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  1. Very pretty condition original Model 1864 .58 cal. Federal cartridge box.  The box remains soft and pliable with embossed "U.S." - original closure tab - brass finial - both cartridge tins intact - both leather belt loops intact - and an "Oliver - PA." Maker's Mark.  This box is nice enough to still use today.--$350.SOLD

  2. Very nice condition, Model 1858, regulation, Federal, smooth type canteen with full original butternut wool cover with no holes, original stopper and original linen sling.  Every quality collection should have an original Civil War canteen.--$350.

  3. Fresh out of a Central Kentucky estate sale, a small, leather, Federal, Civil War, regulation, percussion cap pouch.  The leather remains complete and pliable except for missing the very tip of the leather closure tab.  Every Civil War collection MUST have an original percussion cap pouch.--$95.

  4. Excellent condition, .36 cal., pistol cartridge box appropriate for display with Colt, Remington, Whitney, or any of the standard .36 cal., Civil War percussion revolvers.  The box is complete with both belt loops, brass finial, and leather closure tab and is, in addition, "Davy and Co." maker marked.--$195.

  5. Very nice condition, regulation Civil War Cavalry bit with both brass rosettes intact.  This bit was found in an old log barn here in Murfreesboro near where "Camp Stanley" was located during the Civil War.  Camp Stanley was the 1862 - 1863 Federal Winter Cavalry camp.  This bit very likely originated with this large Federal Cavalry Winter camp site located here at Murfreesboro.--$195.

  6. Absolutely beautiful, 9 inch, G.A.R., black trimmed Memorial Ribbon.  This is from the "John Kell" Post# 241, Franklin, Ohio Chapter.  In over 40 years, this is the first Memorial Ribbon from this post that I remember having.--$150.

  7. Very nice condition, Federal .58 cal. cartridge box complete with both belt loops, both iron sling buckles, brass finial, and leather closure tab, large size lead-filled US cartridge box plate and both cartridge tins intact on the inside.  The box remains complete and very pliable and is maker marked, "Moores & Co. Cin. O".  This is an Ohio cartridge box maker that is quite rare to find offered for sale - especially in nice condition.--$595.SOLD

  8. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, "Allegheny Arsenal" marked, cast brass, Civil War cavalry spur.  The spur has a rich, bronze, aged patina that has never been cleaned and has a copper rowel made from a large cent.  This beautiful artifact came out of an old barn near Shiloh.  It would be very hard to find a nicer example.--$195.SOLD

  9. Very nice condition, small, leather, Federal percussion cap box.  The leather remains soft and pliable with closure tab, brass finial, and both belt loops remaining perfectly intact.  This is a classic example of the standard cap box used in the American Civil War.--$150.

  10. Nice condition, Civil War, carbine cartridge box.  This box is correct for a Burnside carbine and would be an excellent compliment to display with your Civil War Burnside Cavalry carbine.  The leather remains pliable with both iron roller buckles, both belt loops, and leather closure tab remaining intact.--$295.SOLD

  11. Original 1840 Era, 14 inch powder flask of the style commonly found on Southern plantations and often taken to war by young Confederates in 1861.  This example remains in overall good condition, but in one spot, about 1inch wide, a mouse has chewed a bit.--$85.SOLD

  12. Beautiful condition, small brass Eagle motif powder flask.  This size flask is generally found with "Cased" pocket model Colt revolvers.  The flask has a never cleaned, rich, aged patina and still functions perfectly.  Eagle flasks are beautiful on display and add a touch of museum type class to a collection.--$350.

  13. Very nice condition, 7-ring, Federal Bullseye canteen with complete butternut cover, complete original linen sling, and original stopper intact.  The pewter spout has a Philadelphia makers mark.  This is an exceptionally nice artifact and will make a museum level addition to any display.--$425.

  14. Complete, Model 1855, .58 cal. cartridge box with over-the-shoulder sling and both plates intact as well as original cartridge tins.  The cartridge box remains pliable with a maker's mark of, "Manufactured by J. E. Condict - New York."  The inner flap of the cartridge box is intact but a bit fragile.  The over-the-shoulder sling is completely intact with Eagle breastplate.  This rig will make a very nice addition to any Civil War display.--$1,150.

