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  1. Beautiful condition and extremely rare, Forrest Cavalry Corps UCV medal.  An excellent original example of the badge worn by members of Forrest's Confederate Cavalry.  These were worn only by Veterans who actually served in General Nathan Bedford Forrest's Cavalry.  Originals are noted by the soldered spring pin (never a clasp) and the crisp Schwaab Hallmark.  The Hallmark can be found in different Schwaab patterns but always present and clear.  This example is in absolutely beautiful condition with complete paint in the flags, soldered on pin intact, and beautiful aging patina.--$1,150.SOLD*

  2. Really pretty, celluloid, circular medallion from a Union GAR Reunion medal depicting the 3rd US Artillery - Battery "E" - a very colorful addition to your collection.--$45.

  3. Beautiful condition non-dug lead filled Civil War era cavalry bridal rosette.  This is out of a local family that had several members who served in the Confederate Cavalry.  We, unfortunately, do not know for sure which family member it belonged to.--$35.

  4. Very pretty condition small leather CONFEDERATE manufacture percussion cap pouch.  This CS capbox is made very much like a regular Federal box except that it has the little nail holes (common to C.S. manufacture), and very crude copper rivets.  It is out of a local family that had half a dozen Confederate ancestors.--$425.

  5. Very nice condition hand tooled Confederate holster for a 36 cal. Model 1851 Colt Navy, or a Model 1860 .44 cal. Colt Army Revolver.  This is out of a local family that had several Confederate ancestors including a Confederate Col.  This is a museum quality artifact.--$795.SOLD

  6. Very attractive, regulation issue, dark blue, red trimmed, Federal Artillery shell jacket.  This jacket shows clear evidence of actual service and not just a surplus jacket.  The blue and red colors are not faded and remain bright and vivid.  There are several pencil point size moth nips, but nothing beyond what is normal.  The inspector and maker marks remain clearly visible in the right sleeve.  This jacket was on display for many years in a private museum.  The owners passed away a few years back, and I am selling some of the contents of the museum.--$1,850.

  7. Very nice condition, CONFEDERATE MANUFACTURE, small leather percussion cap box.  The box is all sewn with no brads and has the small nail holes common to Confederate manufactured boxes.  According to the family, this cap box was carried by Andrew Maxfield, Co. D, 25th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry.  The family lives in Overton County, Tennessee.  The box remains in nice, pliable condition with the soldier's initials and partial name on the outside flap of the cap box.  The box still has some original wool inside as well as a number of original percussion caps.  This Confederate cap box will be an excellent addition to someone's Confederate display.--$595.

  8. Very nice condition, 1883 date, ribbon and medal from the "Women's Relief Corp".  This organization was founded to provide assistance for Veterans of the American Civil War but has gone on to provide relief for later conflicts.  This ribbon and medal dates the founding of the organization.--$35.

  9. Very nice condition, 1863 patent style folding camp chair.  The chair still works perfectly and has the original "carpet type seat".  This chair was in a private museum for years and will be an excellent addition to any Civil War camp life exhibit.--$275.

  10. Quite rare and in very nice condition, .58 cal., Model 1855, rifle musket leather cartridge box.  This box has the stamped brass lead-filled US box plate on the outside flap and has a huge "Boyd & Sons Boston" maker mark on the inside flap (measures 2 x 3 inches) and reads, "Boyd & Sons - Boston - Manufacturers of Army Accoutrements".  The box remains quite pliable with very little surface flaking.--$650.

  11. Very nice condition, small leather Federal percussion cap box.  This box remains very pliable with hardly any surface flaking at all.  Both belt loops remain intact, and there is a "9 & C" marking on the outside flap which I have over the years been told, this is "9th Massachusetts Company C".--$150.

  12. Excellent condition, small leather pistol cartridge box.  This box is correct for Colt, Remington, Whitney, Savage, and many other Civil War Era .36 cal. and .44 cal. revolvers.--$175.

  13. Nice condition, original Civil War, musket or carbine percussion cap box.  This box remains very pliable and in very nice condition overall.  There are two slots in the outside flap where there appears to have been a small oval cartridge box plate in place for a number of years.  There is an "1837" date carved on the inside flap.  This cap box is out of a local estate and could very well have been Confederate carried.--$175.

  14. Extremely rare to find, and unopened, deck of Great Mogul "Superior" Civil War playing cards.  This deck still has the original seal and has never been opened.  Every display of soldier's everyday items should include a deck of playing cards.  Great Mogul playing cards come in to colors - red and blue.  This deck is red.--$395.

  15. Very nice condition, Federal produced cap box that was Confederate carried and has a faint "CS" mark on the outside flap.  The "CS" appears to have been done with a pin knife long, long ago.  The letters are not easy to see, but are definitely there and are about 3/4 of an inch in height.  The box still has wool and the original nipple pick inside.--$375.

  16. Group of six, 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery Reunion ribbons.  We have ribbons for the 21st Reunion held September 24, 1908, the 22nd Reunion held September 23, 1909, the 24th Reunion held September 20, 1911, the 25th Reunion held at Jackson October 10, 1912, the 26th Reunion at Ironton September 16-17, 1914, and the 31st Reunion held at Columbus September 9, 1919.  All six Reunion ribbons --$265.

  17. Very pretty, GAR Reunion button and ribbons from the August 30 - 31, 1905, Annual Reunion.  This one is from the 102 O.V.I. (Ohio Volunteer Infantry) Regiment.--$45.

  18. Original Civil War issue percussion cap pouch with nipple pick, original wool, and percussion caps all remaining intact.  The outside flap of the box had a device on it at one time and has left small holes where the device was attached.  It is quite rare to find a cap pouch with original wood and nipple pick intact.--$175.

  19. Excellent condition, 1840 - 1850 era, 8 inch brass powder flask.  The flask remains in very nice condition with a rich, aged patina and is maker marked, "Dixon & Sons".  During the first year of the war, many young Confederates left home carrying the fowling rifle from over the mantle and a powder flask just like this one.--$95.

  20. Quite rare to come by, Civil War Era, U. S. Navy leather covered "cork bumper pad".  These were positioned around the edge of boats to prevent damage when two boats came in contact with each other.  This one is marked, "Warranted Cork Filled" and has a large star.  It remains in near perfect condition.--$195.

  21. Absolutely beautiful condition, regulation, U. S. Navy hard rubber soap dish.  On the outside cover is U.S.N. and the Naval Anchor" along with the legend, "Don't give up the ship."  On the inside is a mirror, and on the reverse is, "Mfg. by Novelty Rubber Co., New Brunswick, N. J. Goodyear Pat. May 6, 1851".  These have become very rare to find.--$295.

