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  1. Excellent condition, excavated, .50 cal., very rare POINT NOSE Maynard Carbine cartridge.  This cartridge was recovered from the position of Wilson's Cavalry along Granny White Pike at the Battle of Nashville, TN.  It has been my experience that you recover about 25 - 30 FLAT TOP Maynard cartridge for every one POINT NOSE cartridge.--$79.SOLD

  2. REALLY nice grouping of three quite rare excavated complete Civil War cartridges.  (1) Excavated very nice condition .52 cal. Spencer Carbine cartridge (2) Excavated .58 cal. Minie with complete "skin" cartridge, and (3)  Very Nice excavated 12 mm drop French Pinfire cartridge.--$95. For The Set Of 3.

  3. Very scarce display containing six rare type dropped Confederate projectiles.  The grouping consists of 1) long pattern, cone base, .69 caliber, Atlanta Arsenal Towers projectile whittled by soldier on one side, but remains perfect for display on the other.  2) Nice drop, .69 cal., 3-ring, Belgian Minie.  This projectile was recovered from Army of Tennessee camps near Dalton, GA..  3) Nice drop, .58 cal., "blob-top", field mold, Confederate Minie.  This projectile was recovered from Confederate camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  4) Beautiful drop, .69 cal., Italian Carcano projectile recovered from a North Carolina camp near Browns Gap, Virginia.  5) Nice drop, .69 cal., triangle base, French Minie recovered from the Confederate line on private property here at Stones River.  6) Very rare, .58 cal., 2-ring German Shul projectile.  This projectile was recovered from the camp of the 1st Confederate Cavalry, CSA, near Unionville, Tennessee.  This is a fine selection of very scarce Confederate projectiles.--$195. for all.

  4. Super nice condition excavated drop .44 cal. "Henry" cartridge.  This was recovered bear Granny White Gap - 2nd Day fighting at the Battle of Nashville, TN.  Not nearly as many Henry cartridges have been recovered at Nashville as Maynards and Burnsides.--$45.SOLD

  5. Just in, excavated, .58 cal. Minie ball in a walnut size, Heartwood pine knot.  This was recovered over 30 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram from private property at Chickamauga, Georgia.  At one point in time it was quite common to recover bullets in knots of wood from Chickamauga, but in current times, there are practically no areas left there to hunt, and these are rarely found.--$48.SOLD

  6. Beautiful condition, excavated drop, .58 cal., 3-ring Minie ball with a nice clear "US" base mark.  It was recovered near Fredericksburg, Virginia.--$65.SOLD

  7. Nice condition, excavated, .44 cal., Tranter projectile.  This was recovered from a Confederate camp near Manassas, VA.--$48.SOLD

  8. Beautiful condition excavated .58 cal. 3-piece Shaler projectile.  This is a nice "drop" and was recovered on private property near Gettysburg almost 40 years ago.  These are very seldom found anymore, and it is very hard to get a nice one.--$95.SOLD

  9. Display containing two quite rare Confederate bullets.  These bullets were recovered from an 1862/1863 Army of Tennessee Confederate winter camp located along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  One of the bullets is a "dropped" Enfield with the rare "L-2" marking in the base (London -2nd Type), and the other projectile has a teat protruding out from the base of the cavity, and is often called by collectors a "Georgia Troop" - because more of these are recovered from the camps of Georgia Troops than anywhere else.--$48. for the pair of rare bullets and display case.

  10. SUPER RARE excavated .41 cal. VOLCANIC in excellent condition with self contained cork and brass cavity with propellant remaining completely intact.  Over the past 50 years I have recovered over 30,000 Civil War bullets - and have recovered only ONE of these !!  These are almost always recovered from CS sites.--$195.

  11. Quite rare and very pretty condition, excavated pair of dropped CS used, imported French Minies.  This display contains the huge .69 cal., triangle base French Minie and the equally as rare 3-ring, .58 cal, standard Minie with the triangle French cavity.--$79. for the pair in a nice display case.

  12. Super, super rare to recover, .44 cal., Colt Dragoon bullet with 100% complete skin cartridge remaining intact.  Out of over 30,000 bullets, this is the one and only.--$79.

  13. Extremely rare to recover, .58 cal., 3-ring Minie ball with complete skin cartridge still intact.  This rare find was recovered about 40 years ago from near Harrison Landing, Virginia.--$45.