  15. Very nice condition, ornate, brass powder flask marked "American Flask Co".  Powder flasks of this type were carried from home to war by young Confederate soldiers when they first left home in 1861 carrying the family hunting rifle and powder flask.--$85.SOLD

  16. Nice condition, small, black leather, Federal percussion capbox.  The box retains both belt loops, brass finial, leather closure tab, and inside flap.  This would make a very nice compliment to display on a US oval belt and buckle.--$165.SOLD

  17. Small black leather pistol cartridge box for .36 cal. revolver cartridges.  The box remains quite pliable with both belt loops remaining intact on the reverse.  The small leather closure tab is not present and appears to have been intentionally removed long ago.  This would be an excellent compliment to display with your .36 cal. Colt Navy revolver.--$225.

  18. Quite attractive, .58 cal., Model 1855, Federal cartridge box.  This box is both maker marked and dated on the inside flap, "Longley & Co. - Lewiston - ME - 1863".  The box remains pliable with the original lead-filled brass cartridge box plate on the outside flap.  Both cartridge tins remain intact on the inside.  The box is missing part of the leather closure tab and appears to have had both iron roller buckles intentionally removed.  The box has very nice display eye appeal.--$450.

  19. Very large size, Civil War Era wine bottle with its original war date wicker covering.  The wicker covering was to act as insuation to keep the wine a more constant temperature.  This example remains in excellent condition.--$125.SOLD

  20. Model 1858, smooth type canteen with original, butternut, wool cover.  This canteen almost certainly saw field service, because the wool cover shows wear on the side against the body, and it has several small dings from actual field use.  "3 CT" (3rd Connecticut) can be faintly seen stenciled on one side of the canteen.  $250.SOLD

  21. Excellent condition, original, Model 1858, bullseye pattern canteen with Hadden, Porter, and Booth maker marked pewter spout and original stopper and chain intact.  The original butternut cover is completely intact and in unusually nice condition.--$325.SOLD

  22. Mint beautiful condition, gilted Civil War Officer's sword knot.  If you have a nice condition Civil War Officer's sword, this will be the perfect compliment to make it a museum worthy display.--$395.SOLD

  23. Very scarce and in excellent condition, non-excavated, Federal Officer's spur, sometimes called the "Christmas Spur" because of the December 24, 1861 patent date inside the spur.  This example remains in perfect condition with a rich, aged patina - rowel intact - and original leather attachment strap.  Wear pattern indicates this spur was worn on the right boot.--$395.

  24. Extremely rare display including the "Maid of Honor" ribbon for the 1924 UCV Reunion in Memphis, Tennessee, for the Eastern Division of the United Confederate Veterans.  This ribbon was purchased out of the Bradley/Forrest estate in Memphis, Tennessee, around 1970, and with the ribbon is an ambrotype of a Civil War Era lady holding what appears to be a Bible.  This display is going to be an exciting research project for someone.  We believe this young lady could possibly be Marguerite Toutant Beauregard of New Orleans, Louisiana, who was the Chief Maid of Honor at this reunion.  Who is up for this research challenge?--$395.

  25. Relic condition, original, Model 1855, .58 cal., Federal, leather cartridge box found in an old log barn here.  Much of the stitching has rotted but it still makes an attractive display.--$75.SOLD

  26. Beautiful condition, gold filled, 1880's Era, GAR watch chain.  The GAR device is mounted inside a gold wedding band.  This would be the perfect compliment to display with your Civil War Era pocket watch.--$195.SOLD

  27. Very attractive, Model 1864, .58 cal., Federal cartridge box and sling.  The cartridge box itself remains in excellent condition and about as pliable as the date it was issued.  It is maker marked on the inside flap, "B. Metzger - Phila." and is also U.S. Ordinance Department sub inspector marked.  The box has both iron roller buckles intact, both belt loops, and both cartridge tins.  It also has the seldom found, original, over-the-shoulder sling with breastplate intact and U.S. Inspector marked.  The sling has, however, been reinforced on the tips where it goes through the iron roller buckles.  The rig displays very nicely.--SOLD

  28. Very attractive, regulation, small, leather Federal percussion cap box.  The box remains pliable with closure tab, brass finial, and both belt loops remaining intact.  There is a small amount of original wool inside as well as several original, brass, Civil War musket percussion caps.--$150.