  22. Perfect condition, beautifully hand-crafted wooden (oak) relic display case.  This case measures 54 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.  It accepts a complete Cavalry saber with ease.  After consideration -  this case will need to be picked up here, as I don't think it would likely survive being shipped.--$295.SOLD 

  23. Very pretty, 6 1/2 inchThis rare badgeIn 50 years, brWisconsin Infantryass powder flask with an intricate dogs hunting scene on the side.  This is the style flask that many young Confederate soldiers left home carrying for the Civil War.  We commonly recover flasks of this type in 1861 Confederate camps.  This flask has a beautiful, never cleaned, rich, aged, bronze patina.--$95.

  24. I am quite honestly unsure what these things are.  I recently purchased a Civil War collection that dates back to the 1960's era of "being assembled" and was actually a quite pure collection.  On first seeing, these six slender "pencil looking" items that have patriotic or flag paper wrapping - I thought they were likely graphite or pencils.  One end on each of them is quite sharp (like a pencil point).  But upon trying to make a mark with several of them, I was unable to get any of them to make a decent mark.  I then thought that they might be Civil War Era fireworks sparklers.  I tried to light one of them, and they will not light.  At this point I feel they are very likely something related to the Civil War, but I have no idea what.  Any help would be appreciated.  All six of them in a glass display case--$65. (whatever they are)-- I have learned that these are indeed Civil War era (and several years beyond) slate markers.  They were used extensively for marking stone, and sometines iron in manufacturing, but were not normally used for casual writing.)

  25. Small size, pewter drill whistle of the same basic design as the large drill whistle, just not as loud.--$65.SOLD

  26. Very attractive button with reunion ribbon from the 51st Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry.  The button has Col. W. H. King pictured, and the ribbon is marked, "19th Annual Reunion - New Comerstown Ohio - August 23 - 24, 1904".--$45.

  27. Excellent condition, red 25th Reunion ribbon for the 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery Regiment held on October 10, 1912, at Jackson, Ohio.--$35.

  28. Very attractive and quite hard to find, original Model 1842, .69 cal., cartridge box with original box plate and the over-the-shoulder sling and the original breast plate intact.  The cartridge box remains pliable with both cartridge tins intact inside.  Complete Infantry rigs life this one are difficult to come by, especially the early .69 cal. rigs.  The box is complete with inner compartment intact.  It is missing only the small leather thong that snaps over the brass finial.--$1,250.

  29. Original, GAR Reunion ribbon for Co. G, 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery.  The ribbon still has bright color and remains in good condition.--$45.

  30. Excellent condition pair of GAR stamped metal Federal Reunion buttons.  One of the buttons is from the 1st Ohio Volunteer Heavy Artillery and is for the September 26, 1916 Reunion held at Jackson, Ohio.  The second Reunion button is from the 51st Regiment Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry and is for the 24th Reunion held September 17, 1909, at New Philadelphia, Ohio.  Both pins remain in very nice condition.  The Artillery button is "M. C. Lilly - Columbus Ohio" maker marked on the reverse.  Both Reunion buttons in a display case.--$89.

  31. Hand-crafted, very nice display case made of barn wood, 3 inches deep and 4 by 4 internally for "thicker" artifacts.  For example, it is very difficult to get a display case that a spur will fit in.  The case is filled with cotton with a red felt topping.--$45.

  32. Nice condition, small leather pistol cartridge box.  This cartridge box is correct for any of the .36 cal. Navy Revolvers, such as Colt, Remington, Manhattan, Whitney, etc.  It is missing the small closure tab on the bottom but is otherwise complete and pliable.--$150.

  33. Excellent condition, small floral pattern powder flask typical to be carried with small caliber, single shot boot or vest pistols of the Civil War Era.  This example has a rich, never cleaned, aged, bronze patina and would be perfect displayed with a single shot pistol of the type listed below.--$85.

  34. Rich, aged, bronze/brown patina on this 1840's era "Peace Flask".  These flasks were often carried with the Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle.  This example shows numerous small dings and marks from actual field service.--$295.SOLD

  35. Small leather calling card case engraved with gold lettering, "Corp. Gust. A. Nelson".  According to family material, Gus. Nelson was a member of the 77th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, but we are having some difficulty finding him.  Any help would be appreciated.--$175.

  36. Excellent set of non-excavated, Federal Cavalry crossed sabers hat insignia.  This insignia has a nice, rich, aged patina and has all four attachment wires in place.  It clearly shows evidence of having been to the field.--$350.

  37. Excellent condition, maker marked Federal Cavalry carbine boot.  The leather boot remains in excellent condition, and was made by "Emanuel Metzger" of Philadelphia.  An excellent addition to any Federal Cavalry display.--$89.

  38. Civil War era large size non-excavated civilian bridal rosette.  This rosette measures 2 1/4 inches across, and retains full lead, as well as the original attaching bar.  Many Confederates left home for War with a family horse and bridle.  I have recovered many civilian rosettes of this nature especially from early War Confederate cavalry camps.  It is so common to recover these here in early  Confederate cavalry camps that some of the local Relic Hunters have entire displays of assorted civilian rosettes that we have recovered in Confederate camps.  Many are plain face, or floral in nature.  Federal cavalry camps tend to produce far more "regulation" military rosettes.--$48.SOLD*

  39. Beautiful condition, Federal Cavalry Shell jacket with bright, vivid colors and absolutely zero mothing.  The jacket has a full compliment of Eagle buttons and bright, vivid yellow piping.  In addition, the jacket has a complete, perfect, butternut liner with both sleeve liners completely intact.  To complete the jacket, there is a set of excellent condition original brass epaulets in place.  This is without question a museum quality Federal Cavalry shell jacket, and all it needs is a nice mannequin.--$2,750.

  40. Very attractive 6 1/2 inch pewter powder flask dating the 1840 - 1850 era, and are often found in early war - (1861 - 1862) C.S. camp sites.  Confederates brought fowling rifles, and these type flasks when they first left home, and the plantation for the Civil War.  Every Civil War collection should have one of these.--$65.

  41. Excellent condition, non-excavated, lead-filled, circular US bridle rosette.  The rosette is out of the collection of well-known Civil War Author, Charlie Harris.  It remains complete in every way.--$65.

  42. Beautiful condition, original pair of Civil War Era, cast brass civilian spurs of the style often used around plantations.  These type spurs were often carried from home and the plantation to the Civil War for cavalry use in the early years.  This pair of cast brass spurs remains in excellent, usable condition with full rowels and original leather straps still intact.  Would fit nicely into a C.S. cavalry display !!--$295. for the pair

  43. Excellent condition original Civil War era "Jew's Harp".  These were very popular with soldiers - both Union and Confederate - during the Civil War because they were a small musical device that was easy to drop in a pocket, and carry on the march.--$45.SOLD

  44. Excellent condition, non-excavated, regulation, cast brass, Civil War Era Federal Cavalry spur.  This spur is out of a central Illinois estate and has had the regulation issue, iron rowel replaced with a Civil War Era rowel hand made from an era silver dime.  A very cool relic.--$95.

