOLD

  12. Very scarce, uncirculated, March 1, 1864 date, State of Florida ten dollar note.  This note was printed in Tallahassee, Florida, and is serial number 2810.  Civil War date Florida date currency especially issued and uncirculated is very difficult to find.--$175.SOLD

  13. Extremely rare, "STATE OF FLORIDA" $5 note dated March 1, 1864, out of Tallahassee, FL.  The note remains in very nice condition showing just normal circulation and remaining complete with strong edges.  Civil War date currency from the State of Florida rarely comes along.--$325.

  14. Seldom encountered, 1874 issue, United States Ten Cent Fractional note.  The note remains in sound but circulated condition.--$38.

  15. Excavated "Flying Eagle" one cent piece.  This was recovered from a Confederate camp here, and "I think" is dated "1858".  I believe that the date can be brought out a bit more if desired.--$25.

  16. Quite scarce, original CIVIL WAR DATE 1863 issue, bank of Chattanooga one dollar note.  The note remains in very sound circulated condition and is noted on the face of the note, "Pay to Bearer One Dollar in Confederate Treasury Notes when presented in sums of five dollars or its multiples."  This would be an excellent addition to a Chattanooga area Civil War collection.--$95.

  17. Original, February 17, 1864, issue Confederate $50 note.  This note is serial# 37003 and pictures Confederate President, Jefferson Davis.  This is a good, honest, circulated Confederate $50 note.--$89.

  18. Beautiful condition, 1862 date, 5 dollar Virginia Treasury Note.  This note is in near uncirculated condition with ornate graphics and pretty green overprint.  It's tough to find this note in this nice condition.--$75.

  19. Quite scarce, Confederate, September 2, 1861, $50 note.  This note pictures Moneta seated by a treasure chest with a sailor on the lower left.  It is serial number 1157.  This note was removed from circulation and cut-canceled.--$95.

  20. Very nice condition, original, February 20, 1863, $100 Confederate loan bond.  The bond pictures a Confederate soldier leaning against a tree and has eight original coupons remaining intact.  It will frame up beautifully.--$150.

  21. Excellent condition, uncirculated, or near uncirculated, February 17, 1864 issue, $50 Confederate note picturing President Jefferson Davis in the center.  This is an early serial number of "461".--$115.

  22. Very nice condition, Confederate, February 17, 1864, $100 note.  This note is generally referred to as the "Lucy Pickens" one hundred.  The note shows very little circulation with good edges and sharp detail.--$125.

  23. Very nice condition, Civil War date (January 21, 1862) ornate $100 note from the "State of New York - Ilion Bank - Herkimer County."  This note has beautiful graphics with an Indian warrior on the left side and a maiden pictured in the upper right.--$75.

  24. Quite rare and sought after, Confederate $100, December, 1862 "Negroes Chopping Cotton" note (T-41).  This is a circulated note, but remains in complete, sound condition and has two interest paid stamps on the reverse.--$150.

  25. Very scarce "T-14" September 2, 1861, $50 note.  This note pictures Moneta seated by a treasure chest with a sailor on the lower left.  It has been removed from circulation by being "cut canceled."  The note remains in nice condition but is somewhat uneven cut above the "$50".  Apparently the ladies cutting notes that day were a bit hungover.--$95.

  26. Excellent condition, February 17, 1864, $20 Confederate note.  This is serial# 7890 and appears to be in uncirculated or near-uncirculated condition.  This note pictures the standing State Capitol at Nashville, TN.--$85.

  27. Extremely rare to find, 1862 date, $10 Texas Treasury Warrant.  The note is in very nice condition and dated May 19, 1862, and is serial number 55611.--$150. 

  28. Excellent condition, uncirculated, February 17, 1864, issue of the Confederate $50 note with Jeff Davis pictured in the center.  This is serial number 41431.--$115.

  29. Beautiful condition, excavated, 1859 Canadian one cent piece.  This was recovered from an 1863 Confederate camp on private property near Shelbyville, TN.--$45.

  30. Excellent condition, uncirculated, January 1863 issue, State of Georgia 15 cent note.  This note was issued from Milledgeville, Georgia, and is serial# 2817.--$48. 

  31. 50 cent United States fractional note printed per the Acts of March, 1863, and June, 1864, and is the series of 1875.  Fractional U.S. currency is rare to come by.--$48.

  32. Beautiful condition, uncirculated "State of Alabama" 1863 issue 50 cents note.  The note is exchangeable for Confederate States Funds.--$65.

  33. Rather scarce September 2, 1862, "T46 Confederate 10-Dollar note" picturing Ceres reclining on a cotton bale and R. M. T. Hunter in the right corner.  This is a solid, attractive note, but is circulated with some water staining.--$75.

  34. 5dollarnote.JPG (64140 bytes)5dollarnoterev.JPG (61996 bytes)Nice condition January, 1864 issue Confederate $5. note.  This issue Confederate note has really pretty graphics on both front and back of the note.--$75.

  35. Excavated Confederate "I" {Infantry button} and two excavated silver coins - {a "1783" Spanish Reale - and a bust half dime with a hole through part of the date} For the Confederate "I" button and both silver coins.--$125.

  36. Mint uncirculated Jan., 1863 10-cent note from the State of Alabama payable in "Confederate States Treasury Notes".--$48.
  37. Very nice condition Confederate "Sep. 2, 1861" $20. note.  This one is known as the "Industry, Cupid, and Beehive" T20 note and is somewhat hard to find in nice condition.--$85.                                         
  38. horses10.JPG (36288 bytes)horsesten.JPG (33137 bytes)Nice condition pink T-68 Feb. 17, 1864 Confederate $10. note.  This is the very popular "Horses Pulling Cannon" note.--$55.

  39. 20nash.JPG (23774 bytes)20nashrev.JPG (22822 bytes)T-67 $20 note. Nice circulated condition. The issue date is Feb. 17, 1864.This note has a reddish network background overprint. Intricate blue back with "Twenty" In large letters. The state capitol at Nashville, TN with A.H. Stephens at the right. --$75.
  40. 5richmond.JPG (123548 bytes)5richmondrev.JPG (30480 bytes)T-69 $5 Note. Nice circulated condition. The issue date is Feb. 17, 1864. This note has a reddish network overprint background. The state capitol at Richmond, VA and C.G. Memminger at the right. --$48.

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