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  1. Very nice condition, regulation, Confederate manufactured, cedar canteen.  One side has a very old tag that says, "Confederate Soldier" and has several visible letters carved into the canteen which may be the soldier's name or initials.  The reverse side is plain with a rich, aged patina and also has some letters carved in.  The perimeter of the canteen has old gold paint likely from a UCV Hall.  This is overall about as pretty a Confederate wood canteen as you see.--$1,450.

  2. Exceptionally nice condition, leather cartridge box by "J. Davy & Co. - Newark NJ".  An excellent item to display with your .44 cal. Colt revolver or your .44 cal. Remington revolver.  The box remains very pliable with very little flaking at all.--$295.

  3. Stamped brass, top bar to a "G.A.R." (Grand Army of the Republic) ribbon and bar.  There are fragments of the original ribbon on the back of the bar.  This was found in the attic of a Civil War Era Ohio home and has a rich, never cleaned, aged patina.--$38.

  4. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, small size, stamped brass, false embroidered, crossed sabers, Federal Cavalry hatpin.  This insignia has a rich, aged, never cleaned patina with two of the four original attachment loops still intact on the reverse.  Original gold gilt can be seen in the recessed areas.  If you have a Cavalry kepi that needs a nice, crossed sabers insignia, here is your chance.--$295.SOLD

  5. Pristine, non-excavated, pair of brass, Federal, enlistedman's shoulder epaulets.  The epaulets are completely intact with both attaching tabs underneath as well as the brass, sew-on clips to attach the epaulets to the uniform.  If you have a nice Federal shell jacket or enlistedman's frock coat, these will be perfect to complete your display.--$375. for the pair.

  6. Exceptionally nice condition, small, leather, regulation issue, Federal percussion cap box.  The box remains pliable with crisp (US) inspector marks, original wool intact as well as the nipple pick and original percussion caps.  This is a very nice example.--$225.SOLD

  7. Model 1812 era, English produced cartridge box for .69 cal. musket ball ammunition.  These boxes were sometimes Confederate carried with the early war Model 1816 smoothbore muskets converted from flint to percussion.  The box remains pliable and still has the white buff closure tab intact as well as both iron roller buckles.  This was brought into the shop out of the local area, and was almost certainly Confederate carried.--$395.SOLD

  8. Beautiful condition regulation issue Confederate tin drum canteen.  I just purchased this out of a North Alabama estate, and you just won't see a nicer one.  Remnants of the old leather sling still remain under the strap holders.--$650.

  9. Regulation, Federal, Model 1858, smooth type canteen with original butternut colored wool cover and original stopper with chain.  The cover on this canteen is considerably nicer than most with only one or two small moth holes.  Every Civil War collection should have a nice original canteen.--$295.

  10. Quite scarce, circular, celluloid, Delegate badge from the "Grand Camp C.V. of VA" held at Pulaski, Virginia, October 11th - 13th, 1899.  This badge has the unusual motif of the Confederate battle flag crossed with the State Seal of Virginia flag.  The badge is backmarked "Whitehead and Hoag".  This is a Virginia badge that you will not often encounter.--$150.

  11. Very nice condition, non-excavated, stamped brass, Federal Infantry bugle hatpin.  Displayed with the bugle is a small, stamped brass, 1/2 inch Company letter "G".  They are displayed in much the same way they would appear on a Federal Kepi.--$135.

  12. Absolutely mint condition deck of Civil War "Great Mogul" playing cards.  This set is the rarer blue in color.  The wrap remains perfect, and the original seal has never been broken.--$395.

  13. Beautiful, near mint condition, complete deck of "Great Mogul" Civil War playing cards.  This is the red deck.  This deck remains in the original wrapper, and the tape seal has never even been broken.  This will be a museum quality addition to someone's Civil War collection.--$395.

  14. Scarce to come by - Very nice condition Model 1855 leather cartridge box for rifled .69 cal. ammunition.  The box remains pliable with both roller buckles - closure tab - both belt loops - large size U.S. oval boxplate - and both .69 cal. cartridge tins.  Perfect to display with your rifled Model 1816 conversion musket, or your rifled .69 cal. Model 1842 musket.  This is a very difficult box to find in nice condition.--$795.