  14. Beautiful condition, excavated, .54 cal., complete Burnside Carbine cartridge.  This cartridge was recovered many years ago from Wilson's Cavalry position along Granny White Pike at the Battle of Nashville, Tennessee.--$65.SOLD

  15. Excellent condition, excavated, triangle cavity, .69 cal., French Minie.  This projectile has a pretty, white patina and was recovered from General Breckenridge's Orphan Brigade camp located near Readyville, Tennessee, and occupied in November of 1862.--$38.SOLD

  16. Excavated, .58 cal., type 3, Williams cleaner bullet.  The rare thing about this bullet is that the zinc cleaning washer remains intact, and that is something you practically never find.  The bullet was recovered near Breezy Hill, Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.--$15.

  17. Excavated, 3 inch, heart wood pine knot with Minie ball inside.  This was recovered near Chickamauga, Georgia, as almost all of these are.  The knot has been split so that you can separate the two sides to see the bullet inside.--$48.

  18. Two beautiful condition, excavated, rare Confederate bullets recovered on private property near Shiloh.  One of the bullets is a .69 cal., 3-ring "Belgian" Minie, and the second projectile is a dropped, Confederate, .69 cal. Towers.  Both projectiles are excellent examples.--$78 for both.

  19. A recent recovery from private property here at Stones River just down the road from the shop.  Beautiful, snow-white, dropped, triangle base, Confederate used, .69 cal., French projectile.  This has always been one of my favorite bullets to recover; the triangle cavity is so distinctive.--$38.

  20. ATTENTION - GIVE AWAY !!! I was asked by a friend to give away this nice starter Civil War Bullet collection to a deserving young collector.  If you are 14 years old or younger and are really interested in Civil War history - please send me a letter as to why you would like to have this collection, and in a couple weeks we are going to have a drawing from all the names of young folks that sent me a letter wanting this collection.  We will show pictures of the drawing and post the WINNER on the page here !!!  GOOD LUCK !!!  SEND LETTER TO:  Larry Hicklen -- 3511 Old Nashville Hwy. - Murfreesboro, TN. -- 37129 - CONTEST OVER

  21. Really nice Enfield display with an original, brass, Enfield tompion with cork intact.  Second, an original .577 Enfield projectile that was extracted using a "ball puller",.  We have displayed the find with an original ball puller with the bullet.--$125 for the entire display.

  22. Beautiful collection of carved and whittled projectiles recovered by my old hunting buddy, Wayne Tucker, from Confederate camps on private property in and around Mobile, Alabama.  There are a total of 54 projectiles nicely displayed in a glass face walnut display case.  There are hundreds of hours of hard relic hunting represented in this display case.--$250.

  23. Very nice condition, excavated, .58 cal., Confederate "tall base" 3-ring Minie.  This rare projectile was recovered from 1863 Confederate camps near Tullahoma, Tennessee.--$25.

  24. Small display case containing three rather rare dropped Confederate projectiles.  One is a nice dropped .58 cal. Confederate "blob top" field molded 3-ring minie, and second is a scarce dropped HI-BASE Confederate 3-ring minie - and the third is a crude variant dropped Ringtail Sharps carbine.  All three were recovered from Confederate 1863 winter camps here in Middle Tennessee.--$75. for all

  25. Excellent condition, excavated,drop, .54 cal., "Georgia Troops - teat base", Confederate manufactured Minie.--$20.

  26. Excavated pair of rare style .69 cal. Prussian bullets.  One of the bullets is the standard, 2-ring, .69 cal. Prussian minie, and the second bullet is a very rare "no-ring" Prussian cast in a wooden mold, and you can still see wood grain in the lead.--$48 for both-SOLD

  27. Excavated, perfect drop, .50 cal., Greene projectile for the Greene Confederate used sniper rifle.  This bullet was recovered from the Brentwood Hills at the Battle of Nashville where Whitworth, .45 cal, sniper projectiles were also recovered.--$35.

  28. Excavated pair of, excellent condition, Confederate field mold "blob top"minies.  These two excellent examples were recovered from Army of Tennessee 1862 - 1863 winter camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  Both bullets are displayed in a glass display case.--$45 for both.