  29. Beautiful condition, yellow piping, Federal Cavalry Shell jacket.  The blue color remains bright and vivid with virtually no fading at all.  The yellow piping remains 100% intact, and the yellow color also remains bright and vivid.  It is a size "2" as is marked in the cream white sleeve liner.  All buttons remain perfectly intact.  This is a Cavalry Shell jacket nice enough to be on display in any museum in the country.--$3,450.

  30. Nice pliable condition, small black leather, Federal percussion capbox.  The box remains pliable with full original wool and nipple pick intact inside.  For whatever reason, the soldier intentionally removed the small leather tabs on each end of the inner flap.  Both belt loops and the leather closure tab remain intact.  It is uncommon to find an original percussion cap pouch with the original wool and nipple pick intact inside.--$150.

  31. Very nice condition, small, leather, Federal percussion cap pouch.  The cap pouch retains nice surface finish with absolutely no flaking at all.  The soldier's initials, "P O", are nicely carved into the outside flap with a pen knife.  The box retains both belt loops, brass finial, and original leather closure tab.  This box is going to display very nicely in someone's collection.--$150.SOLD

  32. Beautiful condition, 1840 - 1850 era, ribbed, brass powder flask made by "Hawksley".  This is a very well made flask and is of the exact type carried by many young Confederates when they first left home for the Civil War.  It has a rich, never cleaned, aged, bronze patina.--$95.SOLD

  33. Very nice condition, 1840 - 1850 era, original, 9 inch powder horn.  This is a classic example of the typical powder horn that many young Confederates carried with them off to war along with the family fowling musket.--$95.SOLD

  34. Really pretty, 1840 - 1860 era, 7 inch, brass powder flask of the exact type carried from home to the Civil War by many young Confederates when they first left home for war in 1861.  This flask has a rich, never cleaned, bronze/brown patina with numerous small dings and marks indicating lots of actual field service.--$95.SOLD

  35. Beautiful condition small "Eagle" powder flask of the type usually seen with Cased Colt boxes.  It has a rich, aged bronze patina and is marked "E. Pluribus Unum".--$425.

  36. Beautiful rich aged patina on this 9 1/2 inch 1840 - 1850 era brass powder flask.  This is the exact type flask carried by many young Confederates when in 1861 they first left home for the war with their hunting rifles and powder flasks slung over their shoulder.--$85.SOLD

  37. Quite attractive .58 cal. original Model 1855 Federal leather cartridge box complete with original lead filled large oval "U.S." cartridge boxplate and also one original cartridge tin.  The box is missing one iron roller buckle.  The box is maker marked "R. Neece" and also has a set of soldier initials carved in the inner flap.--$495.

  38. Very nice condition, Indian War Era, Federal Kepi.  The Kepi has virtually no mothing whatsoever and retains bright, vivid blue color with no fading.  It was manufactured by W. E. Walsh & Sons, Albany.  The Kepi has regulation Federal Staff buttons on each side, crossed muskets on the front, and an Eagle device on the top.  This is one of the nicer condition Indian War Era Kepis that I have seen offered in awhile.--$450.SOLD

  39. Very nice condition, original Model 1858, smooth type, Federal canteen with original butternut cover and original stopper and chain.  This type canteen was extensively carried by both Union and Confederate soldiers.--$295.SOLD

  40. Excellent condition, Civil War Era, brass "snuff can".  This is a very ornate container with an inlaid silver star on the brass top.  I'm thinking some old Texas Confederate Cavalryman might have just been a "dipper".--$95.SOLD

  41. Very nice condition, small leather, Federal percussion cap pouch.  The pouch is maker marked, "W. H. Hipple, Philada.".  The leather remains soft and flexible with both belt loops, closure tab, brass finial, and inner flap all completely intact.  It is becoming more and more difficult to find good, solid, complete Civil War percussion cap boxes.--$165.SOLD

  42. Excellent condition, non-excavated, stamped brass, officer's gilted, false embroidered Infantry hatpin.  The pin retains nearly 100% bright gold gilt, but is missing the two attaching loops on the reverse.--$225.

  43. Very nice condition, soldier's two part pewter travelling pocket mirror.  The original mirror remains intact and in very good condition.  I have recovered quite a number of the pewter mirror cases from 1862 - 1863, both Federal and Confederate camps here in Middle Tennessee.--$95.SOLD

  44. Extremely rare and in near mint, perfect condition, Civil War regulation issue, over-the-shoulder Pioneer Brigade axe cradle.  In over 40 years, I have had only a handful of these, and this is the most perfect one I have ever had.--$695.