  45. Early 1900's, silver capped, walnut walking stick.  The silver top is beautifully and ornately engraved.  This is the exact style walking stick that early 1900 Civil War Veterans carried to reunions.  This one remains in excellent condition.--$195.

  46. Nice condition, small leather Federal percussion cap pouch.  This pouch has both flaps intact as well as both belt loops and closure finial.  The box is maker marked, "J. E. Condict - New York".  There are still some original percussion caps inside.--$175.

  47. Cast brass, turn of the century/World War I, regulation brass Cavalry spur.  This spur is marked, "WP4" and remains in nice, complete condition.--$65.

  48. Original, small leather cartridge box for the .36 caliber Navy Revolvers such as Colt, Remington, etc.  This box came out of a local Southern family and is quite "used" and appears to have seen many a campaign.  It's a cool little relic though and displays well.--$65.

  49. Original Civil War shipping box for a Hand Made Gilt Officer's Sword Knot.  This knot was shipped from France to "H. S. Meyer - New york".  This is the original shipping box only - without a sword knot inside, but with the original shipping label intact.--$35.

  50. Extremely rare "CS" embossed percussion cap box with lead finial.  This came from a local family, and I have a good idea who carried it.  The "CS" emboss is faint, but you can positively see it.  The lead finial remains intact and in nice condition.  The inner flap remains intact with both ears in place.  In almost 50 years in business, I can count on my fingers the number of these that I have had.--$1,850.SOLD

  51. Very pretty condition, non-excavated, regulation, Federal "crossed sabers" Cavalry hat pin.  This pin has a pretty, aged patina, is missing the wire attachment loops, but the solder marks remain where they once were.--$275.

  52. Really pretty set of five reunion ribbons and programs for the 102nd O.V.I.  The unit was mustered in on September 6, 1862, at Covington, Kentucky and mustered out at Columbus, Ohio, on June 30, 1865.  These ribbons and booklets are from 1889, 1896, and 1910.  They are displayed in an 8 x 10 Riker case.--$175. for all.

  53. Nice condition, "United States Naval Yard - Boston," marked leather naval fuse pouch.  The pouch remains in nice, pliable condition with a crisp "USNY - Boston" mark on the inside.  The box remains very stable but is missing the tip end of the leather closure tab.--$175.

  54. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$48.

  55. Beautiful condition, 33rd Anniversary GAR ribbon for the 102 Regiment O.V.I. held August 15-16, 1895, at Akron, Ohio.--$75.SOLD

  56. Very nice condition, original non-excavated, stamped brass, "French Horn", Federal Infantry Hardee hat insignia.  This hat pin remains as crisp as can be with a gently aging brass patina.  The reverse of the pin still has one of the two attaching loops remaining intact.  You couldn't ask for a prettier example.--$115.

  57. Having attended the Civil War Show in Mansfield, Ohio, for literally more than 30 years, this is the very first Reunion ribbon that I have ever had from Mansfield.  It is for the September 7 - 8, 1921 Reunion of the 102nd Regiment OVI - Mansfield, Ohio.--$75.

  58. Very pretty condition, .58 cal., Model 1864, regulation issue, Federal leather cartridge box.  The cartridge box has both iron roller buckles intact as well as closure tab and both belt loops on the reverse.  The inside flap is double marked.  One is "US Ord. Dept.", and the second mark is "R. Nece Philad."  The leather overall remains quite pliable.  It does need a nice set of cartridge tins to really make it super nice.--$395.

  59. 1893 State of Massachusetts GAR Ribbon and Medal.  This is one you don't see every day.--$75.

  60. Beautiful condition, stamped silver, 5th Corps "Maltese Cross".  This pin still has the "T-bar" attachment device intact.  The cross has the initials "H - I - N" engraved on the points of the star.  I'm not exactly sure what organization this stands for.  Silver 5th Corps badges rarely come along for sale.--$395.

  61. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, stamped brass, large size (1 inch), Regimental hat number "3".  This pin couldn't be nicer with the attaching wires all still intact.--$89.

  62. Pair of Civil War Era brass binoculars marked, "Marchand - Paris".  This is a large size pair of binoculars and is also marked, "US Signal Service - Day and Night".  The leather covering is as usual no longer present, but the optics still work nicely.--$175.SOLD*

  63. Excellent condition, die stamped, large size, (1 inch) Regimental numeral "2" hat device.  The reverse has both attachment wires remaining perfectly intact.--$89.

  64. Excellent condition, silver cross (6th Army Corps) silver badge.  The cross measures 7/8 inch in height and still has the attaching wire intact and soldered on the reverse of the badge.  Many years ago I witnessed one of these recovered, and because it was silver, looked as nice as the day it was dropped.--$375.

  65. Super Rare CONFEDERATE MANUFACTURE .58 cal leather cartridge box that was left in an antebellum home that was being used as a "hospital" at the Battle Of Franklin, TN.  The box is in near relic condition, but is 100% THE REAL DEAL !!!  In the rare event that you do see one of these for sale in nice condition, they run MULTI thousand dollars.  The cartridge box still has the original Confederate made cartridge tins inside !!  It has been months since I've even seen one of these offered for sale !!--$795.SOLD

  66. Very attractive and quite hard to find, original Model 1855, .58 cal., cartridge box with original box plate and the over-the-shoulder sling and the original breast plate intact.  The cartridge box remains pliable with both cartridge tins intact inside.  Complete Infantry rigs life this one are difficult to come by.  The cartridge box is "Condict New York" maker marked.--$1,150.SOLD

  67. Very nice condition, Model 1858, bullseye canteen with original butternut cover, stopper, and linen sling.  This is a Union issued canteen but came out of a Tennessee estate and was most likely Confederate carried.--$425.

  68. Nice condition set of Civil War Era bone dice.  These were very popular around camp sites, and according to a soldier's letter I once had, often got thrown away right before any major battle (couldn't have these being sent home to mamma).--$48.SOLD

  69. Quite rare to find complete as these ribbons are silk and quite fragile.  This is an 1874 Reunion of the Connecticut Cavalry Association ribbon with the tassel still intact.  The Reunion was held at Hartford, Connecticut, August 18, 1874.  In almost 50 years, I've only had a couple of these, and this is the nicest condition one I have ever had.--$95.

  70. Excellent condition, 4-piece, Union GAR ladder badge.  This badge is for a "representative" to the 1937 GAR Reunion at Madison, Wisconsin.  All four sections are intact as well as the ribbon and back.--$95.SOLD

  71. Recently brought in by a local family, this is a 1940's era, WWII, dark blue, Federal "Pea coat".  This coat was manufactured by Jacob Reed & Sons of Philadelphia and remains in overall nice, stable condition.  This coat was worn by an ancestor of the "Pierce" family from near Bradyville, Tennessee, and still has his name inside.  It isn't my era, but some young military collector will likely enjoy having it.  According to a 1975 edition of The Mariner's Mirror, the term "pea coat" originated from the Dutch or West Frisian word pijjekker or pijjakker, in which pij referred to the type of cloth used, a coarse kind of twilled blue cloth with a nap on one side. Jakker designates a man’s short, heavy coat.--$175.

