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Coins And Currency

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  1. Quite scarce, Confederate, September 2, 1861, $50 note.  This note pictures Moneta seated by a treasure chest with a sailor on the lower left.  It is serial number 1157.  This note was removed from circulation and cut-canceled.--$95.

  2. Beautiful condition Confederate Feb. 17, 1864 issue $1. note.  This is an uncirculated note in drop dead fine condition.  Low denomination C.S.A. notes are hard to find in really sharp condition.--$95.SOLD

  3. Very nice condition, original, February 20, 1863, $100 Confederate loan bond.  The bond pictures a Confederate soldier leaning against a tree and has eight original coupons remaining intact.  It will frame up beautifully.--$150.

  4. Excellent condition, uncirculated, or near uncirculated, February 17, 1864 issue, $50 Confederate note picturing President Jefferson Davis in the center.  This is an early serial number of "461".--$115.

  5. Beautiful condition, uncirculated, March 13, 1862 issue $5 Virginia Treasury note.  This note is serial number "1331" and couldn't be more perfect.--$95.

  6. Beautiful condition Confederate Feb. 17, 1864 issue $1. note.  This is an uncirculated note in drop dead fine condition.  Low denomination C.S.A. notes are hard to find in really sharp condition.--$95.SOLD

  7. Absolutely beautiful condition uncirculated State of Alabama 1864 date  $10. note.  This is a quite scarce Montgomery issue $10. Alabama note.--$95.SOLD

  8. Very nice condition, Confederate, February 17, 1864, $100 note.  This note is generally referred to as the "Lucy Pickens" one hundred.  The note shows very little circulation with good edges and sharp detail.--$125.

  9. Very nice condition, Civil War date (January 21, 1862) ornate $100 note from the "State of New York - Ilion Bank - Herkimer County."  This note has beautiful graphics with an Indian warrior on the left side and a maiden pictured in the upper right.--$75.

  10. Quite rare and sought after, Confederate $100, December, 1862 "Negroes Chopping Cotton" note (T-41).  This is a circulated note, but remains in complete, sound condition and has two interest paid stamps on the reverse.--$150.

  11. Very scarce "T-14" September 2, 1861, $50 note.  This note pictures Moneta seated by a treasure chest with a sailor on the lower left.  It has been removed from circulation by being "cut canceled."  The note remains in nice condition but is somewhat uneven cut above the "$50".  Apparently the ladies cutting notes that day were a bit hungover.--$95.

  12. Excellent condition, February 17, 1864, $20 Confederate note.  This is serial# 7890 and appears to be in uncirculated or near-uncirculated condition.  This note pictures the standing State Capitol at Nashville, TN.--$85.

  13. Original, 1862 date, $1000 Confederate Loan Bond.  The bond remains in very nice condition with 30 original coupons remaining and was issued November 4, 1862.  This is a quite rare issue Confederate bond that is going to frame beautifully.--$125.

  14. Excellent condition, Confederate T14 $50, September 2, 1861, $50 C.S. note.  This is the note generally referred to as the "Moneta seated by treasure chest" $50.  It is a note that you do not commonly encounter.--$125.

  15. Very nice condition, 1862 date, Confederate "Locomotive" $100 note.  Interest has been paid on the reverse for years 1863 - 1864 - and 1865.--$135.

  16. This is one of the most popular and fastest selling of all the Confederate notes.  It is the T41 - "Negros Chopping Cotton" - 1862 Confederate $100. note.  It is in very nice - (not far from uncirculated" - condition with clean edges and crisp color.--$150.

  17. Extremely rare to find, 1862 date, $10 Texas Treasury Warrant.  The note is in very nice condition and dated May 19, 1862, and is serial number 55611.--$150. 

  18. Excellent condition, uncirculated, February 17, 1864, issue of the Confederate $50 note with Jeff Davis pictured in the center.  This is serial number 41431.--$115.

  19. Beautiful condition, possibly uncirculated, February 17, 1864, "Lucy Pickens" $100 Confederate note, serial number 15377.  The pink color on this note remains bright and vivid.--$125.

  20. Beautiful condition, excavated, 1859 Canadian one cent piece.  This was recovered from an 1863 Confederate camp on private property near Shelbyville, TN.--$45.