  45. Relic condition, early battlefield pick-up, Model 1858, smooth type, Federal tin canteen.  The canteen is in stable condition but is missing the sling straps and has a couple of small holes rusted through.  It will display very nicely.--$115.

  46. Bone handle, non-excavated, Civil War soldier's pocket knife as sold by many Suttlers.  The pocket knife has a hoof pick for the horses, a cork screw, and a regular knife blade.  Originally, there was a second knife blade, but that blade is broken.  There is a silver, Federal shield inlaid in the side of the bone handle.  I can clearly see why knives of this pattern were so popular with Civil War soldiers.--$175.

  47. Original, unissued, yellow Cavalry hat cord for the Hardee style military hat.  The cord is yellow in color and has never even had the strings clipped around the tassels.  The yellow Cavalry hat cords are generally considered the most sought after color.--$85.SOLD

  48. Nice condition, "United States Naval Yard - Boston," marked leather naval fuse pouch.  The pouch remains in nice, pliable condition with a crisp "USNY - Boston" mark on the inside.--$195.

  49. Very nice condition, Civil War Era, folding lap desk of the exact type carried by many Civil War officers.  The original writing surface remains 100% intact, and we are including a nice hand-quilled, 1848 date document for display with the desk.  This artifact is quite ornate and displays with a museum type presence.--$195.SOLD

  50. Quite rare and in very nice condition, 6" black G.A.R. Mourning Ribbon from Wilson Post #134 Mifflintown, PA.--$150.SOLD

  51. Massive and beautiful, 9" GAR "Black Mourning Ribbon".  This ribbon is from the E. B. Townsend G.A.R. Post #100 -- Bloomfield, Iowa.  This ribbon is nothing short of a work of art, and I really don't encounter a large amount of Iowa artifacts.--$150.SOLD

  52. Excellent condition pair of United Confederate Veteran, circular, metallic button/pins that are for the benefit of the "Home for Confederate Women".  This motif is written encircling the Confederate Battle Flag.  One of the two pins is backmarked, "Lucke Badge & Button Co., Baltimore MD".  Both buttons remain in excellent condition with pins intact on the reverse.--$45 each, or both for $75.

  53. Beautiful condition, gold filled GAR membership lapel pin.  This pin belonged to Henry J. Devoe who was a member of Company G, 1st Michigan Engineers.  Henry Devoe was in numerous campaigns and entered the service on 10-23-1862 at Hillsdale, Michigan, as a private.  He was promoted to Corporal on 1-1-1864, and to Sergeant on 11-1-1864.  Henry was eventually mustered out of service on 9-22-1865, while at Nashville, Tennessee.  Gold filled GAR membership lapel pins are very rare to come by.--$195.

  54. Beautiful condition, original, non-excavated, stamped brass, Federal, Infantry Bugle hat pin.  This insignia has a nice, aged patina and has both attachment loops intact on the reverse.  Just an overall excellent example.--$95.SOLD

  55. Drop-dead beautiful condition, long pattern, maker marked, Federal carbine snap swivel.  There is absolutely no pitting, and the deep, crisp maker mark reads, "O.E. North & Co New Haven CT".  This will be a beautiful compliment to display with your Civil War carbine collection.--$150.SOLD

  56. Absolutely beautiful, non-excavated, "SUPER INTRICATE" patriotic, gem size, stamped brass photo case.  The case has a spread wing Eagle with stars above on one side and a raised shield with wreath and stars on the reverse.  In 40 years, I have only had three or four of these.--$350.

  57. Beautiful example of Confederate "Prisoner of War" art.  This was recently brought in by a local family, and according to family hand-me-down information, was carved by an ancestor while in a northern prison camp.  This artifact started out as one block of wood, and the round balls were carefully carved from the solid wood interior of the artifact.  It is hard to imagine the countless hours of meticulous carving it took to create the artifact.  This fine artistic "Prisoner of War" artifact would be an excellent addition to any Civil War Collection no matter how advanced.--$275.