  29. Everything that you would ever need for live black powder shooting.  This gentleman who recently passed away was an avid black powder shooter and participated in many North/South Skirmish Association shooting events.  This group of material consists of a very heavy, well constructed, wooden box that will contain everything.  There are two high quality brass bullet molds, both with cone cavity inserts for molding bullets.  There are at least 100 or more bullets already molded, and black powder is in the box for them.  The wooden box has a lift-out tray that will hold  63 cartridges that are ready for firing.  There is also 35 pounds of soft Civil War lead (from melting down fired Minie balls that he recovered) ready to be molded into bullets.  Inside the large wooden box are also targets and patches and other related items to black powder shooting.  I am not going to be able to ship this, but the first guy with a $100 bill at the door gets to load it!!!SOLD

  30. Beautiful condition, excavated, gilted, Confederate used, floral button, and also an intricately carved, .69 cal. musket ball.  Both these nice artifacts were recovered from the 1863 winter camp of the 8th Texas Cavalry located near Unionville, Tennessee.  Both artifacts are presented in a glass display case.--$75 for both.

  31. Beautiful condition, non-excavated pair of .69 cal. bullet worms.  One of the worms is a long pattern, and the other a short pattern.  This display will make a wonderful compliment to display with your .69 cal. percussion muskets.--$95 for both worms.

  32. Small cased display containing five chewed musket balls.  These balls were all recovered from the Confederate line on private property here at Stones River.  All five balls have been chewed and on close examination, four of the five appear to have human teeth marks.  There has through the ages been a folklore tale of soldiers biting down on a bullet for pain while medical procedures on the field were being performed.  This is the origin of the term, "bite the bullet".--$45 for the entire case.

  33. Beautiful condition, excavated, marble white patina, dropped .69 cal. triangle base, French Minnie.  This bullet was recovered from General Breckenridge's 1862 camps near Readyville, Tennessee.--$38.SOLD

  34. Complete excavated set of ammunition for a .69 cal. Civil War musket.  This group includes a .69 cal. buck and ball, a .69 cal. 3-ring Minie ball, and a .69 cal. musket ball.  These projectiles were all recovered from private property along the Confederate battle line here at Stones River.  This would be an excellent set to display with your .69 cal. Civil War musket.--$38.

  35. 4relics.jpg (40397 bytes)4relicsrev.JPG (51730 bytes)Display of 4 excavated purely Confederate artifacts recovered from the 1863 winter camp of the 2nd Tennessee Infantry - C.S.A. -  located on private property near Tullahoma, TN.  The display consists of a coat size Confederate floral button - a purely Confederate lead Cartridge Box finial - a blob top Confederate nose pour Minie - and a .58 cal. "Richmond Lab." Gardner - all displayed in a glass display case.--$75. for all

  36. Very nice, 8" x 12" display containing three complete sets of Confederate .69 cal. buck and ball.  These projectiles were recovered on private property from the Confederate battle line here at Stones River and are displayed with a diagram and complete history of buck and ball ammunition.--$50 for all.

  37. Original .54, paper wrap round ball cartridge.  This would be an excellent compliment to display with your Model 1816 or Model 1842 horse pistol.--$85.

  38. Dropped .69 cal. Confederate Belgium minie recovered from the Confederate battle line here at Stones River by Arnold Alexander.  It has never even been washed and Arnold dug it off his own farm located here at Stones River.--$38.

  39. Excellent condition, excavated, creamy white, dropped, 5-point, "Swaged Base" .58 cal. 3-ring Minie.  The swage marks in the base of the Minie are actually from the lathe chuck that held the bullet in place while the three rings were cut in rather than molded in.  This is a beautiful example.--$18.

  40. Excellent condition, excavated, .577 cal., Enfield bullet with a crisp, "57" base marking with the original boxwood plug in place in the base (and as you can see, the boxwood plug can be removed).--$25.

  41. Pair of excavated Federal Cavalry Carbine cartridges recovered from Granny White Gap - Battle of Nashville.--$85. for the pair.SOLD

  42. Excavated pair of dropped, .54 cal., German Suhl projectiles.  These projectiles were recovered from Wharton's 8th Texas Cavalry Camp located near Unionville, TN, occupied during the Spring of 1863.  One of the projectiles is the standard 2-ring variety, and the second is a seldom seen 3-ring variation of the same bullet.  Both are nice drops.--$45. for the pair.

  43. Very nice condition excavated "Drop" .577 cal. Enfield projectile with the scarce "L" (London) base mark.  This was recovered from the Confederate Battle Line here at Stones River a good many years ago.--$25.