  72. Very cool Civil War display including a non-excavated, brass match safe with an embossed spread-wing Eagle down the side.  With the match safe is an original strip of 17 Civil War Era wooden matches (Lucifers).--$95.

  73. Quite rare, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry Reunion Medal and Ribbon.  The ribbon reads, "1st Wisconsin Cavalry -- Reunion -- Madison June 17 - 18, 1891".  The silver medal reads, "1st Wisconsin Vol. Cav. Co. M, Gilbert Wheeler - Crossed Sabers - and 1861 - 5".  This has to be a quite rare Wisconsin Cavalry ribbon and medal as in 50 years I have only had two or three.--$295.

  74. Beautiful condition, matching pair of hand-crafted Confederate Cavalry spurs.  This pair of spurs has been modified from regulation issue, cast brass Federal Cavalry spurs.  This set of spurs came from the Dibrell family from near Sparta, Tennessee.  They had six members of the family that served in the 13th Tennessee Confederate Cavalry, and these spurs belonged to one of them but we have no way of knowing which one.  The sides of the spurs were originally rounded and both have been filed flat.  The rowel necks were also originally rounded and have been filed square.  They remain in perfect condition with both rowels intact.--$295. for the set.SOLD

  75. Very nice condition, non-excavated, "high-port" regulation Federal Cavalry bit.  The bit has both cast brass rosettes perfectly intact as well as the intertwined brass curb chain.  The bit has the military inspector's initials, "S.S.T."  It could very well be used today.--$295. complete with curb chain.

  76. This just came into the shop yesterday - dark blue Federal frock coat that dates BARELY into the Indian War Era rather than Civil War.  This frock coat has a "raw edge" around the bottom, has a low 1 1/2 inch stand-up collar, and has 8 inch across the elbow sleeves, which are all good Civil War traits.  It does, however, have the pin striped sleeve liner, and also has raised shield Indian War era buttons.  This frock coat literally misses being Civil War by "maybe" 5 to 10 years, and it is going to look great on a maniquin all decked out with equipment !!--$650.

  77. Beautiful condition, unopened red packet of "Great Mogul" Superior playing cards.  This packet still has the complete original wrap which is extremely rare to find.--$395.

  78. Regulation, Federal, leather sword knot with crisp, clear "E. Gaylord - Chicopee Mass" makers mark.  The sword knot remains reasonably pliable and would be a very nice addition to someone's 1840 or 1860 Federal Cavalry saber.  The only negative is that some of the leather tassels at the very end have broken off due to age.--$195.

  79. Original, 7-ring, Model 1858, "Hadden - Porter" Federal bulls eye canteen.  This was recently purchased out of an Ohio estate and shows nice, honest wear.--$195.

  80. Very nice condition, original GAR Membership Badge complete with American Flag ribbon and Infantry Lieutenant Crossbar.  It is rare to find this pin with the original American Flag ribbon.--$95.

  81. Excellent condition small size pre-Civil War "militia" canteen complete with original butternut wool cover, and original linen sling.  This canteen has the original "tin spout" intact.  We recover remnants of these canteens in the 1863 Army of Tennessee Confederate winter camps here.  They are almost exclusively found in Confederate sites.  The canteen remains in excellent, museum grade condition.--$795.

  82. Beautiful condition, 1840 - 1850 era, 10 inch powder horn.  This is a perfect accessory to display with your Civil War Era shotgun or fowling rifle.--$95.SOLD

  83. Cased Civil War themed pocket knife along with a Confederate themed pocket watch with chain.--$48.

  84. Beautiful condition non-excavated gilted false embroidered Federal Artillery Officer's crossed cannons hat pin.  It has lots of gold gilt, and has all 4 attachment loops intact.  A very nice example.--$275.

  85. 1800s era key for a key-wound clock. These are almost always missing from 1800’s era clocks and quite difficult to find when you need one.--$25.

  86. Excellent condition Civil War Era small cooking bucket.  The bucket has a smooth bottom with the solder dropped in from the top which is correct construction for the Civil War.  This one even has its original top which is usually gone.--$150.

  87. Civil War Era, antique "bell shaped" candle snuffer.  These are quite rare to find in nice, original condition.--$89.00

  88. 1800's era, antique candle wick trimmer.  We have found a number of these around Civil War camps.--$79.

  89. 1800's - Civil War era, antique wooden clothes pin.  Every "personal items display" should have one of these.  This one is believed to be from the Jenkins House Hospital here at Stones River.--$39.

  90. Quite rare, "George Wostenholm - IXL", 3-blade, brass cased bleeder.  George Wostenholm - IXL is well known for the high grade side knives and pocket knives he produced during the Civil War Era.  Wostenholm bleeders are among the best quality of the Civil War Era.--$195.

  91. This is one of the few cased Civil War collector pocket knives with a Federal theme.  The knife has a Union Flag, and the slogan, “God Bless America” on each side of the knife.--$48.

  92. Confederate memorial, 100-year anniversary cigarette lighter/music box.  The lighter has the Confederate Flag on one side and four Confederate soldiers on the reverse.  The lighter has the winding key on the side with the Confederate Flag.  It still works perfectly, and when you wind it up, it plays "Dixie".  How do you get any more politically incorrect than being a smoker lighting up with a lighter playing "Dixie"???  The original little "Royal Star Dixie Musical" lighter pouch remains with the lighter.--$50.

  93. This is one of the more popular and sought after of the Civil War collector knife series.  It pictures General Nathan Bedford Forrest as well as a Confederate Flag on each side of the knife.  The wooden case remains in perfect condition.--$48.

  94. "Confederate Battle Flag" commorative cased Pocket Knife in the original wooden case as sold years ago in "Civil War Times" magazines.  These were sold in about the same years as the Civil War Chess Sets.  The knife has a 3 inch blade, and is 7 inches when open.  The knife has a safety lock when fully open, and you press the button on the back of the knife to release the blade to close.  Both knife and case remain in near mint condition.  Guaranteed to be about as "Politically Incorrect" as you can get !!!--$50.

  95. Excellent condition, Civil War Era, "Ink Scraper" which was a device razor sharp and shaped much like a medical instrument and was used to scrape off the ink when a mistake was made.  This example has a bone handle and has a "Dove" makers mark.--$75.

  96. Absolutely beautiful, hand constructed and hand painted, regimental flag for the 18th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Infantry.  This flag dates the Centennial Era (1960's) and has the regimental designation (18th Regt Tenn. Vols.), one battle honor (Fort Donelson), and the logo, "For God & Our Country".  This regiment was captured almost in its entirety at the Battle of Fort Donelson, but was later exchanged and fought through the rest of the war and eventually surrendered in Greensboro, North Carolina.  This flag will add a splash of color and vibrance to any relic room.  The flag measures approximately 9 1/2 feet by 5 1/2 feet with gold fringe around the edge.  The flag is 4-piece construction plus the fringe and is hand painted.--$295.