  58. Beautiful shadow boxed grouping consisting of the Southern Cross of Honor awarded to 1st Sergeant Pollard Wood, Co. B, 13th Virginia Infantry Regiment.  And with the Southern Cross of Honor is a Cross of Military Service awarded to Pollard Wood's grandson, 2nd Lt. Daniel P. Wood, for WWI service as a U.S. Army aviator.  This is a family with tons to be proud of.--$495. for the entire display.SOLD

  59. Pair of non-excavated spurs that date the late 1800's Indian War Era.  Both spurs --$48.

  60. Small display containing three items from a Central Texas estate sale.  One item is a one-piece 1840 Mexican War Era coat size Eagle Militia button, and a second coat size pewter, floral, 1840 Era button, and most importantly a silver medal made from an early 1800's silver coin with a castle affixed to the face.  The castle, of course, generally relates to "Engineers".  There is also a silver cross bar with the Texas Star.  All three items -- $195.

  61. Nice condition pair of Civil War Era "sniper or sharp shooter" glasses.  Glasses of this type were very popular during the Civil War Era and earlier for competition sport shooting and were carried over into the Civil War and used by Civil War sniper sharp shooters.  The glasses remain in very nice condition and could perfectly well still be used today.--$89.SOLD

  62. Extremely rare, tiny U. S. Grant Presidential Ferrotype.  The image holder and pin on the back both remain perfectly intact.--$150.

  63. Very nice estate grouping belonging to Kirke Moses of the 30th Regiment, Maine Volunteer Infantry.  The grouping consists of a signed CDV of Kirke Moses and two CDV's of his wife, two extensive "Muster Roll" like regimental documents, and most importantly, a beautiful silver pocket watch belonging to Kirke Moses with a Civil War soldier engraved on one side and a fort scene engraved on the other.  The engraved silver pocket watch is one of the prettier ones I have seen.--$895 for the entire estate.SOLD

  64. Beautiful, non-excavated, gilted, matching pair of Civil War Officer eaglehead spurs.  This beautiful pair of eaglehead spurs is out of the well known Civil War author, Charlie Harris's personal collection.  The intricacy of the detail on this pair of spurs is a near work of art.--$895.

  65. Nice condition, leather sword knot, correct for the 1840 or 1860 Model Cavalry sabers.  This would be an excellent compliment for your nice condition Civil War Cavalry saber.--$350.

  66. Excellent condition, non-excavated, Company letter "I", stamped brass hat insignia.  The insignia remains in excellent condition with the attachment loop intact on the reverse.--$48.

  67. Very colorful "GAR" Reunion ribbon from Post #349, Boston Mass.--$45.

  68. Nice condition, standard "GAR" Membership Badge.  The badge has a nice, aged patina and displays well.--$65.

  69. Beautiful, near mint condition, complete deck of "Great Mogul" Civil War playing cards.  This is the red deck.  This deck remains in the original wrapper, and the tape seal has never even been broken.  This will be a museum quality addition to someone's Civil War collection.--$395.

  70. Beautiful condition, very ornate, 8 inch, game scene, brass powder flask.  Flasks of this type were very popular with sportsmen in the South at the time of the outbreak of the Civil War.  Many young Confederate volunteers left home for the war carrying the family fowling rifle and "game scene" brass powder flask.  This example is fresh in out of the local area and has an intricate game scene and a rich, aged, uncleaned, bronze patina.--$175.

  71. Civil War Era, civilian horse bridle of the type that many young Confederates who left home with their own horse to join the Confederate Cavalry.  We often recover the "raised heart" rosettes of this type in early war Confederate Cavalry camps.  I personally recovered a heart rosette identical to the one on this bridle from the 1862 camp of Wharton's 8th Texas Cavalry.  This Cavalry bridle was found hanging in a Civil War Era log outbuilding here in Middle Tennessee and will make a very nice - yet inexpensive compliment to your Confederate Cavalry display.--$195.

  72. Excellent condition, non-excavated, 3/4 inch size, regimental hat numbers, 4 and 6.  Both hat numbers retain the original loops for sewing on on the reverse.--$75. for both.

  73. Quite scarce, US Navy marked, Federal percussion capbox.  The box is marked, "USN" in an oval on the outside flap and is maker marked, "E. Metzger - Philadelphia" and is inspector marked, "H. H. Hartzell - US Ord. Dept" on the inside flap.  The box remains complete with both belt loops, closure tab, and finial all intact.-$195.