  44. Excavated, nice drop, .577 cal., lube grooved - plug cavity, Confederate Minie.  This was recovered on private property at the Battle of Chickamauga.--$25.

  45. Beautiful condition, excavated, .58 cal., Confederate, "Blob Top" nose cast Minie.  This was recovered many years ago from a Confederate position on private property near Shiloh.--$25.

  46. Nice drop, .58 cal., excavated "Confederate HI-Base".  This was recovered on private property near Petersburg, Virginia.--$35.

  47. Very nice condition excavated dropped Confederate "Blob Top" field molded minie.  This rare bullet was recovered from Wharton's 1863 Texas Cavalry camp located near Unionville, TN.--$25.

  48. Mint, perfect non-excavated .44 cal. Tranter projectile {by Deane and Adams} complete with original leather washer on the base.  This is number "91" under the "Cartridge Section" in the "McKee and Mason" bullet book.--$48.

  49. Excellent example of a dropped, excavated, field molded, "blob top" .58 cal. Confederate 3-ring minie.  This rare bullet was recovered from a Confederate Camp on private property along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.--$25.

  50. Excavated male phallic symbol recovered from an 1863 Confederate winter camp on private property along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.  I was a little surprised that this bullet did not have carved into it "Lorena Bobbitt was here".--$75.

  51. Excavated, lower and middle sections of a dropped 3-piece Shaler bullet.  This is the long pattern, and all you need is the top section to have a very rare and expensive bullet for your collection.  This bullet was recovered on private property on the Gettysburg Campaign.--$55.

  52. Excavated, dropped, .577 cal., "L" basemarked Enfield projectile.  This was recovered a number of years ago on private property along the Confederate battle line here at Stones River.--$20.

  53. Very nice condition, excavated, drop, .36 cal. Savage revolver projectile.  This bullet was recovered quite a number of years ago on private property that was at one time part of Camp Stanley located here at Murfreesboro, TN, during the Spring of 1863.--$25.

  54. Excavated dropped two pieces of a quite rare "long pattern" three piece Shaler projectile.  This is one of the rarer patterns and was recovered on private property near Gettysburg, PA.  This is going to be a real bargain if you are willing to go on the search for the missing section.--$55.

  55. Very nice excavated "dropped" .577 cal. Enfield projectile. This bullet has a smooth, white patina with a raised "57" in the base indicating pattern of 1857, and the original boxwood plug remains intact.--$20.

  56. blobtopmnie.JPG (79917 bytes)Quite sought after by Civil War bullet collectors - nice drop Confederate field mold "Blob Top" C.S. three ring Minie.--$25.

  57. mbthreeringer.JPG (53568 bytes)mbthreeringerbase.JPG (46611 bytes)Excellent condition excavated "Blob Top" Confederate field molded .58 caliber Minie Ball.--$25.

  58. bulletone.JPG (43663 bytes)bulletonevase.JPG (45465 bytes)Nice excavated drop .69 cal. Confederate "plug base" Towers bullet.  This was recovered from an 1863 Army of Tennessee camp located along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.--$45.

  59. enfield.jpg (66702 bytes)enfieldbase.JPG (40629 bytes)Excavated .50 cal. "Whitworth-like" smooth sided projectile recovered among .45 cal. Whitworth bullets in the Brentwood Hills at the Battle of Nashville, TN.  Many collectors believe this to be from a Confederate Sharp-Shooter's weapon - possibly a Greene Rifle.--$45.