  97. Very pretty condition Scott #12 blue 10 cent CONFEDERATE postal stamp.  This one appears to be a perfect unused example.--$25.

  98. Very nice condition, corner curio display case.  The case remains in very nice condition, is lighted, and has three shelves.  It stands approximately six feet tall, two feet wide, and one foot deep.--$325.

  99. Absolutely beautiful full size "1961 Centennial Reproduction" hand painted 1st National Regimental Flag of the 24th Tennessee Infantry.  This was an excellent unit was from right here in Middle Tennessee, and this "100 year" Anniversary Confederate flag will look fantastic in someone's relic room !!!--$195.SOLD

  100. Extremely rare, Revolutionary War Era "Cheese box" canteen.  The canteen remains in beautiful condition having been in a museum for the last 40 years.  It has carvings on both sides with the date "1778"on its edge.  One side is marked, "3rd York Bt." and on the reverse side is "C * W and US".  The canteen remains in astounding condition considering it is 245 years old!!!--$495.SOLD*

  101. Excellent condition, large size, Civil War Era three-blade bleeder.  This is the style in which the blades fold up inside a brass case.  All three blades are maker marked and completely intact.  I'm sure this thing works as well as it ever did if you'd like to give it a try!!!--$125.

  102. Very nice condition, non-excavated, Civil War Era soldier's 3-prong eating fork.  I actually have the soldier's name that is believed to have carried this fork.--$38.SOLD*

  103. Very pretty condition St. Louis Arsenal, Model 1858 pattern, smooth side canteen with soldered tin spout, complete brown wool cover, and a small portion of the original linen sling.  This canteen was just brought in out of a local Lebanon, Tennessee estate and was almost certainly Confederate carried.  The butternut cover is far nicer than most you see without even a single hole.--$395.

  104. Nice condition, Model 1863, .58 cal., Federal cartridge box complete with over-the-shoulder sling and breast plate.  The leather remains pliable and is easily strong enough to go on a mannequin for display.  The cartridge box has the embossed US oval with both tins intact inside and closure tab intact on the base.  This example is nicer than most that you see in museums.  It was purchased out of a Central Ohio estate sale many years ago.--$950.SOLD*

  105. Extremely rare, Confederate manufacture, "Double Tongue" waist belt.  This CS belt rig is out of the local Middle Tennessee area and was no doubt worn by an Army of Tennessee soldier.  The belt and buckles remain intact with two additional buckles for hanging equipment such as a canteen, bowie knife, etc.  It is a real rarity to find a Confederate belt rig of this type remaining all intact.--$950.SOLD

  106. Very nice condition, regulation, Model 1858, Federal 7-ring bulls eye canteen.  The canteen has a smooth, aged patina with no dents at all.  The pewter spout has a soldier's initials cut in.  The canteen also still has the original stopper and chain intact.  Every Civil War collection should have a nice canteen.--$195.

  107. Extremely rare, Confederate carbine cartridge box created by hand altering a standard Model 1855 Federal musket cartridge box into a CS carbine box complete with wooden block.  It is easy to see the Southern alterations that were made in order to convert the cartridge box from a standard .58 cal. musket cartridge box to a much smaller carbine cartridge box with the wooden block.  This is out of the local area, and the family had relatives that served in the 8th and 13th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry CSA.  This will make an excellent addition to someone's Confederate Cavalry display.--$850.

  108. Rebel cigarette lighter in its original small cloth container.  This lighter pictures a Rebel Soldier on one side and the Confederate Battle Flag on the reverse side.  When you wind it up, it plays Dixie while it is lighting your cigarette or cigar.-$65.

  109. Beautiful, near mint condition, complete deck of "Great Mogul" Civil War playing cards.  This is the red deck.  This deck remains in the original wrapper, and the tape seal has never even been broken.  This will be a museum quality addition to someone's Civil War collection.--$395.SOLD

  110. Absolutely massive, 3-blade folding, brass cased, Civil War Era bleeder.  This bleeder was made by Davies Co., and the largest blade goes 3/4 of an inch deep.  This thing is massive and scary.--$175.

  111. This is one of the most drop-dead beautiful "Batty Peace Flasks" that I have seen in a long time.  It has a rich, aged patina, super crisp detail and is dated "1850".  If you have a super nice Mississippi rifle, this flask would be fantastic hanging with it.  It is about as nice as you are going to see.--$595.SOLD

  112. Beautiful condition, super rare, Confederate manufactured, tin drum canteen with original linen cover and sling.  This canteen was purchased many years ago from the Keebler family estate near Woodstock, Virginia.  This canteen is nice enough to be in any museum in the country.--$895.SOLD

  113. Very nice condition, folding, 3-blade, Civil War Era, cased bleeder.  This bleeder is maker marked, "Wismar Cutlery Co. - England".  This is out of a local Middle Tennessee estate and could have been here for the battle.--$175.

  114. Really pretty, non-excavated set of crossed sabers stamped brass hat insignia.  Although this is a Federal style hat insignia, it came out of a local estate that had ancestors in the 8th and 13th Tennessee Cavalry.  The pin has very nice patina, and three of the four attaching loops are intact on the reverse.  The pin shows clear evidence of lots of usage with old bends and ripples from campaigns gone by.  This pin would be fine displayed alone or could easily be put back on a Kepi or a Hardee hat.--$375.SOLD

  115. Beautiful condition non-excavated regulation U.S. cavalry "hi-port" bit.  This bit has a smooth, chocolate brown patina and could easily still be used today.  It has both cast brass US rosettes intact as well as the lower crossbar (which is usually missing) and both rings.  The bit also has the original hook intact for the brass curb chain.  If you have been looking for a really nice Federal Cavalry bit, this one should fit the bill.--$225

  116. Excellent condition, non-excavated, brass cased, 4-blade, Civil War Era bleeder.  This bleeder has three lancing blades and one regular knife blade.  Most Civil War Era bleeders do not have the knife blade.  It remains "razor sharp" and would still work just fine.--$175.

  117. Nice condition, Model 1864, .58 cal., Federal cartridge box.  This cartridge box has the embossed US oval on the flap, but during the Civil War Era had a standard US oval cartridge box plate attached over the embossed US mark.  The box is maker marked, "W. H. Wilkinson Maker - Springfield Mass."  This cartridge box has no flaking at all and remains quite pliable with both iron roller buckles intact as well as both belt loops, the leather closure tab, and both cartridge tins intact inside.  This is a really nice Civil War Federal cartridge box.--$595.