  74. Extremely rare, Confederate manufactured waist belt with a brass frame style buckle and a Confederate manufactured, single wide belt loop pattern, percussion cap box.  Both the belt and cap box show typical service wear but remain quite pliable and complete.  Confederate manufactured belt rigs this nice rarely surface anymore.--$1,950.

  75. Very nice condition, non-excavated, set of Federal Enlistedman's brass epaulets.  Both epaulets actually show wear from service and have a pretty, uncleaned, aged, bronze patina.--$350 for the set.

  76. Unusual, 1850 era, "cylindrical", brass powder flask.  Far more powder flasks of the era were of the classic "bag" style than the cylindrical design.  This would make an excellent display compliment for one of the single shot pistols of the era.--$125.

  77. Absolutely beautiful Civil War era 8 inch brass powder flask of the exact type carried by many young Confederates when they first left home for the Civil War.  The flask has an intricate game scene with a dog and pheasants.  This is guaranteed to add a nice touch of class to any Civil War display.--$175.

  78. Nice little display of Civil War artifacts found while cleaning out an old antebellum home here.  The artifacts appear to be C.S. related as the display includes (1) Confederate Flag "UCV" reunion pin (2) two non-excavated .69 cal. musket balls typical of what the C.S. was using here (3) two brass musket percussion caps (4) two sew on shirt buttons that look to be made from Oyster shells.--$65. for the entire display

  79. Nicely cased, apothecary scale with an embossed eagle on the outside of the case and original weights and pans intact on the inside.  I have been told that these cased scales were used both in the medical/apothecary application and also were used around the early gold mines.--$295.

  80. Small leather Civil War era Pistol cartridge box correct for .44 cal. revolver ammunition.  The box remains in nice condition with pliable leather, and is only missing the tip of the leather closure tab.  This would be a perfect compliment to display with your .44 cal. Colt or Remington Army revolver.--$175.

  81. Excellent condition original unissued red Federal Artillery Hat Cord.  A very nice - yet inexpensive, addition to your Civil War Artillery display.--$48.

  82. Excellent condition, Civil War, leather, cavalry carbine boot.  This device was used to keep the barrel of the cavalry carbine stable while riding.  Without this cavalry boot to keep the carbine restricted, it would have been flying all over the place when riding at a gallop.--$85.

  83. Quite rare, mid 1800's era, dental forceps for extracting teeth.  I had to go to the dentist this morning for a crown, and I'm sure glad I didn't see this thing coming my way.  I have also, through the years, heard that in certain situations, this instrument was also used for recovering bullets.  I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that use either!!!--$79.

  84. Absolutely beautiful condition, private purchase, cast brass, Confederate used cavalry spur.  Over the years, we have recovered several spurs of this type, and every one has come from Confederate Cavalry sites.  This example has a rich, aged patina and a large, handcrafted, copper rowel that was made from a coin.  A small portion of the original leather boot attachment strap remains with the spur.--$295.

  85. Model 1864 Federal .58 cal. cartridge box with the original "over the shoulder" leather sling.  The cartridge box remains pliable with the original .58 cal. cartridge tins still intact.  The leather sling is slotted for an eagle breastplate, but there is no evidence that there was ever one there.  The entire rig is in overall solid, pliable condition.--$895.

  86. Nice condition original Civil War leather cavalry saber/sword knot.  These were used just like the ones used today on snow skis so that if your saber is knocked from your hand - You are NOT S.O.of L.  If you have a nice Civil War cavalry saber - here is a compliment to make it  museum level.--$425.SOLD

  87. Non-excavated, private purchase style spur that we often excavated from Confederate Cavalry campsites.  The spur remains in nice, stable condition with the original rowel still intact and will spin.--$150.

  88. Very nice condition original Civil War Cavalry Carbine "Bore Brush".  This will make a very nice compliment to display with your Civil War carbine display.--$69.

  89. Very nice condition, original die stamped, brass crossed cannons, Federal Artillery hatpin.  All four attachment loops remain intact on the reverse, and the pin has a pleasing, uncleaned, aged, bronze/brown patina.--$195.SOLD

  90. CDV of a Rhode Island Cavalry Trooper displayed in a Civil War Era, military motif frame.  With this photo, came a perfect condition, Federal cross sabers cavalry hatpin with all four attachment loops intact on the reverse.  It is very possible that this is the actual cross sabers hatpin being worn in the photograph.--$450 for the grouping.SOLD

  91. Just brought into the shop earlier today.  Nice condition regulation Federal small leather percussion cap box.  The box is faintly "Baker" maker marked on the inside flap and has a beautiful gilted Federal Eagle "I" button affixed on the outside flap.  Really a pretty one.--$185.