  15. Beautiful condition, gilt embroidered, Federal 2nd Regiment Infantry hatpin.  The hatpin remains in excellent condition.--$225.SOLD

  16. Non-excavated, dye struck, brass, regimental numeral "0".  Very nice condition, but is missing the attaching wires on the reverse.--$35.SOLD

  17. Beautiful old "Battlefield Pickup" leather percussion capbox with nice old brown tag from "Bull Run".  This artifact is out of the massive 1950 era collection of Mr. Herbert Harper of Franklin, TN.  Mr. Harper passed away a few years ago, and I am helping his heirs to place his collection.  As a young guy - This was one of the first large collections that I had seen, and served as inspiration to someday have a nice collection of my own.--$225.SOLD

  18. Beautiful condition non-excavated "Military Mofif" brass pistol powder flask.  This flask is approximately 6 inches tall, and would be perfect to display with a Colt Pocket Model or Navy Model revolver.  The flask has never been cleaned, and has the prettiest rich, dark bronze aged patina that you could ever hope for.--$425.

  19. Non-excavated die struck stamped brass Regimental # "2".  The small loop for attaching remains intact on the reverse.  One inch size.--$45.

  20. Non-excavated die struck stamped brass Regimental # "7".  The small loop for attaching remains intact on the reverse.  One inch size.--$45.SOLD

  21. .44 cal., Colt Army Model holster on a utilitarian iron roller buckle style belt.  The holster is marked, "Made by J. I. Pittman - NY".  The holster has about normal flaking, but remains pliable and will display nicely with a Colt .44 cal. Army revolver.  The closure tab was long ago broken, and a replacement has been glued in place.  The holster is unquestionably Civil War issue, and the belt clearly has age, but we are unsure if it dates all the way back to the Civil War or not.--$895 complete.SOLD

  22. Matching set of original Federal enlisted man's brass epaulets picked up during the 1950's on private property at the Antietam Battlefield in Virginia.  There is an old I.D. tag on one of the epaulets with the recovery site.  These were a part of the incredible collection of the late Mr. Herbert Harper, Sr., of Franklin, Tennessee.--$295.SOLD

  23. Nice condition, non-excavated, stamped brass "Hardee" hatpin.  These were worn to hold up one side of the Model 1858 Hardee hat.  This example is in nice condition with one of the small brass loops remaining intact.--$175.

  24. Excellent condition, non-excavated, three blade, Springfield combination gun tool.  This model tool is for the 1855 which is much tougher to come by.  If you have a nice Springfield musket, this will make an excellent accessary to display with it.--$75.

  25. Perfect condition, non-excavated, large size, die stamped brass number "5" regimental hat number.  The pin retains the small loop on the reverse for sewing it onto the hat.--$48.

  26. Excellent condition, brass, Presidential political token for the Blaine-Logan ticket in the election of 1884.  Blaine and General Logan were narrowly defeated by Grover Cleveland in the general election.--$65.SOLD

  27. Very rare, concentric ring, drum style, Confederate, tin canteen with original "bed ticking" linen sling.  You will encounter far less of the concentric ring type Confederate tin drum canteens than the standard flat side.  The canteen remains in very nice condition with only a few small dings from actual field service.  This is a museum level Confederate artifact.--$1,650.

  28. Excellent condition original bone handle Civil War era 3-prong fork and dinner knife.  Perfect for a camp scene display and exactly what would have been in a typical Civil War Soldier's knapsack.--$50. for both

  29. Perfect condition large size stamped brass Civil War hat letter"K".  It really is hard to find a "K" in perfect shape with no damage and the loop on the back still intact.--$85.

  30. Beautiful condition non-excavated regulation U.S. cavalry "hi-port" bit.  This bit was lightly plated a few years back and until fairly recently was actually STILL BEING USED.  You couldn't ask for a nicer example, and the plating could easily be removed if desired.  Cross bar and both cast brass "U.S." rosettes remain intact.--$225.

  31. Very nice condition, .58 cal., Model 1864 Federal cartridge box.  The leather remains smooth and pliable with hardly any flaking at all.  It is double marked on the inside flap.  Both roller buckles, the leather closure tab, and both belt loops all remain intact.  This would be a quality addition to any Civil War collection.--$450.

  32. Very nice condition, crossed sabers, dye stamped brass, Cavalry hatpin.  This is the pattern with the closed hole in the hand guard and is the rarer version to come by.  The hatpin has solder marks on the reverse, but the wire loops are not present.--$250.

  33. Excellent condition, Cadet gray, United Confederate Veteran (UCV) kepi.  The kepi is yellow trimmed, indicating its owner was a member of the Confederate Cavalry.  There is literally no mothing whatsoever, and the complete liner sweatband and brass UCV medallion all remain perfectly intact.  In our current era where war date Confederate kepis often sell for between $15,000 and $20,000, a nice Confederate Veterans' kepi that literally displays about as nicely as a war date kepi and at only a slight  fraction of the price, becomes quite desirable.--$750.