  118. Model 1858, "tin spout", smooth type canteen out of a north Georgia estate.  The canteen is overall quite crude and is either St. Louis Arsenal production or a Confederate local.  It was without a doubt Confederate carried and quite possibly Confederate manufactured.--$250.

  119. Beautiful condition, large size, 3-blade, cased bleeder.  This bleeder is maker marked, "Thomas Turner & Co. - Sheffield".  It remains 100% complete and is literally still sharp as a razor.  This was a widely used medical device during the Civil War, and every collection should have an example.--$125.

  120. Very rare to find, original CASED Civil War Era spring-loaded fleam.  This type fleam (or bleeder) was activated by "cocking" the blade and then placing it against the area that needed to be lansed and pulling the trigger.  The third picture demonstrates the blade piercing paper that it was placed against.  It has been a couple of years since I had a medical fleam in its original folding case.--$195.

  121. Very attractive, Model 1864, .58 cal., Federal leather cartridge box.  The box remains pliable and is maker marked, "W. H. Wilkinson - Maker - Springfield Mass."  Both iron buckles and both belt loops remain intact on the box.  The small leather closure tab is broken where it snaps over the brass finial.  There are not cartridge tins remaining inside.  This box has an excellent display appearance.--$295.

  122. Beautiful condition non-excavated brass match safe with spread wing eagle motif down the side.  I recovered one of these along the Federal Battle Line here at Stones River about 30 years ago !!  This would be an EXCELLENT addition to someone's "camp scene" display !!--$95.SOLD

  123. Group of four, non-excavated Cavalry spurs.  These spurs appear to all four date a little after the Civil War Era and into the Indian War Era and the turn of the 1900 era.--$125. for all four

  124. This is the tiniest little UCV cigarette lighter that I have ever seen.  It is literally not much bigger than a quarter and is actually a functional lighter.  It has a Confederate Battle Flag on each side of it.--$48.SOLD

  125. Beautiful condition, Army of the Cumberland GAR Reunion ribbon from the October 16 & 17, 1907, annual reunion held at Chattanooga, Tennessee.  This ribbon has an actual "buckeye" on it with 1907 painted in gold on the buckeye.  This is a rare GAR ribbon to come by especially in nice condition.--$125.SOLD

  126. Excellent condition, GAR ribbon and pin from the 53rd National Encampment held at Columbus, Ohio, on September 7 - 13, 1919.  This ribbon has a cast Liberty Bell suspended from an early style US Flag ribbon.--$95.SOLD

  127. Excellent condition, Civil War folding leather wallet out of a central Alabama estate.  The wallet contains three Civil War date Alabama notes and has sewn inside an 1837 large cent and an 1858 English Farthing.  This wallet and Confederate currency displays very nicely.--$150.SOLD

  128. Quite rare "Maid Of Honor" ribbon and pin for the 1924 Reunion of the "SCV" -(Eastern Division) in Memphis, Tennessee.  When this ribbon came out of the Memphis estate, there was a Civil War/1800's Era hard image of a young lady with the ribbon.  We have learned that there was more than one Maid of Honor at this reunion, and it is quite possible that this young lady could be one of them.  It is a very attractive display and would be a nice addition to any Civil War collection, especially one with Memphis ties.--$250. for both the ribbon and image.

  129. Garrett "Sea Hunter" underwater metal detector.  This is a very popular unit in the "water hunting" community.  I am selling this machine to help settle an estate, and I know for sure that the machine was working correctly when it was put away in storage about a year ago.  The Garrett "Sea Hunter" sells new for something in the range of $700. to $750.  This guy can be yours for the super bargain price of $250. in order to get the estate settled.

  130. Very nice example of an original St. Louis Arsenal, solder seam, tin spout, Model 1858, smooth type canteen.  This canteen has a complete butternut wool cover and a small fragment of the original sling.  It is out of an Arkansas estate, was likely Confederate carried, and for many years, was on display in the private museum owned by Ann and C.W. Webb of Lowell, Arkansas.  This canteen would be an excellent addition to any Civil War collection of artifacts.(CW)--$350.

  131. Absolutely beautiful condition, non-excavated, fresh out of a North Carolina estate and very likely Confederate used, Civil War soldered tin ware bowl.  I have recovered identical pieces from Civil War trash pits here in Middle Tennessee.  This would be an excellent addition to any camp scene display.--$95.

  132. Non-excavated in excellent condition, 3-section collapsible tin drinking cup.  Beginning with the Civil War Era, many soldiers on the march carried a collapsible drinking cup in order to quickly take advantage of any water source along the way.--$48.SOLD

  133. Very attractive, regulation, smooth type, Model 1858, Federal canteen with original butternut cover, linen sling, and stopper.  The butternut cover is exceptionally nice on one side, but is worn through on the side rubbing the body.  The linen sling is complete and remains in very nice condition.  Every Civil War collection should have an original canteen.--$375.

  134. Excellent condition, Civil War Era tin whiskey flask with the original glass pouring cup remaining intact inside.  This would be a super nice addition to a Civil War camp scene display, either Union or Confederate.--$250.

  135. Very nice condition GOLDEN SABER II TESORO METAL DETECTOR complete with stock 8 inch coil and new high quality set of headphones.  Tesoro is well known for producing excellent quality, and long lasting hobby metal detectors.  The Golden Saber II is basically an "On And Hunt" machine.  It is ideal for both coin hunting, and Civil War Relic hunting.  My friend purchased this one a while back, and his health failed, and I'm not sure if this machine has even been used once or not.  There is a second elliptical shaped coil that comes with the detector.  Tesoro detectors are famous for having really good discrimination, and this one has crisp tone and very good depth.  My friend paid $429. for the detector, and $89. for the headset for a total of $518. plus shp/ins.  Your price is $295. plus shp, and has new batteries in it - ready to go digging !!

  136. Very attractive, Model 1855, Federal cartridge box, complete with the over-the-shoulder sling, both plates, and original cartridge tins still inside.  This cartridge box rig remains quite stable but does have some surface flaking in areas.  It remains strong and stable enough to display on a mannequin.  This rig just came in out of an old collection here in Middle Tennessee.--$895.SOLD

  137. Excellent condition, original Civil War "pestle" from a mortar and pestle set.  This is a very nice Civil War medical item that would be a nice addition to any collection.--$125.

  138. Excellent condition, private purchase, cast brass, Civil War Era Cavalry spur.  These were sold by military suppliers, such as Schuyler, Hartley, & Graham and are often recovered from Confederate Cavalry sites.  Nita and I recovered an identical example from the 1863 camp of Starnes Confederate Cavalry.  This example remains in excellent condition with the rowell intact and will spin.--$375.

  139. Excellent condition, non-excavated, die stamped brass, Infantry Officer's false embroidered hat pin.  The pin retains about 90% original gold gilt, and both attachment loops remain intact.--$225.