  92. Excellent condition, United Confederate Veteran "Delegate" badge from the April 25, 1906, "U.C.V." Reunion at New Orleans, Louisiana.--$150.

  93. Quite unusual reunion ribbon.  This is a gold Civil War Reunion Ribbon from the "Cavalry Corps Association".  This is a fairly rare ribbon as I have only had a couple other of these over the years.--$65.

  94. Cool little Reunion badge and ribbon with a suspended gilted brass stirrup indicating Cavalry of course. The unit and event date would have been in the cross bar, but has fallen out somewhere along the way.  A cool little Cavalry ribbon and a fun research project!!--$50.

  95. Exceptionally nice condition, leather cartridge box by "J. Davy & Co. - Newark NJ".  An excellent item to display with your .44 cal. Colt revolver or your .44 cal. Remington revolver.  The box remains very pliable with very little flaking at all.--$295.

  96. Stamped brass, top bar to a "G.A.R." (Grand Army of the Republic) ribbon and bar.  There are fragments of the original ribbon on the back of the bar.  This was found in the attic of a Civil War Era Ohio home and has a rich, never cleaned, aged patina.--$38.

  97. Pristine, non-excavated, pair of brass, Federal, enlistedman's shoulder epaulets.  The epaulets are completely intact with both attaching tabs underneath as well as the brass, sew-on clips to attach the epaulets to the uniform.  If you have a nice Federal shell jacket or enlistedman's frock coat, these will be perfect to complete your display.--$375. for the pair.

  98. Quite scarce, circular, celluloid, Delegate badge from the "Grand Camp C.V. of VA" held at Pulaski, Virginia, October 11th - 13th, 1899.  This badge has the unusual motif of the Confederate battle flag crossed with the State Seal of Virginia flag.  The badge is backmarked "Whitehead and Hoag".  This is a Virginia badge that you will not often encounter.--$150.

  99. Very nice condition, non-excavated, stamped brass, Federal Infantry bugle hatpin.  Displayed with the bugle is a small, stamped brass, 1/2 inch Company letter "G".  They are displayed in much the same way they would appear on a Federal Kepi.--$135.

  100. Nice condition, non-excavated, stamped brass "Hardee" hatpin.  These were worn to hold up one side of the Model 1858 Hardee hat.  This example is in nice condition with one of the small brass loops remaining intact.--$175.

  101. Perfect condition, non-excavated, large size, die stamped brass number "5" regimental hat number.  The pin retains the small loop on the reverse for sewing it onto the hat.--$48.SOLD

  102. Perfect condition large size stamped brass Civil War hat letter"K".  It really is hard to find a "K" in perfect shape with no damage and the loop on the back still intact.--$85.

  103. Beautiful condition non-excavated regulation U.S. cavalry "hi-port" bit.  This bit was lightly plated a few years back and until fairly recently was actually STILL BEING USED.  You couldn't ask for a nicer example, and the plating could easily be removed if desired.  Cross bar and both cast brass "U.S." rosettes remain intact.--$225.

  104. Beautiful condition non-excavated highly gilted, false embroidered 1850 era stamped brass Artillery Officer's hat pin.  Absolutely perfect with all 3 attachment wires remaining intact.--$275.

  105. Beautiful condition non-excavated 1840 - 1850 era die stamped brass spread wing eagle hat divice.  This example is mint with both wire attaching loops remaining perfectly intact.--$250.

  106. Non-excavated, COMPLETE, "1863" date .58 cal. U.S. Springfield lockplate - hammer and all internal parts.  This lockplate works perfectly and is ready to drop into a musket.--$175.

  107. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, Federal Cavalry Officer's cast brass spur.  This spur started out as a standard regulation Federal "roosterneck" cavalry spur.  A jeweler has finely stippled the spur over the entire outside body of the spur.  This would have been privately contract done by the individual soldier.  The original rowel remains intact and spins freely.--$195.