  34. Model 1858 regulation Federal 5-ring "Bullseye" canteen complete with original butternut cover - stopper - chain - and linen sling.  The canteen has a few small moth holes in the cover, but the canteen is otherwise quite nice, complete and stable.--$395.

  35. Quite rare and very nice condition, original, non-excavated, regulation Federal stamped brass crossed saber Cavalry hat insignia.  It has nice aged patina with three of the four brass attachment loops remaining intact.--$275.SOLD

  36. Just a good old honest regulation Federal Model 1858 smooth type canteen - fresh out of an OHIO estate sale.  The canteen shows clear evidence of field service with several small service dings and also - with wear to the spout.  Every Civil War collection should have a field carried canteen - just a MUST.--$150.

  37. Beautiful condition non-excavated highly gilted, false embroidered 1850 era stamped brass Artillery Officer's hat pin.  Absolutely perfect with all 3 attachment wires remaining intact.--$275.

  38. Very unique display out of an old Veterans Hall.  I once read in a southern soldier's letter that the best use that he had found for his bayonet was as a candle holder, because he had not yet found a Yankee that would stand still for it.  In this display, the bayonet still has some of the old Veterans Hall gold paint on it.  I have inserted it into a wood block and put a candle in it exactly like a Civil War soldier would have done.  This would be an even nicer display with a soldier's letter along with it.--$150.SOLD

  39. Non-excavated stamped brass hat wreath that is off a U.C.V. {United Confederate Veteran} kepi.--$48.SOLD

  40. Original, Civil War packet containing five 10-second artillery fuzes.  This packet was produced by Frankford Arsenal and is dated 1863.  I have been very tempted to light one, but have resisted the urge.--$95.

  41. Beautiful condition non-excavated 1840 - 1850 era die stamped brass spread wing eagle hat divice.  This example is mint with both wire attaching loops remaining perfectly intact.--$250.

  42. Nice condition, Model 1858, 9 ring, Federal issue bullseye canteen, complete with cover, stopper, and a fragment of the original linen sling.  The pewter spout is maker marked "J. Hall Rohrman, Philad." and has the soldiers initials, "W. A. H." carved into the pewter spout with a pin knife.  The cover is complete and in nice condition, but does show clear evidence of rubbing back and forth on the soldier's side.  Every collection should include a nice canteen.--$350.

  43. Non-excavated, COMPLETE, "1863" date .58 cal. U.S. Springfield lockplate - hammer and all internal parts.  This lockplate works perfectly and is ready to drop into a musket.--$175.

  44. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, Federal Cavalry Officer's cast brass spur.  This spur started out as a standard regulation Federal "roosterneck" cavalry spur.  A jeweler has finely stippled the spur over the entire outside body of the spur.  This would have been privately contract done by the individual soldier.  The original rowel remains intact and spins freely.--$195.

  45. Exceptionally nice condition Model 1864 .58 cal. Federal cartridge box complete with original cartridge tins remaining inside.  The leather remains soft and pliable with both belt loops - both iron roller buckles - and the original leather closure tab - as well as both cartridge tins - all remaining perfectly intact.--$450.

  46. Drop dead beautiful example of a non-excavated heavy cast brass cavalry spur of a style that we often recover in Confederate 1863 Cavalry camps here.  This style spur is sometimes called a "Richmond Arsenal Variant" and sometimes referred to as a "Private Purchase".  I actually recovered a twin to this one a while back in the camp of Starnes Confederate Cavalry located near Altamont, TN.  You will not see a finer example.--$375.

  47. Private purchase heavy cast brass spur with a crude "Eagle Head" rowel holder.  Most of these that I have seen recovered have been from Confederate sites.  The spur is perfect with it's original rowel intact.--$275.
  48. moldbullet.JPG (65804 bytes)moldbulletrev.JPG (64278 bytes)Single cavity cast brass "scissor type" bullet mold for the "Country Rifle or Picket Bullet".  This is a mold to make bullets for the rifles from home that many Confederates left home for the Civil War in 1861 carrying.  This one looks to be about .36 to .40 cal.  We primarily recover bullets of this type in 1861 and 1862 Confederate camps {but recently we recovered several from a mid-1863 Confederate camp.  Excellent condition.--$150.
  49. Very nice condition Federal Navy leather fuze pouch.  The pouch remains soft and pliable and is marked on the outside flap "Navy Yard - Philadelphia - 1863".  Both the leather closure tab and the leather belt loop remain intact on the box.--$425.