  140. Very pretty, 8 1/2 inch musket powder flask with an intricate hunter and dog scene.  The flask has a rich, 150-year-old, aged patina.  Many young Confederates carried the family musket and a powder flask much like this one as they left home for the Civil War in 1861.  This flask would be a fine addition to any collection.--$175.SOLD

  141. Beautiful condition, Model 1858, smooth type Federal canteen with complete linen sling - butternut cover - and original stopper.  There are some faint soldier initials cut into the pewter spout.  This would be a museum quality addition to any collection.--$450.SOLD

  142. Beautiful condition, 1840 era, stamped brass, LARGE size crossed cannons artillery hat insignia.  We have it displayed in a glass display case with a mint condition red artillery hat cord.  It is ready for display in your relic room.--$325.SOLD

  143. Excellent condition, silver tip, Rosewood Fife of the exact type carried and played by bands both North and South during the American Civil War.  This example remains in near perfect condition and will be a very nice addition to any Civil War display or collection.--$150.SOLD

  144. Beautiful condition, hand-blacksmith crafted, iron canteen with a nicely constructed, brass spout and stopper.  The canteen has a blacksmith forged handle much like a bucket.  It is out of a Central Arkansas estate and would have no doubt been Confederate carried.  It will display superbly.(CW)--$350.SOLD

  145. Very nice condition, Model 1858, smooth type Federal canteen with a complete, original butternut cover, original linen sling, and original stopper with chain.  This canteen is as nice quality as most that you see on display in park museums.--$395.SOLD

  146. Super rare, original die - counter die - and cut out die for the scarcest Sheridan Cavalry Corps badge.  These items have been in an old New England collection for many, many years.  They were originally purchased from Bannermann's Island, and I was able to purchase them as part of settling the estate.  I really don't have a clue how to price this, as in over 50 years - I have never seen one of these offered for sale.  SO -- I am just going to take a guess, and this price very well may be less than 50% of this group's actual value.--$1,500.

  147. Very attractive condition, small leather Federal percussion cap pouch.  This pouch has both belt loops, brass finial, closure tab, and inner flap all remaining intact AS WELL AS original wool and numerous original percussion caps still inside.  The box is clearly maker marked, "E. GAYLORD - CHICOPEE MASS".--$195.

  148. Very nice condition, 1840 - 1860, pewter clamshell design, 8 1/2 inch powder flask.  This type powder flask is the exact pattern that many young Confederates left home carrying as they headed off to the Civil War in 1861.--$65.SOLD

  149. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, cast brass, original Cavalry saber pommel cap.  This pommel cap would be correct for either an 1840 or an 1860 Civil War Cavalry saber.--$89.

  150. Small leather Federal percussion cap pouch.  This pouch has both belt loops, closure tab, brass finial, and inner flap all remaining intact.  The box is marked on the inside flap, "Lewiston, ME - 1862".  Only a very few makers of Civil War percussion cap boxes dated them.  This cap box remains pliable, and still has several percussion caps present on the inside.--$195.

  151. Militia style, tin drum canteen, 5 inches in diameter, and 1 1/2 inches in width.  The canteen has a single belt loop attachment on the reverse.  I have always heard that small type canteens like this one often carried whiskey rather than water.  This is out of a deep South estate and was very likely Confederate carried.--$295.

  152. Confederate tin drum canteen with original linen strap.  The canteen measures 6 3/4 inches by 2 inches.  It has all three sling strap holders intact as well as the tin spout and cork stopper.  There appears to be some soldier initials in old brown ink on the linen sling.--$795.

  153. Quite rare and very attractive, 8 inch, "basket weave", copper powder flask.  This flask dates the 1840 - 1860 era, has intricate detail, and a gently aging patina.  Many collectors have historically believed this to be one of the most attractive pattern antique powder flasks.--$95.

  154. Nice, complete, small leather Federal percussion cap pouch.  The leather remains pliable with closure tab and brass finial intact as well as both belt loops on the reverse.  The box still contains a number of original percussion caps inside.--$175.

  155. Very pretty, non-excavated, crossed sabers, regulation, Federal, Cavalry hatpin.  The face has a nice, uncleaned, bronze/brown patina, and the reverse has two of the four brass attachment loops still intact.  The pin displays beautifully.--$295.

  156. Original, smooth type, Model 1858, Civil War canteen with complete butternut cover as well as the original stopper and chain.  It is becoming rarer and rarer to find Civil War canteens with their wool covers remaining intact.--$250.

  157. Very nice condition, straight razor of the typical ones used in the Civil War.  Markings on this straight razor, however, suggest this example dates about 1890.  Still, it displays very nicely in a camp scene display.--$25.

  158. Very attractive, Model 1864, .58 cal., Federal cartridge box with embossed US on the outside flap.  This cartridge box remains complete and pliable with both cartridge tins remaining intact inside.  With this cartridge box is an over-the-shoulder leather sling that was purchased and carried in 1963 for the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  On the sling is a beautiful condition, original, circular, Federal Eagle breastplate.  This cartridge box and sling displays beautifully and at a very reasonable price.--$650.

  159. Very nice condition, original, small leather Federal percussion cap pouch.  The leather remains quite pliable with inner flap, closure tab, and both belt loops all remaining intact.  There are still original percussion caps inside.  The box is maker marked on the inside flap with what appears to be, "Baker, NY, Maker".--$175.

  160. Excellent condition, original, stamped brass, large size (1 inch), Company Letter "G".  It remains in perfect condition with the soldered on loop intact on the reverse.  Also, a very nice original, die struck, medium size (3/4 inch), Regimental number "2".  Both hat devices for--$95.SOLD

  161. Quite scarce, Model 1839, small oval, US waist belt plate on original leather belt.  The original percussion cap box remains intact on the belt and still has percussion caps inside.  The belt is quite short and was probably a bit longer to begin with even for skinny Civil War soldiers.  You do not often see this small size, early model US oval on belt for sale.--$595.

  162. Absolutely beautiful, 9 inch, G.A.R., black trimmed Memorial Ribbon.  This is from the "John Kell" Post# 241, Franklin, Ohio Chapter.  In over 40 years, this is the first Memorial Ribbon from this post that I remember having.--$150.

  163. Small black leather pistol cartridge box for .36 cal. revolver cartridges.  The box remains quite pliable with both belt loops remaining intact on the reverse.  The small leather closure tab is not present and appears to have been intentionally removed long ago.  This would be an excellent compliment to display with your .36 cal. Colt Navy revolver.--$225.

  164. Very attractive, regulation, small, leather Federal percussion cap box.  The box remains pliable with closure tab, brass finial, and both belt loops remaining intact.  There is a small amount of original wool inside as well as several original, brass, Civil War musket percussion caps.--$150.

  165. Nice pliable condition, small black leather, Federal percussion capbox.  The box remains pliable with full original wool and nipple pick intact inside.  For whatever reason, the soldier intentionally removed the small leather tabs on each end of the inner flap.  Both belt loops and the leather closure tab remain intact.  It is uncommon to find an original percussion cap pouch with the original wool and nipple pick intact inside.--$150.