  60. deanadams.JPG (90569 bytes)deanadamsbore.JPG (58743 bytes)Excavated set of 34 cal. projectiles for the 34 cal. Dean and Adams revolver.  These are quite rare to recover and were excavated from a Confederate camp on private property near Corinth, MS.--$35.
  61. carvedbullets3.JPG (83628 bytes)3 carved bullets from Confederate camps located near Franklin, TN.  One appears to be an unfinished nipple protector - one looks like a little space ship - and one is a whittled C. S. Gardner.  All 3 are displayed in a nice glass case.--$55. for all
  62. tribaseblt.JPG (52487 bytes)tribasebltbase.JPG (50518 bytes)Excavated drop .69 cal. triangle base French minie.  This was recovered from Gen. Breckenridge's  Nov. - Dec. 1862 Confederate Infantry camp that was located near Readyville, TN. and occupied just before the Battle of Stones River.--$35.SOLD
  63. moldbullet.JPG (65804 bytes)moldbulletrev.JPG (64278 bytes)Single cavity cast brass "scissor type" bullet mold for the "Country Rifle or Picket Bullet".  This is a mold to make bullets for the rifles from home that many Confederates left home for the Civil War in 1861 carrying.  This one looks to be about .36 to .40 cal.  We primarily recover bullets of this type in 1861 and 1862 Confederate camps {but recently we recovered several from a mid-1863 Confederate camp.  Excellent condition.--$150.
  64. Excavated drop .69 cal. triangle base French Minie.  This was recovered near Readyville, TN. from Gen. Breckenridge's Nov. 1862 Army of Tennessee Confederate camp there occupied just before the Battle of Stones River.  This is one of my favorite bullets to dig.--$35.
  65. Beautiful excavated drop .58 cal. 2-ring German Suhl projectile.  This extra nice and quite rare Confederate bullet was recovered by Mark Heath from an 1862 Wheeler Confederate Cavalry Camp located near Knob Gap, TN.--$65.
  66. Absolutely drop dead beautiful excavated "drop" .69 cal. Confederate used triangle base French minie.  It has a creamy, marble like white patina and was recovered here at Stones River in the late 1960s.  I don't know how it could possibly be any nicer.--$45.
  67. Nice condition excavated .58 cal. Confederate "Blob Top" field molded minie.  This was recovered from the Confederate battle line here at Stones River.--$25.
  68. Quite scarce excavated "Long Tail" Confederate cavalry - Hall carbine projectile.  This is an excellent drop recovered from the camp of the 1st Confederate Cavalry located near the old academy at Unionville, TN.--$65.
  69. 36maynard.JPG (77845 bytes)Quite rare excavated drop 36 cal. Maynard carbine projectile.  These are almost always recovered from Confederate cavalry sites and is a bullet you rarely dig.--$35.
  70. fieldcast58.JPG (24696 bytes)fieldcast.JPG (28396 bytes)fieldcastnose.JPG (20433 bytes) Beautiful condition drop Confederate field nose cast 58 cal. minie.  It has a clipped nose and a "monster" mold line.--$18. 
  71. 33proj.JPG (29502 bytes)33projectiles.JPG (29848 bytes)Group of 33 freshly dug drop Union and Confederate carbine projectiles.  Some of the different type projectiles in the group are Starr, Merrill. Sharps, Spencer, Burnside, German Suhl, Colt Revolving Rifle, and Maynard.  The group is priced at less than $3. per bullet.--$95.

  72. wmcleaners.JPG (36199 bytes)35 nice condition dug drop 58 cal. Type III Williams Cleaner bullets.  Many of these still have the zinc cleaner washer intact.  They were dug years ago by Pam and Allen Clark along Hood's campaign from Spring Hill to the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.  I am seeing nice Williams Cleaner bullets commonly priced at $5.-$10. each.--$135.

  73. 3buckball.JPG (30220 bytes)69 cal. Confederate 3-buck "Buck & Ball" projectile.  I dug this "Buck & Ball" along the Confederate retreat route out of Middle Tennessee enroute to Chickamauga.  The bucks were originally loose packed with the ball using paper wrap.  They were loose in the hole when dug, and I have glued them in their correct position for display.--$15.

  74.  bulkbullets.JPG (82496 bytes)I've just purchased 5000 mixed excavated Civil War bullets.  Bag of 50 mixed dropped and fired U.S. and C.S. bullets-each bag includes a variety of different type bullets at a low cost of $1.70 per bullet--$85. a bag.

  75. 1200.7.jpg (7285 bytes)MM 299--54 cal. German Suhl. This is a nice dropped. These were used almost exclusively by Southern cavalry--$10.
  76. 1200.8.jpg (12135 bytes)We have various Sharps bullets varying from 52 to 54 cal. We have a number of variations--$10 each.
  77. Bullets.jpg (16536 bytes)Collection of 6 completely different Civil War bullets in a 5" x 6" display glass case--$35.
  78. Burnside.jpg (5052 bytes).54 cal. Burnside carbine. We have this bullet in both MM #119(flat based) and the MM #(dished base)--$7.50.
  79. ColtRevRifle.jpg (4636 bytes)MM #116 .56 cal. Colt Revolving Rifle. This is a nice dropped example with smooth white patina--$7.50.
  80. Joslyn.jpg (3577 bytes)MM #470 This is a .52 cal Joslyn carbine. Perfect dropped example with nice white patina--$7.50.

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