  21. Excellent condition, uncirculated, 1863 date, State of Alabama 25 cent note.  This is serial# 77969 and was issued from Montgomery, Alabama.--$65.

  22. Excellent condition, uncirculated, January 1863 issue, State of Georgia 15 cent note.  This note was issued from Milledgeville, Georgia, and is serial# 2817.--$48. 

  23. 50 cent United States fractional note printed per the Acts of March, 1863, and June, 1864, and is the series of 1875.  Fractional U.S. currency is rare to come by.--$48.

  24. Excellent condition, excavated "1839" date silver "half-dime".  This coin was recovered from the camp of the 2nd Tennessee Infantry - C.S.A. - located near Tullahoma, TN.  It has crisp detail with the "O" (New Orleans) mint mark.--$75.

  25. Beautiful condition, uncirculated "State of Alabama" 1863 issue 50 cents note.  The note is exchangeable for Confederate States Funds.--$65.

  26. Rather scarce September 2, 1862, "T46 Confederate 10-Dollar note" picturing Ceres reclining on a cotton bale and R. M. T. Hunter in the right corner.  This is a solid, attractive note, but is circulated with some water staining.--$75.

  27. 5dollarnote.JPG (64140 bytes)5dollarnoterev.JPG (61996 bytes)Nice condition January, 1864 issue Confederate $5. note.  This issue Confederate note has really pretty graphics on both front and back of the note.--$75.

  28. ibuttondimes.JPG (98771 bytes)ibuttondimesrev.JPG (94429 bytes)Excavated Confederate "I" {Infantry button} and three silver coins - {a "1783" Spanish Reale - an  "1856" Half Dime - and a bust half dime with a hole through part of the date} For the Confederate "I" button and all three silver coins.--$150.

  29. onedime.jpg (116010 bytes)onedimerev.JPG (110044 bytes)Excavated "1838-O" dime recovered from a Confederate 1863 winter camp here.  Look this jewel up as it is a rare bird and in very pretty condition !!--$95.

  30. 50cents.jpg (80469 bytes)50centsrev.JPG (82340 bytes)Quite rare to come by anymore.  Original June, 1861 date 50 cent fractional Federal note.  The note pictures Samuel Dexter - early Sec. of Treasury.--$75.
  31. Nice condition circulated Confederate April 6th, 1863 $5. Confederate note.  This is a nice very early "T-60" picturing the State Capitol at Richmond, VA.--$79.
  32. Quite rare State Of Alabama Civil War Date $100. note printed at Montgomery, AL. in Jan. 1864.  This is one that you don't see everyday.  The note is circulated, but remains complete and sound.--$135.
  33. Nice condition  Sept. 2, 1861 rare "Floating Sail Ship" Confederate $20. note.--$65.
  34. Mint uncirculated Jan., 1863 10-cent note from the State of Alabama payable in "Confederate States Treasury Notes".--$48.
  35. Very nice condition Confederate "Sep. 2, 1861" $20. note.  This one is known as the "Industry, Cupid, and Beehive" T20 note and is somewhat hard to find in nice condition.--$85.                                         
  36. augustaone.JPG (63109 bytes)augustaoneclose.JPG (86168 bytes)Really beautiful ornate "One Dollar" note dated 1858 from "The Mechanics Bank" - Augusta, GA.  Augusta would soon be the home of one of the South's most important Confederate arsenals.--$85.
  37. horses10.JPG (36288 bytes)horsesten.JPG (33137 bytes)Nice condition pink T-68 Feb. 17, 1864 Confederate $10. note.  This is the very popular "Horses Pulling Cannon" note.--$55.

  38. 20nash.JPG (23774 bytes)20nashrev.JPG (22822 bytes)T-67 $20 note. Nice circulated condition. The issue date is Feb. 17, 1864.This note has a reddish network background overprint. Intricate blue back with "Twenty" In large letters. The state capitol at Nashville, TN with A.H. Stephens at the right. --$75.
  39. 5richmond.JPG (123548 bytes)5richmondrev.JPG (30480 bytes)T-69 $5 Note. Nice circulated condition. The issue date is Feb. 17, 1864. This note has a reddish network overprint background. The state capitol at Richmond, VA and C.G. Memminger at the right. --$48.

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