  166. Nice condition, "United States Naval Yard - Boston," marked leather naval fuse pouch.  The pouch remains in nice, pliable condition with a crisp "USNY - Boston" mark on the inside.--$195.

  167. Excellent condition pair of United Confederate Veteran, circular, metallic button/pins that are for the benefit of the "Home for Confederate Women".  This motif is written encircling the Confederate Battle Flag.  One of the two pins is backmarked, "Lucke Badge & Button Co., Baltimore MD".  Both buttons remain in excellent condition with pins intact on the reverse.--$45 each, or both for $75.SOLD

  168. Beautiful condition, gold filled GAR membership lapel pin.  This pin belonged to Henry J. Devoe who was a member of Company G, 1st Michigan Engineers.  Henry Devoe was in numerous campaigns and entered the service on 10-23-1862 at Hillsdale, Michigan, as a private.  He was promoted to Corporal on 1-1-1864, and to Sergeant on 11-1-1864.  Henry was eventually mustered out of service on 9-22-1865, while at Nashville, Tennessee.  Gold filled GAR membership lapel pins are very rare to come by.--$195.

  169. Absolutely beautiful, non-excavated, "SUPER INTRICATE" patriotic, gem size, stamped brass photo case.  The case has a spread wing Eagle with stars above on one side and a raised shield with wreath and stars on the reverse.  In 40 years, I have only had three or four of these.--$350.

  170. Beautiful example of Confederate "Prisoner of War" art.  This was recently brought in by a local family, and according to family hand-me-down information, was carved by an ancestor while in a northern prison camp.  This artifact started out as one block of wood, and the round balls were carefully carved from the solid wood interior of the artifact.  It is hard to imagine the countless hours of meticulous carving it took to create the artifact.  This fine artistic "Prisoner of War" artifact would be an excellent addition to any Civil War Collection no matter how advanced.--$275.

  171. Excellent condition, non-excavated, Company letter "I", stamped brass hat insignia.  The insignia remains in excellent condition with the attachment loop intact on the reverse.--$48.

  172. Very colorful "GAR" Reunion ribbon from Post #349, Boston Mass.--$45.

  173. Nice condition, standard "GAR" Membership Badge.  The badge has a nice, aged patina and displays well.--$65.SOLD

  174. Excellent condition, non-excavated, 3/4 inch size, regimental hat numbers, 4 and 6.  Both hat numbers retain the original loops for sewing on on the reverse.--$75. for both.SOLD

  175. Nice little display of Civil War artifacts found while cleaning out an old antebellum home here.  The artifacts appear to be C.S. related as the display includes (1) Confederate Flag "UCV" reunion pin (2) two non-excavated .69 cal. musket balls typical of what the C.S. was using here (3) two brass musket percussion caps (4) two sew on shirt buttons that look to be made from Oyster shells.--$65. for the entire display

  176. Nicely cased, apothecary scale with an embossed eagle on the outside of the case and original weights and pans intact on the inside.  I have been told that these cased scales were used both in the medical/apothecary application and also were used around the early gold mines.--$295.

  177. Small leather Civil War era Pistol cartridge box correct for .44 cal. revolver ammunition.  The box remains in nice condition with pliable leather, and is only missing the tip of the leather closure tab.  This would be a perfect compliment to display with your .44 cal. Colt or Remington Army revolver.--$175.

  178. Excellent condition original unissued red Federal Artillery Hat Cord.  A very nice - yet inexpensive, addition to your Civil War Artillery display.--$48.

  179. Excellent condition, Civil War, leather, cavalry carbine boot.  This device was used to keep the barrel of the cavalry carbine stable while riding.  Without this cavalry boot to keep the carbine restricted, it would have been flying all over the place when riding at a gallop.--$85.

  180. Quite rare, mid 1800's era, dental forceps for extracting teeth.  I had to go to the dentist this morning for a crown, and I'm sure glad I didn't see this thing coming my way.  I have also, through the years, heard that in certain situations, this instrument was also used for recovering bullets.  I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that use either!!!--$79.

  181. Absolutely beautiful condition, private purchase, cast brass, Confederate used cavalry spur.  Over the years, we have recovered several spurs of this type, and every one has come from Confederate Cavalry sites.  This example has a rich, aged patina and a large, handcrafted, copper rowel that was made from a coin.  A small portion of the original leather boot attachment strap remains with the spur.--$295.

  182. Model 1864 Federal .58 cal. cartridge box with the original "over the shoulder" leather sling.  The cartridge box remains pliable with the original .58 cal. cartridge tins still intact.  The leather sling is slotted for an eagle breastplate, but there is no evidence that there was ever one there.  The entire rig is in overall solid, pliable condition.--$895.

  183. Non-excavated, private purchase style spur that we often excavated from Confederate Cavalry campsites.  The spur remains in nice, stable condition with the original rowel still intact and will spin.--$150.

  184. Very nice condition original Civil War Cavalry Carbine "Bore Brush".  This will make a very nice compliment to display with your Civil War carbine display.--$69.

  185. Excellent condition, United Confederate Veteran "Delegate" badge from the April 25, 1906, "U.C.V." Reunion at New Orleans, Louisiana.--$150.SOLD

  186. Cool little Reunion badge and ribbon with a suspended gilted brass stirrup indicating Cavalry of course. The unit and event date would have been in the cross bar, but has fallen out somewhere along the way.  A cool little Cavalry ribbon and a fun research project!!--$50.

  187. Stamped brass, top bar to a "G.A.R." (Grand Army of the Republic) ribbon and bar.  There are fragments of the original ribbon on the back of the bar.  This was found in the attic of a Civil War Era Ohio home and has a rich, never cleaned, aged patina.--$38.

  188. Pristine, non-excavated, pair of brass, Federal, enlistedman's shoulder epaulets.  The epaulets are completely intact with both attaching tabs underneath as well as the brass, sew-on clips to attach the epaulets to the uniform.  If you have a nice Federal shell jacket or enlistedman's frock coat, these will be perfect to complete your display.--$375. for the pair.

  189. Nice condition, non-excavated, stamped brass "Hardee" hatpin.  These were worn to hold up one side of the Model 1858 Hardee hat.  This example is in nice condition with one of the small brass loops remaining intact.--$175.

  190. Perfect condition large size stamped brass Civil War hat letter"K".  It really is hard to find a "K" in perfect shape with no damage and the loop on the back still intact.--$85.SOLD

  191. Beautiful condition non-excavated regulation U.S. cavalry "hi-port" bit.  This bit was lightly plated a few years back and until fairly recently was actually STILL BEING USED.  You couldn't ask for a nicer example, and the plating could easily be removed if desired.  Cross bar and both cast brass "U.S." rosettes remain intact.--$225.


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