  50. Model 1858 "Bullseye" canteen with original wool cover intact, original stopper intact, and a portion of the linen sling.  The cover is quite sound and looks like it might have originally been blue, with only one or two very small moth holes.  The pewter spout is maker marked "J. H. Rohrman & Co".  No Civil War collection is complete without an original canteen.--$295.

  51. offgrdspur.JPG (58152 bytes)offgrdspurcls.JPG (62506 bytes)Beautiful condition high quality private purchase prewar cast brass cavalry spur of a type that were often brought from home and worn by Southern Cavalry officers during the American Civil War.  Just perfect condition.--$275.
  52. Gilted, two-piece, G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) medal for the 31st encampment held August 22 & 23, at Buffalo New York in 1897.  The medal remains in excellent condition with the attaching pin still intact on the reverse.--$48.

  53. sprwed.JPG (46015 bytes)sprwedcls.JPG (68908 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated cast brass Cavalry spur of a style generally recovered from Confederate Cavalry camps and does have similarities to the "Mississippi" pattern spurs.  This style spur is thought to be a privately purchased item.--$275.
  54. offgrdspur.JPG (58152 bytes)offgrdspurcls.JPG (62506 bytes)Beautiful condition high quality private purchase prewar cast brass cavalry spur of a type that were often brought from home and worn by Southern Cavalry officers during the American Civil War.  Just perfect condition.--$275.
  55. sprwed.JPG (46015 bytes)sprwedcls.JPG (68908 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated cast brass Cavalry spur of a style generally recovered from Confederate Cavalry camps and does have similarities to the "Mississippi" pattern spurs.  This style spur is thought to be a privately purchased item.--$275.
  56. gardisplay.JPG (68699 bytes)Very nice condition 3 piece "G.A.R." grouping.  The group consists of one excellent condition 1909 PA. G.A.R. ribbon and medal, one 1932 New York ribbon and medal, and one coat size gilted "G.A.R." frock coat button.--$95. for the entire grouping.
  57. convribbon.JPG (28776 bytes)convribbonhstn.JPG (67881 bytes)Delegate ribbon for the 1890 TEXAS STATE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION held in HOUSTON.  Scarce ribbon - but fragile in some areas.--$45.
  58. canteenwostpr.JPG (52072 bytes)Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" canteen with original cover.  It was recently purchased out of a North Georgia estate sale and has a "Philadelphia" maker's mark on the pewter spout.  You can clearly tell from the wear pattern on the wool cover that this canteen was actually carried.--$295.
  59. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.
  60. garmirror.JPG (52651 bytes)garmirrormrk.JPG (78380 bytes)garmirrormason.JPG (68058 bytes)garmirrornote.JPG (60965 bytes)Beautiful hand carved, and IDed  {"GAR" and "Mason"} mirror and frame.  The family brought this in yesterday and it's really, really nice.  The mirror belonged to John H. Blount of McKean, PA.  There is an old note on the mirror as well as a current note from the family.--$195.
  61. patrioticovers.JPG (15641 bytes)Group of three unused Union patriotic letter covers.  One is a nice 6th Massachusetts Regimental, and one has a Negro slave motif.  All three are in excellent condition.--$75. for all three.
  62. 12sidetin.JPG (28266 bytes)Excellent condition Civil War era soldered seam bread tin.  This is a large 11" tin with 12 sides.  This size and style is a bit uncommon and hard to find.  It would be a fine addition to a Civil War tin ware collection or perfect to accent a room with Civil War decor.--$65.SOLD

  63. implekitopn.JPG (48462 bytes)implekit.jpg (80114 bytes)implekitrev.JPG (74890 bytes)implekitmkr.JPG (106334 bytes)Small folding leather surgeon's field kit made by Stevens and Son, London, and containing eight instruments, including a folding bleeder.  The instruments are all metal rather than bone or ivory handled indicating it is an 1880 to 1890's era kit.  Not Civil War, but will be an attractive addition to an early medical display.-- Only $125.

  64. usonbelt.JPG (48606 bytes)Absolutely beautiful condition UNISSUED large size arrow hook style "U.S." oval waist belt plate on it's original brown buff leather waist belt with the original brass keeper intact.  This rig looks exactly as it did when they were issued 150 years ago.--$595.
  65. largetin.JPG (27498 bytes)Excellent condition Civil War era soldered seam circular bread tin.  This is a huge 12" tin and would be a fine addition to any Civil War tin ware collection or perfect to accent a room with Civil War decor.--$65.


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