  108. Drop dead beautiful example of a non-excavated heavy cast brass cavalry spur of a style that we often recover in Confederate 1863 Cavalry camps here.  This style spur is sometimes called a "Richmond Arsenal Variant" and sometimes referred to as a "Private Purchase".  I actually recovered a twin to this one a while back in the camp of Starnes Confederate Cavalry located near Altamont, TN.  You will not see a finer example.--$375.

  109. Private purchase heavy cast brass spur with a crude "Eagle Head" rowel holder.  Most of these that I have seen recovered have been from Confederate sites.  The spur is perfect with it's original rowel intact.--$275.
  110. moldbullet.JPG (65804 bytes)moldbulletrev.JPG (64278 bytes)Single cavity cast brass "scissor type" bullet mold for the "Country Rifle or Picket Bullet".  This is a mold to make bullets for the rifles from home that many Confederates left home for the Civil War in 1861 carrying.  This one looks to be about .36 to .40 cal.  We primarily recover bullets of this type in 1861 and 1862 Confederate camps {but recently we recovered several from a mid-1863 Confederate camp.  Excellent condition.--$150.
  111. offgrdspur.JPG (58152 bytes)offgrdspurcls.JPG (62506 bytes)Beautiful condition high quality private purchase prewar cast brass cavalry spur of a type that were often brought from home and worn by Southern Cavalry officers during the American Civil War.  Just perfect condition.--$275.
  112. Gilted, two-piece, G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) medal for the 31st encampment held August 22 & 23, at Buffalo New York in 1897.  The medal remains in excellent condition with the attaching pin still intact on the reverse.--$48.

  113. sprwed.JPG (46015 bytes)sprwedcls.JPG (68908 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated cast brass Cavalry spur of a style generally recovered from Confederate Cavalry camps and does have similarities to the "Mississippi" pattern spurs.  This style spur is thought to be a privately purchased item.--$275.
  114. offgrdspur.JPG (58152 bytes)offgrdspurcls.JPG (62506 bytes)Beautiful condition high quality private purchase prewar cast brass cavalry spur of a type that were often brought from home and worn by Southern Cavalry officers during the American Civil War.  Just perfect condition.--$275.
  115. gardisplay.JPG (68699 bytes)Very nice condition 3 piece "G.A.R." grouping.  The group consists of one excellent condition 1909 PA. G.A.R. ribbon and medal, one 1932 New York ribbon and medal, and one coat size gilted "G.A.R." frock coat button.--$95. for the entire grouping.
  116. convribbon.JPG (28776 bytes)convribbonhstn.JPG (67881 bytes)Delegate ribbon for the 1890 TEXAS STATE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION held in HOUSTON.  Scarce ribbon - but fragile in some areas.--$45.
  117. canteenwostpr.JPG (52072 bytes)Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" canteen with original cover.  It was recently purchased out of a North Georgia estate sale and has a "Philadelphia" maker's mark on the pewter spout.  You can clearly tell from the wear pattern on the wool cover that this canteen was actually carried.--$295.
  118. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.
  119. garmirror.JPG (52651 bytes)garmirrormrk.JPG (78380 bytes)garmirrormason.JPG (68058 bytes)garmirrornote.JPG (60965 bytes)Beautiful hand carved, and IDed  {"GAR" and "Mason"} mirror and frame.  The family brought this in yesterday and it's really, really nice.  The mirror belonged to John H. Blount of McKean, PA.  There is an old note on the mirror as well as a current note from the family.--$195.
  120. patrioticovers.JPG (15641 bytes)Group of three unused Union patriotic letter covers.  One is a nice 6th Massachusetts Regimental, and one has a Negro slave motif.  All three are in excellent condition.--$75. for all three.
  121. implekitopn.JPG (48462 bytes)implekit.jpg (80114 bytes)implekitrev.JPG (74890 bytes)implekitmkr.JPG (106334 bytes)Small folding leather surgeon's field kit made by Stevens and Son, London, and containing eight instruments, including a folding bleeder.  The instruments are all metal rather than bone or ivory handled indicating it is an 1880 to 1890's era kit.  Not Civil War, but will be an attractive addition to an early medical display.-- Only $125.

  122. usonbelt.JPG (48606 bytes)Absolutely beautiful condition UNISSUED large size arrow hook style "U.S." oval waist belt plate on it's original brown buff leather waist belt with the original brass keeper intact.  This rig looks exactly as it did when they were issued 150 years ago.--$595.

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